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Meet the Browns

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Meet the Browns Message Board

Welcome to the "Meet the Browns" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Meet the Browns."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

Hey , My Name is Quentanett Tidwell. I Have Always Wanted To Act On This Show , I am a quick learner, Energetic And Willing to make change.
Pleases Give Me A Chance !!!!!

Posted by Quentanett Tidwell (2011-01-15) 3702

hello i got to say i love this show i have every episode.i was just wandering if you auditions going on because i to am also in acting i audition with many people and they love it i just really want to have a chance to be on meet the browns

Posted by devontae king (2011-01-30) 3753

Hi, My name is Desirae LIfe I'm 14 yrs old and from Fairbanks, Alaska. Getting a part on the show would be a dream come true! I think i am star material beacuse im outgoing, athletic, funny, serious and theres many more reasons. I can't get enough of the show; watch it all the time. I want to do something big in my life , and get out of this boring place.

Posted by Desirae Life (2011-02-13) 3790

Hi everyone on Meet the Browns, i love your show i watch it al the time on TV with my parents i always had a dream to be on TV and now that I'v found the show i like the most i wanted to be on it.

Posted by Taryn C (2011-02-14) 3795

Hello, I have enjoyed everything done by Tyler Perry and always love the thought of acting in one of his shows. I'm versatile and also i feel anyone has what it takes to act especially if you like me with many alter ego's. Appreciate your time thanks.

Posted by Diamond D. (2011-03-14) 3856

Hi. My name is kamry & i have always wanted to work with tyler perry in his shows. He is such a big inspiration to me and many people around the world and i would appreciate if i could work in one of his films and/or shows. God bless all & thank you for your time.

Posted by Kamry (2011-03-26) 3896

hello my name is daniel i am a fan of this show im an actor and singer and id relly like to know if you could email me when there are additions for it and also could you let me know how to send a video if i can thanks

Posted by daniel (2011-04-06) 3939

Hello. My name is Alexis Thomas I have some experience as an extra in acting professionally. I am currently in the Los Angeles area! I am very good at acting and I have a deep passion for it! I would love to be on Meet the Browns!! I am a hard worker and have serious talent. Please send me an e-mail to hear more about me personally. I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks Alexis

Posted by Alexis Thomas (2011-04-23) 3997


Posted by SANTAJAH (2011-07-11) 4717

Hello , my name is nasir richardson. i am a 14 teen year old african american . i live in hamden , ct . i absolutely love acting . im christian. ive been studying other actors and actresses for as long as i can remeber. I have participated in a lot of acting programs, workshops and on stage plays . my height is 5'5 . my weight is 140 punds . my hair color is black. my eye color is brown. if you are interested PLEASE contact me by e-mail. THANK YOU !

Posted by nasir richardson (2011-07-25) 4812

Hey my name is Elaine, and I am very interested in becoming an extra or just having a small part in one of your shows. I am a very fun person and i am also creative. I am a big fan, also i love to write movies and plays. I am 24 years of age, but most people tells me that i can go for 16-19 years old. I guess it depends how I dress and wears my hair.

Posted by Elaine (2011-08-31) 5025

Can someone tell me where Cora gets her wardrobe from on Meet The Browns?

Posted by billyjean (2011-09-17) 5119

I want to become a famous actress hit me up

Posted by Johnisha James (2011-12-09) 5922

Hey, my name is Cherish and I love this show!! I act and sing on my free time. I also have an acting teacher. My teacher said I should audition for a show and so here I am. I am the middle child out of five
children and I have a step dad because my parents are divorced. Okay enough with the sob story. I am very energetic and all my friends say I am very crazy (in a good way). I am African American and have brown eyes and hair. This would be a very exciting opportunity for me! Thanks,

Posted by Cherish (2011-12-29) 5990

Hi, I'm a 15 year old girl from Canton, Ohio. I'm a sophomore in high school, i have brown hair, brown eyes, I'm 5'2 and I'm very athletic. i would love to play a part in this show even as extra. i think it would be a great experience for me and something i really would like to do.

Posted by Javonna Hill (2011-12-29) 5991

Cora wears a lot of clothes from Lane Bryant. I know this because I actually have many of the pieces I've seen her wearing on the show! Ashley Stewart is also a great place to check out for reasonably priced, fashionable clothes.

Posted by Cherry (2012-01-26) 6094

Hello casting, I am a 44year old grandmother of 3 with a good personality.I know that I would benefit the cast of Meet The Browns, with my positive attitude and ability to listen and learn well coupled with the fact that I've aged well enough to cast between the ages of 25 to 44. ( and very good looking).

Posted by Carla Clemons (2012-02-09) 6167

Hi everyone I'm will very talented 17years old. I am very funny&love having fun. I love meet the browns& I just want one chance to show you my talent. I would love to join Mr.brown&others. I always dreamed & worked hard to become famous one day thank you.&enjoy;)

Posted by william craig (2012-05-29) 6517

I'm 13 and I'd like to get a career in acting so i can save up enough money to help my grandmother get her plumbing and other things in her house fixed. Please this isn't for my sake it's for my grandmother and she loves this show.

Posted by Logan Watson (2012-06-23) 6569

Hi, I am 16 years old old and i love acting even though i have not had any experience in it at all. I would like to tryout because it would build my self confidence and prove that anything could happen. it would build me into a better person to at least go to a tryout.

Posted by damante allen (2012-07-09) 6640

Hey my name is deneshia sutton I'm I'm a female in I'm. African American I'm average in hight in my eyes are dark brown in my hair is black in I'm from fort pierce fl in I'm 21 years old it will be a blessing if you guys pick me

Posted by Deneshia sutton (2014-08-13) 7472

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