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About the Show

Teen superstar Miley Cyrus plays typical teen Miley Stewart and her alter-ego, pop star Hannah Montana, in the Emmy-nominated comedy series "Hannah Montana."

Led by a breakthrough iconic girl character, "Hannah Montana" is one of the most successful shows in the history of kids television. Its stories are designed to entertain kids, tweens and families with relatable themes about the importance of following one's dreams and celebrating family and friends.

The series also stars Emily Osment as Miley's best friend and confidante Lilly Truscott, Jason Earles as older brother Jackson, Moises Arias as the Stewart's nemesis Rico and multi-Platinum-selling country music star Billy Ray Cyrus as Miley's father and Hannah's manager, Robby Ray Stewart.

Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, for most of her teen years Miley Stewart has successfully lived a double life as international pop singer Hannah Montana and ordinary high school girl Miley Stewart. With a blonde wig and a flashy pop star style, she's managed to have the best of both worlds --working amidst the glamour of limousines, cool clothes and all-access passes as Hannah Montana and savoring the chance to experience life like every other girl at school just being Miley.

But now, in the fourth season, "Hannah Montana Forever," Miley is wondering what her life would be like without Hannah Montana. Her dad moves the family into a new ranch home in Malibu and her best friend Lilly comes along too. The property also accommodates the one thing Miley has missed the most -- her beloved horse Blue Jeans, who has been brought to California from their home in Tennessee.

With pivotal decisions ahead of her, Miley enters her senior year of high school with BFF Lilly while Jackson and Robby Ray finally meet the girls of their dreams and Rico looks for entertaining new ways to thwart his nemesis Jackson.

Steven Peterman ("Murphy Brown," "Suddenly Susan") and Michael Poryes ("That's So Raven," "Veronica's Closet") are the executive producers. "Hannah Montana" is a production of It's a Laugh Productions, Inc. It carries a TV-G parental guideline and an E/I designation for its educational and/or informational content.

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Hannah Montana Message Board

Welcome to the "Hannah Montana" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Hannah Montana."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make Actingbiz.com your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

I want to be on hannah montana more than anything in the world!!!!
If you could get me in acting that would be great!!!
i can act/sing!!!

Posted by Vanessa (2008-07-28) 153

I want to be on a tv show more than anybody in the world!!! If you could get me on Hannah Montana that would be the best day of my life!!!! I can act!!!

Posted by Madelyn (2008-08-04) 167

ive always wanted to be on tv since i was7 years old trying to make my dream come true this isnt something i want just or the money its because i love it ,its wat i do i was born with the talent i can sing,act ,modeland dance ballet.

Posted by Cesarina (2008-08-11) 201

I really want to be on Hannah Montanna i watched all of her shows and i want to be famous. I think this is a good way to start because i like her so much.

Posted by Kayla (2008-08-14) 230

Hi, I've always wanted to play a role in Hannah Montana ever since i was ten years old. My talents are i can sing, dance, act, and i do gymnastics. All I've ever wanted to do was act with my idol Hannah Montana so please consider me to be a part of your show. Thank you so much for your time.

Posted by ariana malmquist (2008-08-15) 239

I am looking for an acting job for Disney Channel. I would like to participate in any of the shows. I am 14 years old. I play soccer, ski, swim, and track.

Posted by Christina (2008-08-16) 244

i want to be on hannah montana so badly

Posted by kelly (2008-08-18) 249

Hey! You guys want to be on Hannah Montana badly right? Go to www.hannahmontanacasting.blogspot.com! Scroll way down, and there are some openings for two of the episodes! It is so awesome!

Posted by Sheyann (2008-08-19) 254

I want to be on Hannah Montana so badly I would do anything to get on the show and work with Hannah Montana. I would work twice as hard then anybody else and give 199% of my time and effort. It has been my dream to be on the show and be just like Miley since I was 7 years old and now I am 11 and it is still my dream. I thought that I would never become a actor since I live in Hawaii and to be discover you would mostly live in Los Angles. I don't want to just act for the money and the fame I want to act because it is something I LOVE to do and so I can show the world that I am good at it. I LOVE TO ACT!!!!!! if you can put me on Hannah Montana that would be the best thing that has ever happened to me and that will help me succed my dream.

Posted by Rebecca (2008-08-20) 260

I'm 14 years old and i am looking for an acting job on disney channel.
i sing & act, swin etc.
it would be amazing to be on disney channel

Posted by Katie (2008-08-22) 262

i am 11 years old and i want to be on hannah montana montana alot because i know its a very famous show and i know i could become famous there and ive seen every episode that has prememired on disney channel and i a very great actor

Posted by argenis santiago (2008-08-23) 268

Hello. I am Hunter (yes a girl.). I am 14 years old and a GREAT actress I had the lead in my school play I got compliments EVERYDAY since the play about my great acting skills and it would be a HUGE honor if I was to be on Hannah Montnana!

Thank you.

Posted by Hunter (2008-08-23) 270

For all off you who say I work twics as hard as anyone TRY working out on dancing and singing for 3 hours a day...Ohhh and try searching for 3 hours for casting calls.And try having to wake up at 5:15 am and starting ur school work so you can train all day!I go thru that!Message me on youtube on the channel tasianerin and I'll help you find some spots on Hannah Montana

Posted by Erin (2008-08-28) 296

hi, im rachel, & i love to act/sing! im really good at both & i have wanted to be on this show since it came out. i love this show. i will do anything im told, & i'll do it for no pay, because i love to act & im not just in it for fame & fourtune, but becuse i have a passion for acting

Posted by rachel rainey (2008-09-02) 325

hi my name is kori and i really really want to be on hannah montana. all my family say that im a very good actress so please give me a chance

Posted by kori (2008-09-05) 332

Hello, My name is Liam I can act/sing/perform. I really want to be on Hannah Montana Because this has been my fav show since it has been on air . i have been in 8 amatuer dramatic performances and i have played the lead roles in all of them. And my familly say that i am a very talented actor.P.S. i am 14 years old and i will be 15 next february. ! please give me a chance

Posted by Liam (2008-09-08) 342

i love hannah montanah i wach all of her shows i can act and sing i would love to be in hannah montanah

Posted by donna (2008-09-14) 362

I would be amazingly grateful for a chance to act in Hannah Montana. It is a wonderful show and I love to act, sing and dance. Acting is a major part of my life and my friends ask me to act for them all the time. If you have time for an audition or have any place for me on the show please contact me and I will be sure to help in any way I can.

Posted by Marrissa Hutton (2008-09-15) 370

Hi my name is Tyler. I am 12 years old. I'm a really really good singer. Maybe I can sing a roll with Hannah as her cousin well thats up to you guys. Please call me!

Posted by Tyler Johnson (2008-09-23) 391

Hannah Montana is a great show!I'm really interested in a casting call, so please consider me!I can sing, and I've been taking acting classes in school.

Posted by Dova-Symane (2008-09-24) 395

i love acting it's so much fun and i love to sing. i love hannah montana its awesome it discusses teen life

Posted by Angel (2008-09-25) 409

hi please i would love to be on hannah montana thats my favorite show on disney channel my dream is to become an actress singer dancer be a celebrity my favorite celebrity is hannah montana i had a school play i had the lead and everyone loved me so much and i even do comedy please it would be a great honor for me if i got a lead on hannah montana please it would be the best day of my life please i can act sing dance comedian and more i do acts for my family and they always love it so please hear me out loud i wanna be a lead please it would be a life time change because i would always think my dream wouldnt come true so please listen to me please!!! and if i et the lead or role i would be so happy and have tears of joy ive been growing up in a hard life so please it would change my life i promise you that i would do my hardest best i mean it so please!!

Posted by haliana akana (2008-09-26) 415

I would love to be on this show more than any thing in the world im good at acting and im realy funny!!!!!!

Posted by richardson victor (2008-09-28) 424

I love hannah montana it is one of the best shows on disney channel if you need anyone for a small part please tell me i would love to be on that show i can sing and act.

Posted by Krista Doran (2008-09-29) 440

I love Hannah Montana so much! I am a very good actress. I have a very unique and pretty laugh. I can also cry on cue. Please get back to me and make my dreams come true for my favorite show. (I do not wish to be an extra Thank You!)

Posted by Jami Stewart (2008-09-30) 442

Ive been acting since ive 9. Its something i love and just want to do the rest of my life. Ive done many camps, classes, commericals, and additions. Ive done everything with all my heart and effort. I believe in myself. Ive alsobeen singing since i was 3. Since I was born this has been my calling in life. Ive done dance for the longest time. My aunt works for the station "FOX" and whenever i visit her i spend my time at the toledo theatre and practice. Ive ben doing theatre at my school, im 14. This is all i want and i spend too many tears over this i want it more than anything and i know its not impossible but i have to believe in myself and try my hardest! I can do it and will dream bigger than yesterday everyday.


Posted by Molly D (2008-10-05) 450

You are trying to contact me via email but the only way for me to reply is to upgrade yo gold and i cant do that, you said you are interested in me and i would love to attend your casting. by Screen name is Caparzo9135 if that helps at all

thank you


Posted by Chris (2008-10-06) 453

I love acting,singing,and dancing.I wrote a 7 page play.Straight A student.I am 9 years old.My hair is blonde.I love being in talent shows.I really want to do it becuse I would to make my dreams come true and follow my heart.I am kind and funny.I would like to be an extra about 7 lines.I wanted to be on the show since it started.My eyes are blue.I am available for auditions on most Fridays and Saturdays.

Posted by emily (2008-10-06) 454

Hi. I would love the chance to audition for a small part on the show. I can be quite funny, am an excellent reader for a 9-yr old, and am currently taking voice lessons. I have curly hair. Please contact me if you would like to consider me. Thanks. Kaitlyn

Posted by Kaitlyn (2008-10-06) 458

Hello my name is analeece and i would love the chance to act a big or small part. Acting is what i love doing ,i do drama at school , I have a bubbly personality . i am kind and put 100% dedication and hard work into what i do.i have never auditioned before i might get nervious but it is something i would get over. i live in australia but all the good agencies is in america i would love the chance to act.
Thank you ....

Posted by Analeece (2008-10-10) 465

im really determined to act,sing,and dance and you know what i want to be apart of the disney channel family

Posted by Jacques Taylor (2008-10-17) 484

i love acting and i love hannah montana i really badly want to become a actress i have dreamed of it my whole life help my dream come true!!!

Posted by jillian (2008-10-21) 492


Posted by shannon renae barnum (2008-10-26) 506

i want to be on hanna montanna but i think yall should make an epsoide called "texas comes to town to town)its about mileys old friend from texas drops in to surpise miley and lily gets mad because she's takeing miley from her but then she thinks she only staying for the weekend but the next day she annouces that she's moving there. if u think thats an good idea tell me

Posted by renee (2008-10-28) 508

I love hannah montana.
i can act and sing just like her she is my idol.

Posted by Sarah (2008-10-31) 516

Hi~! Hannah Montana is one of the succesful teen shows in U.S History.I idol here because she's famous at such a young age.I wish and wish to happily get a chance to act out and perform my talents.Acting is one of my habits,natural born.Shyness was never an option for me lol.But one day i wsh i can show the world,and Hannah what im capable of to make it on her show.I'm outgoing,active,and awsome to be around.Yet i wish,and pray that one day i will get the chance,if any successful is reading this.Thanks~Brittany.

Posted by Brittany (2008-11-11) 545

Hi im 13 years old living in miami and i would be an honor to be on hannah montana I know every episode.my dreams would tottaly come true if i got to be on that one show.

Posted by kenciah (2008-11-11) 547

Hi. I'm a teenage girl who LOVES to act. I am looking for an acting job. Even if i was only an extra. It would be a start. Please email me. I will make you very happy.


Posted by Erin (2008-11-13) 555

Hi! I love to act and sing (although, I think i need a little bit of practice,lol) and I would absolutley love to be on Hannah Montana! :)

Posted by Rachel (2008-11-16) 575

hey everybody!
well i would love to be on hannah montana!
i love to act and sing i think its sooo cool man!!!!
i love disney channel soo much i think its awesome no matter what other people say!!
please if i could be on hannah montana that would be great!

Posted by erika sanchez (2008-11-17) 578


Posted by Shelby (2008-11-22) 608

i would LOVE to be on hannah montana's show!

Posted by meliss (2008-11-25) 618

Hi, my name is Gabriela but everyone calls me Gaby. Although i studied to become a medical assistant my biggest dream is to act on television. Hannah Montana is a cool show but i don't watch it that much because im more of a MTV, BET, E News viewer but i still watch Disney Channel once in a while. I'm a 21 yr old female and would love to get a role on the tv series Hannah Montana and hopefully if i do great i would get discovered by other directors and get my big break on television and become a successful actress. I believe anything is possible and i believe that someday i will become a great actress.

- Gaby**

Posted by Gabriela Almanza (2008-12-01) 631

i love acting!

Posted by bonn'e chinchue (2008-12-05) 643

How come all i hear is about people knowing they can make it famous and say they watn to be!? What kinda actor/actress are you if that all you care about is the money and the fame? do it because you love it! thats why i do it and i wouldnt be happy if it wasnt for my wonderful and exciting career yet to come! Hannah Montana is a great show and the actors do a wonderful job because they are doing what they love, not doing it for the money!

Posted by Shelly (2008-12-13) 661

hannah montana is my favorite show and it would be an honor if i could be on it

Posted by keisha (2008-12-15) 667

hi i am samantha, i am living in Texas right now but planing to move.i love to hang out with my friends and at the mall but i would soooo love to be in a movie that would so rock .hope my dreams come true

Posted by samantha (2008-12-15) 673

OMG! I would absolutely love to be on hannah Montana
It's always been my dream!I can act,sing,design clothes,do hair,and gymnastics!I wanna be on hannah Montana because I think it would be a good place to start off my acting career. I am 11 years old and a really good actress!

Posted by Angel walker (2008-12-16) 688

hi my name is summer and iwould love to be onhannah montana if you could put me on the show that would be the best thingever and it would change my life

Posted by summer (2008-12-21) 696

i love hannah montana it would be sooooooooooooooooo great if i was on the show. Im hannnah montana's biggest fan i would love to work with her. I love every one on hannah montana it would be the greatest thing in my life.

Posted by chantel (2008-12-21) 697

i am 11 years old & live in york but i would give anything to be on hannah montana. i would travel all the way there & live there if i got a part on hannah montana. if i got on the show it would be the best thing ever, and it would change my life for ever too. being famous would be great but to be honest that is not the most important thing to me. the most important thing would being on a tv show acting infront of millions.
cause who said u cant do anything u want i could be that 1 in a million!!

Posted by yasmine (2008-12-29) 722

hi. MY name is Katrina i have experince in the acting field and am currently enrolled in advanced theater stage 4 in my highchool im 17 years old a hispanic and african american mix i have taken acting lessons since i was 9. i have been on stage for talent shows which involve acting singing and dancing. So im not shy in those certain fields. If you google my name you will find my modeling profile for exploretalent.com but those are ameture photos. if you have any information regarding my proposal for starring and ANY roles availible please contact me through email. Thank You

Posted by Katrina Nuncio (2008-12-31) 734

Ok. i no hannah montana is a hugely popular show. I wanna be on it sooooo bad, for 1, it would give me the chance to be on a bunch of other shows, hannah montana is HALARIOUS, and I would give up almost anything to become famous!!!!

Posted by miranda (2009-01-01) 738

Hi, my name is Karina and I'm 14 years old. I'm Caucasian, 5'3" and I've always wanted to be an actress. I live in Ottawa, ON. I have the looks and the personality to be an actress. I am willing to do whichever part is necessary, whether it be an extra or an actual role. I'll be happy with any role I'm given. I just really want to have this great experience and try being an actress. It's something that I think I have talent for and could deliver my part very well. I'm very outgoing and love camera's and I am very convincing on screen. Please give me a shot,



Posted by Karina H. (2009-01-03) 777

My name is Nik.. i'm 16 years old and very experienced in the acintg field and am willing to sacrifice anything for it.. unfortunaltely i live in lebanon.. so i'm looking for a summer job in the states.. i have many talents that might help the show which i am fond of.. my acting instructor has always told me that i was made for television and so here i am fighting for the most important thing in my life..

-Hope you take me seriously



Posted by Nicolas Karam (2009-01-04) 823

I would love to be on HM! I am 15 years old and very little experience in the acting world but, once taught I can do ANYTHING! Also I would love to be on Disney. I grew up with it and since it is for kids I feel Safe with it. Am a latian and african american. "5 4' in a half , 180lbs. This would be a great to see more races on tv! I can to anything that is reasonable. Thank you

Posted by Breana C (2009-01-05) 840

Ok how do i start, well ill say this My name is Bjorn Beukes and I live in South Africa where famous Actor Charlize Theron comes from i was born with the talent of Acting and i am a fan of Disney channel and hannah montanna i am aiming to become an actor one day. I am 12 yeears old annd i can speak in Austrailian,Scotish,South African and which ever other acent i would try this would be a good start to my dream ill let you know being an actor is my life long dream and i wont stop till i achieve it no matter how many times i get turned down even if i get beat up and hrown in a river i will still carry on thanks for your time. I apresheate it.

Posted by Bjorn Beukes (2009-01-10) 857

Hi, my name is Cara Kemp. I am twelve years old, live in Los Angelas California, and I am very serious about acting. It has been my dream to be on Hannah Montana or on disney channel for that matter. I know a bunch of other people write down the same things, but I promise you that I will work my hardest and put all my effort into acting. I am serious about acting and hope one day I will be one of the top actresses in the world, but for right now, I want people to know that I am capable of acting. I can also sing well. Thank you so much for your time.

Posted by Cara Kemp (2009-01-13) 868

Omg, so my friend is totally crazy about that new song "Boyfriend's Back" by Katerina Graham...totally love it!!! I know she was on Hannah Montana not too long ago. I was really hoping to have her perform at my friends birthday party, but does anyone know how to find out who her publicist is???

Posted by Carrie (2009-01-14) 870

This is the best show ever even though I'm 15 years old I'm her number 1 fan I really really want to land a role any role on this show

Posted by pedro ceja (2009-01-17) 886

Hi. i always wanted to be on Hannah Montana. I lov that show. i am 12 years old and i am a huge fan!!!!!

Posted by Alexis (2009-01-18) 892

Hey, i am 12 years old, white, blonde hair, blue eyes! I have always wanted to act since i was 7 or 8! I can sing and act and i am very dramatic (if i need to be)! If you have any casting calls about Hannah Montana please email me or have any casting calls ( about other shows) i might be interested in please email that to me too!

Posted by Brittnee (2009-01-19) 900

i will like to get on yourshow at is so funny and i just will love at

from deshon signal

Posted by deshon signal (2009-01-21) 909

Wow, you people are really pathetic.

Posted by Haille (2009-01-23) 921

I would love to be on hannh montana that would be soooooo awesome

Posted by Lydia (2009-01-25) 927

I would love to be on Hannah Montana.For my acting career to start on one of my favorite shows!

Posted by kirstin (2009-01-29) 943

Hello. My name is Alexis and im 13 going on 14 and ive been looking into my future and hope to become an actress. This would be a great start for me. If there is any roles i could play email me please.

Posted by Alexis (2009-01-29) 945

Hello, I'm LaManda from Pennsylvania I'm 20 years old and my boyfriends 30 and ya know what? Yes, we still watch Hannah Montana. It's a really great show and if ya ever need a down to earth helper let me know, you got my email. Later.

Posted by LaManda (2009-01-29) 950

well i am amber and my dream is to become an actress and a singer.
i think what inspired me the most was hannah montana show how funney it was and how it is so realistic that is how i would want my show to be if i had one. soi am just asking to help me become an actor and that will change my life for ever. (thanks)

Posted by amber (2009-02-01) 955

My name is Haley and I'm in little ol' Iowa wheres nothing. I know I can soar and make it big all I need is my one shot. If I fail at that one shot then so be it, but i just don't want to wonder and I don't want to regret never trying when I'm older. So gie me my one shot and I'll show everyone what I'm made of.
I can act/sing/and do anything you ask. I have many talents. I play the Alto Saxophone,can do funny voices and can dance.

Posted by Haley (2009-02-07) 979

Hi, I have been wanting to act since I was 5 years old, and my friends and family think I am a great comedian! I can be dramatic, funny, etc. I have especially wanted to be on disney channel because, Me and my friends always watch and we love it!! Please take into consideration that I want this so bad and I will do whatever it takes!!

Posted by Joey (2009-02-08) 982

Hannah is my Idol I've always wanted to meet her Its been my life time dream

Posted by Shay (2009-02-19) 1026

Hi my name is Kailey and I would love to be on Hannah Montana because it so fun to meet them and i can Act because i have been in three plays I was Gabreiella i HSM at my school and i played a mouse in a church production and I was Italy in another play and now Iam practicing on another play where Iam Dolly Parton. So you can I have a lot of experince.P.S I am going to sing in That Dolly Parton one and I sung on that HSM one.

Pick me,

Posted by Kailey (2009-02-19) 1028

Seriously everyone, NOBODY IS GOING TO DISCOVER YOU HERE, so save your excitement thinking 'OMG, I posted a comment, I'm going to be an actress on Disney! I'm gonna be famous' YEAH!' Thats not how it works, the directors don't randomly take unknown girls from commentboards on the internet, I mean, not to seem harsh or anything, but who cares if you can act or sing? Hundreds of millions of people can too, that dosn't make you stand out! Also, some of you have wanted to be an actress for only four years or shorter, THATS NOT ENOUGH. And also, a school play isn't expirence, its BARELY ANY, its not a pro production, no matter how many people show up. You need years of lessons, shows, camps, and an agent! I'll bet 75% of you people want to act to become famous or meet famous people, and only a small amount of you are truely passionate about it, I've wanted to act since I WAS 3! I'm 13 now, some of you people really piss me off on these boards thinking that three or four years is a long time, ITS NOT! Think of it this way, there will always be people who are worse at acting than you, and there are people who are a whole heck of a lot better, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WANT TO ACT! You have to be serious about it! Next year, I'm actually going to a drama school! Think of it like this, would you leave your family, school, friends, house, town, everything you're happy with to act? My answer is yes, if you are truely passionate, the answer is yes.

Posted by KK (2009-02-20) 1034

iv been looking for auditions because i got a lead role in my play for school called '' KING ARTIE AND THE KINGHTS OF THE RAD TABLE''. i played morgan lafay and people loved me and told me and my friend we should get into acting me and my friend have posted many coments and we would love to be on a show so please contact us if posable......thank you

Posted by hailee (2009-02-20) 1038

My name is Kasi. I am 16 years old and I have always enjoyed acting. It has been my dream to act on television for as long as I can remember. I don't want to act on tv to be famous, though. I more want to do it because I enjoy acting. I live in a small town and not many opportunities for auditions come around. If I could get a start with Disney, it would be a dream come true. I have watched Hannah Montana since it first aired on tv. I enjoy the show and it would be an honor to me if I could act on the show. I have always been good at memorization so it is not a problem for me when it comes to acting. Please make me a consideration for the show. I would not dissapoint. Thank you.

Posted by Kasi (2009-02-22) 1041

hi mi michaela. i am 14 years old and my dream is to act. im not wanting to act to be famous, i want to be a role model for kids even adults. i can act very well, i have experience i was excepted by John Robert Powers not too long ago, i takeacting lessons and i can as well sing, i have experience with that as well. im mature for my age and i would love to reach my dream, hannah montana would be a great starting point, i love her show and i think she is very talented. So, if you could please find a spot for me on the show that would help me out a ton! thank you.

Posted by Michaela Mcquilkin (2009-02-24) 1054

Hi my name is Kristina and i am 11 i have dreamed of acting all my life. You name it i will be it to annoying and scared i can do it. This show could start my acting career. If you put a spot for me on the show that would the best thing ever in the whole world.

Posted by Kristina (2009-02-26) 1058

i m Rebecca and i am 14 years old.... I know i have the talent to act because i do it all the time. I can pretend to laugh at jokes that arent funny, cry sometimes at things, and yodda yodda yodda.... I am a very funny person, especially with my daddy who is a very funny person also. me and my dad are a team, we can both act and make you laugh so hard. he is the kindof person that can make up something funny ( like if he is playin the electric guitar he can sing and without stopping to think sing something that is so funny and it fitts with the subject) its kinda like freestylin you know. my daddy can play the guitar by ear. if he hears a song once he can play it almost instantly. he was in a band with his buddy and they still play together. everyone that meets my dad loves him to death!!!! you cannot deny the two of us together i mean seriously, we are so much alike. my dad and i can keep a straight face we are that cool. i am a daddys little girl. oh and i can sing too. ive been told by ppl that i could sing really well since i was in the second grade and i have been singing since i was able to talk.. i love it alot! so bye bye

Posted by Rebecca (2009-02-28) 1069

Hey Im haley and I really deserve to be on this show. Any show really! Im funny (not bragging just saying what the truth is!) I can cry if you want me too. Like the girl said before me I laugh at jokes that aren't funny. Im in Drama class right now but this isn't my type I mean monolouges? Seriously! Acting is fun and fluent to me. I also dance (hip hop) I do hip hop kids. You know the main guy from step up 1? Yeah he was in this hip hop. I'm dead serious! I ot moved up to the last level! Im also really good at impersonations, accents, pretending to be someone else. So if I am needed for any show you can count on me! Weather I should be a goody goody, or mean kid, whatever! "Theres only 2 types of people in the world. The ones that entertain and the ones that serve. Well baby Im a put on a show kind of girl"

Posted by Haley Gorman (2009-03-08) 1106

My name is Brittany and Im 17 years old. I think Hannah Montanna is a good role model for younger girls. Being an extra on a show that inspires so many people is a dream come true. Even interning back stage would be a dream. I love everything that has to do with filming, acting etc.

Posted by Brittany (2009-03-10) 1117

Hi my name is Jayden I am 6 years old and my mom Jackie she is 25 just loves hannah montanna and so do I> My mom wants me to be just like her and I am cuz my mom says im a natural! well here's my mom. Hi im jacqueline orozco and my daughter is really a natural she has known how to talk with many since she was 4 she is really outgoing vary smart she is in 1st grade and can read at a 3rd grade level, she loves to read! she has an amazing voice and she can dance better then me! I think my daughter should really be on this show because she deserves the world for what she has been through in life and she really needs to be discovered! Thank you! WE LOVE YOU HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!

Posted by jayden vanae orozco (2009-03-12) 1124

okay here we go...i want to be on a new show not really Hannah Montana but a new one... i have been in many productions and sang in front of lots of people. I am a really good singer and my voice is kinda different than others...
i hope you like me..
Kaitlyn g.

Posted by Kaitlyn (2009-03-26) 1199

hi my name is Ruby orozco and Ive had always wanted to be an actress I love Hannah montana always been a big fan of hers. Im 15 years old ive have gotten calls for acting i love being very funny. Im a very hyper person who is up for anything.

Posted by ruby orozco (2009-03-27) 1202

I have a full resume, I've been on other TV shows, involved heavily in theater.
Contact my email

Posted by Tori (2009-03-30) 1225

my name is dara...i am 15...i live in a little town in tn...so there is really no kind of acting around here...so it would be really cool if you needed someone extra on the show to pick me!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by dara clayton (2009-04-02) 1237

Hey im in my early teens and i sing and dance. I would love to be in a disney channel show

Posted by shaheem tucker (2009-04-05) 1246

im almost 30 and i love hannah montana! the show is hillarious. my 8 yr old boy really likes the show to, his favorite character is rico (moises) and he wants to know when he can be on t.v. anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by dixie (2009-04-08) 1260

I would wanna be in hannah Montana I've been in 16 plays and in 2 choir shows I can sing dance and act I can kinda play the piano and used to play the clarinet violin chello viola and learning to play the guitar but yeah I would really wanna be in hannah montana

Posted by Hector (2009-04-09) 1263

Being on a Disney channel show is my all time dream. i dont say i want to be famous becauase i dont i still want to be Laura just doing a job that i love. i love acting and singing and dancing. I have no clue what i would do if i dont act i need to get started somewhere but dont know how help! i went to acting/modeling school but now im back to step 1.

Posted by Laura (2009-04-09) 1268

I My name is chris Chasey and i alway want to be in acting and please make my wish come true to be on hannah montana show.

Posted by Chris Chasey (2009-04-09) 1269

HEY! My name is Molly and I want to break out into show biz. I'm in 8th almost 9th grade and I am currently 13 years old. I am not in it for the fame... it is my true dream and I know that's a cleshea but it actually applys to me. I absolutely love acting singing and danceing and i am good at all 3. I have been dancing since I was 4 and now I take jazz, ballet, and Irish step and am good at all 3. Singin is my most recent break out and I found that I am good when I got a lead role in my school's mucical in my first year trying out. Acting has always been a passion of mine and I am really good. I have a natural stage/set preasence. Being on Hannah Montana or any Disney Channel show would fulfill my dream. Thank you for taking your time to help me.

Posted by Molly (2009-04-12) 1277

I LOVE MileyCyrus / Hannah Montana. My name is Paulina. I'm 12 years old and currently in the 7th grade. It has been my dream since i was 6 years old to star on t.v. Disney Channel and the Hannah Montana show can make my dream come true. thanks =).

Posted by paulina (2009-04-13) 1293

Hello! My name is karissa and, i know the show well, but i think its a grate production, and im looking for something, to start with, i know how to act well, and i think ill do well. Im 14, and skinnny, nice, brown hair/eyes, five foot two.

thank you.

Posted by karissa (2009-04-18) 1320

Hi! My name is courtney and i want to be on Disneychannel.I am 10 years old.I am not in it for the fame.....This is my true dream.This was my dream ever since I was 3. I have been in gymnastics since i was 3-6.I have also did cheerleading at the age of 5-10.Everyday I think about how to get on disneychannel.I am always looking on the computer trying to get on disneychannel.I was a actor of my school play called (Charlie and the chocolate factory.....and people said i was the best of all. I sing everyday 50 times a day and people say i have a great voice.I look in the mirror and sing and act.I am nice,sweet and and beatiful and i also have brown eyes and i also have brown hair. I watch disneychannel everyday.I love all of the shows.I always get good grades.I hope i have convinced you all to put me on disneychannel.Hi!!!!Hannah montana/miley cyrus!!!!Thank you!

Posted by Courtney (2009-04-23) 1339

ive ben acting since grade 3. i was in chorus in chitty chitty bang bang and in tom sawyer i was kaa in jungle book mrs bucket in charlie in the chocolate factory and the genie in aladdin
it would be suuuuucccchhhh an honor to be on the show or any other one
i am thinking of starting singing lessons VERY soon!!!

Posted by Alison (2009-04-25) 1341

I would LOVE to be on Hannah Montana. Yet, I'm just about to give up my dream. =/

Posted by Felicia (2009-05-01) 1386

I have loved that show for years and I actually loved the movie, too! I am a huge fan but I don't know how to get started :/ My dream is to get on disney channel or a movie of some sort. How did you get to become an actress? (this would maybe help me get into acting,too)

Posted by Haley (2009-05-10) 1438

Actress In The Making: Hey, I'm Christian and I really want to become an actress. Acting is my dream and acting is calling me. E-mail me even if you need extras or someone to say one line. I'm your girl. Stunts I'm your girl. E-mail me soon!!!!! Christian France is your girl for anything. I will do anything (depending on what it is) Just e-mail me and say Hey we have a job for you and I'm totally there.

Posted by Christian (2009-05-11) 1442

Can I play the role of hannahs new boifren? email me!

Posted by Chris (2009-05-12) 1444

dear Miley,
i always havewanted to be on hannah motanna please will u just pick me i am a great actor will u please read this and pick me thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Vaibhav Singh (2009-05-17) 1456

I would love to be on Hannah Montana!!! I work well with animals, not spiders ekk!!! I love to act crazy, it's like my sport!! And, thanks to cheering, I'm pretty flexible!!

Posted by Kaleigh G. (2009-05-23) 1481

I would love to be on hannah montana! The show is hilarious! Im eleven years old and i wanna be on hannah montana so i can become famous.im a really good actress! I can really relate to the episodes. I have been in the same situations in mylife even though they are just acting, i know how she feels in some of the episodes.i also wanna be in hannah montana because its a comedy show, and i love to make people laugh! And maybe if i do get on the show, i can watch myself on tv! And people, watch for a girl named angel on television because im on my way to stardom! Dont be surprised if you see me!

Posted by Angel (2009-05-31) 1522

Hi, i would like to be on Hannah Montana not just because of wanting to be famous but i would like to have my name be put out there. I am 14, Spunky, and I love being around people.

Posted by Baighlor Davis (2009-06-04) 1537

My name is Natalia and i've been wanting to act since i was 10. I take singing lessons, i have a manager, i take piano lessons, and i do very well in school. I'm 16 now, and i've been trying to get my big break SOON. I'm 5'2", i have red hair with blonde streaks; natural; and i'm pretty skinny, i work out a lot, and i try to exceed in what i do. I've been dreaming about this for a while, and i'd love to get my big break here. My family and friends are all very supportive. I also have green-blue eyes, and I have good features on me.

Posted by Natalia Zarnowski (2009-06-08) 1551

Well im Brittany And im soon to be 15 my dream is to sign with hollywood records and get a show on disney channel all before im 18 but my problem is my family is poor and we live thousands of miles away from California i live in kentucky. I Have been singing since i was 6. I Sing&&Act..i have always looked up to selena gomez and demi lovato they inspire me because there 2 friends who grew up together doing what they love..I Remember in 7th grade my family lost our house and we had to live in our churches basement and all the kids made fun of me and my sisters when we would get off the bus and the way i found comfort was in singing when i sing i let go of all my worries and stress..I Want Singing to be my job reguardless of where im from...having a job of doing something i love doing and thats singing..so you guys will be seeing me soon.be ready.

Posted by Brittany Colyer (2009-06-17) 1593

hello im roxanna im 16, 5'2, and im hispanic.
i really love acting but dont alot of experience out side of school plays.
i take direction very well and im a great listener.
i would be a great choice that you will not regret.

Posted by roxanna (2009-06-19) 1608

my name is christy and im a good actor and singer and hip hop dancer. since I was 6. I would love to be on disney I do have acting experence.

Posted by christy (2009-06-22) 1633

Hello. My name is Jessica. I have blonde hair, brace,and blue eyes. My friends and family say i am very funny. I am a gymnast. I have may talents. Jumprope, trapize, ballet, pogo stick, and more I am searching to be a actress for my family and its my dream. I pray i would be on disney channel everyday. This is my chance to show my personality. Your missing out if you don't choose me to be on disney channel. any questions about me email my mother.

Posted by jessica (2009-06-23) 1648

Hi I'm steph. im like 4 6 short type but my dream2 b on tv..... im 11 yrs old n plz i want to b a actress :)

Posted by Steph (2009-06-26) 1669

I realy want to do acting very funny I don't even need to do the acting I can just be a helper or something I realy don't care so you just think about that.

Posted by Michael (2009-06-27) 1678

Hello, my name is Sabrina. I am fifteen years old and am a 5' 9 African-American. I would love to be in an episode of Hannah Montana. I have tons of acting experience and have been chosen to be an actor before, but I was really little so I didn't have the experience to be one. Please email me if I have a chance. Thank you.

Posted by Sabrina (2009-06-28) 1686

I want to be on hannah montana, I very cute, write me i can send to you my photos))

Posted by ashley (2009-06-29) 1689

I have wanted to be an actress for all my life! I love acting! I love Hannah Montana. Not only Hannah Montana but I want to be with Disney. Disney is amazing! I love how they keep all of the Actors and Actresses together and friends. Please I would be blessed to be on the show. Even as an extra. I just want to be discovered! I am really a great actress. I have never been to an acting class but i learn fast and i listen. Please if Disney was looking for any thing. An extra. A new person. I want to be that person. I look up to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. They are so pretty, down to earth, and amazing actresses! thank you for reading this!

Posted by Catherine Galley (2009-06-29) 1694

i am rasheda, i am 14 yeasrs old
i would love 2 be on da show
i am a great singer, i love to dance, and i love to make people laugh
and i LOVE disney channel it would be a dream come true if i came play a role on the show
or even have my own show so would u please do ur part and email me back
thank u 4 ur time

Posted by Rasheda (2009-07-02) 1714

i love Hannah Montanna and i would just love to be on there on disney channel im a nice girl and i get along with people . I need this im not populer but i make alot of friends as i could please pick me to be on hannah montannah i would take any part also i sing really good

this is my life long dream please please pick me

Posted by Thalia (2009-07-05) 1722

hey hi i just need to know if you have a roll...cuz you are really funny and i need this for my fanny you guys really make me want to think about when i grow up...i just wanna be a star like you...im finally following my dreams as you said...so i need this roll for my family...and if you dont the part for me i understand it cool...but plz plz plz plz try to find a roll for me

Posted by giselle (2009-07-12) 1763

Hey, I'm just looking for acting oppertunities. I know everyone else complains about their family issues, but I can give you proof that I'm not doing so good: I live in an apartment in the ghetto, my older sister is 23 years old and she still live with us, and last but not least my 19 year old sister had to drop out of college, and that made me so mad.I just wish that I can support my family, but I'm too young and this is the best and only way to get my sis back in college, and to get us up on our feet. And plus I really enjoy acting. It's my #1 future career!

Posted by Kentrell (2009-07-14) 1769

Hey! My names michelle and I'm asian. I love hannah Montana and mostly all the Disney shows. I wanna be a part of this show so my goal to become and actress would truly come true. I have acted in school plays. I love to sing and dance and acting is one of my many talents. I do play the piano and violin and hope to be taking on the flute. My friends do say I am a very good singer and they encourage me to do musicals and to act. The are my inspiration and I love to sing and hope to be on the show. I might be one of the million people but I could be one of the people you pick for this show. I hope you email me back. Thanks very much. :]

Posted by Michelle (2009-07-17) 1791

Hi im sydney and ive been watching disney channel since i was in dipers i play the piano i can sing and act very well i would llike to be on hanna montana or sonny with a chance because they are really funny and i can relate to them so i hope you pick me please.

Posted by sydney (2009-07-18) 1792

Hi, My name is Allison. I am 13 years old. I live in Danvers, Massachusetts. I'm Caucasian, 5'2. I am a hardworker, very open minded and would love any type of role in Hannah Montana. I am not experienced any type of acting yet. Only a few school plays and acting classes. I am determined I would love to learn the acting business, acting does come naturaly to me. Thank you.

Posted by Allison McDonald (2009-07-22) 1818

Hello, my name is Autumn. I'm Caucasian, hazel eyes with brown hair and I'm 5'4. Acting has always been a dream of mine. I might be a little young but acting has always been something I was good at, It's a big passion of mine. I'm very good in front of the camera I was on a show called wife swap about a year and a half ago so I'm not at all camera shy. I've played in many plays so I'm also good at being very dramatic and funny. I'm trying to get into acting school next summer. But family and friends say I don't need it. I'm not looking for a huge part in the show something small will be fine. I'm nice and easy to get along with. I don't have an agent but I'm willing to try and get one. If you don't pick me I'll be upset but I now there is many of other girl/boys that would love to be on the show as much as I would. A thing I've been hearing my whole is,"Follow your dreams they can really come true." and I believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I will chase my dream until it comes true. I love this show and i would love to be a part of it. Everyone at Disney is hilarious and i think i can be too. I'm very skilled in the drama area i can show Disney a whole new side of emotions, astonished, sad, frightened, or even happy. I'm a very hard worker and will do anything to prove I'm worthy enough to act on any show or in any movie. Being in front of the camera makes me feel alive and is to me the best feeling in the world. I'm not good at singing but if singing lessons will get me on to Disney channel then that's what ill do! I'm open to try new things and I want to discover the making of these shows. Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato and Hannah Montana are my roe models and i look up to them. This is my dream so please help me in my dream career.

Please Message me back
Thank you so much

Posted by autumn (2009-07-25) 1836

hey, im lea. im a pretty easy going gal. I sometimes take life seriously, but who shouldn't. I'm 13 years old, and am looking for some adventure in life. i watch tv alot, so i know how to act, or my mom says i do. she thinks i should be the next person to host tv commercials.(just because I can sing every jingle to a commercial, haha.) but i am very active, and i have wanted to act since the young years. and i have to be totally honest with you. i CANNOT sing. unless you want me to break every window in your house, don't hire me for a singing act. I'm all about the acting. So this is me. You can message me, you don't have to message me. I'ts cool. But keep me in mind? Thanks! (:

Posted by Lea Faulkner (2009-07-27) 1841

ok im gonna keep this short and sweet!
my name is Isabella im 16 and watch hannah montana because its funny and a good show
ive done lots of acting and love it so much!
please contact me :)

Posted by Isabella (2009-07-30) 1860

hi im not the richest girl in the world so i just wanted a part in hannah montanna or any show really so if any1 in the world wants to give me a chance your more than welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jennifer (2009-08-03) 1888

I've always been a very good actress. I've been in school plays any many many more acting roles for the school. I love to act, entertaining is what I'm ment to do, so if there are any roles on this show could you please let me know. Thank You

Posted by Willetta Anthony (2009-08-08) 1906

hi im kylie im caucasian and ive wanted to be an actress since i ws like 4 or 5 and i dont want to for the money i dont even have to get paid but it would be AWESOME if i could be on hannah m ontana cause i love her and her show i live n Edmond, Oklahoma and please get me an audition on hannah montana i can sing, act and i can play a lot of sports i ink i could be an actress because everyone says im funny, a dramaqueen(mainly mom and her friends) and a good actor for example m drama teacher in 6th grade did things differently when we were auditioning and she didnt have understudies and thiss one girl moved 3 days before the play wihout telling the teacher she ws moving bfore the play she said after and so 2 days before the play i found out that i ould have her part and i got all of my lines memorized and everyone said i did awesome!!! so it would eb awesomw if i could be on hannah montana.

Posted by Kylie (2009-08-09) 1915

Hey! My name's Jess and I live in MA. I would love to be an actress, it's something I've always dreamed of. I have almost no experience but you got to start somewhere, right? Hannah Montana is a pretty funny show and I would love to be a guest or an extra. Pick me please!!!

Posted by Jess S. (2009-08-09) 1916

I am 13 years old and living in Kansas city,Mo. i love acting. I love the show and i love to meet new people. it would be an honor to get to work with the cast of Hannah Montana. And i personally would benefit from the chance to work with Disney channel stars and singers. And it would help me get the experience. i would be most honored.
Bayley Cawthon

Posted by Bayley Cawthon (2009-08-12) 1945

I love watching Hanna Montana its funny and one of my favorite shows, and I would love to get the chance to audition for the show. I have a realy good personality and allot of determination. I persevere, Iv'e always wanted to act since I was young, im willing to work really hard. Im 15-in a half and I would love to audition and hopefully be on the show.

Posted by jessica v. (2009-08-16) 1966

Hey! My name is Samantha, I am 15 years old, will be 16 on february 1st. Very excellent at acting, am known as the "drama princess" i just dont like the word "queen" but am a drama queen. I DONT have any experience of acting on tv but am looking forward to it. i do have experience thats not on tv, which is i was in the step up drama club where i met Jessica Alba. am very focused on my job. and acting is my future and present career. i love watching hannah montana, i saw every single episode out so far, s i would pick up on the script easily. Am more like Miley and Selena Gomez an Demi Lovato in acting. I love to act in shows like those. thanks and contact me for more info.

Posted by Samantha Dhanwar (2009-08-16) 1971

Hey, my name is Steph, I'm 14 and live in Minnesota. I've always been a fan of Hannah Montana. I've been acting since I was 5 in school plays, church plays and even out of school plays. I can also sing and dance. I'm part Asian, Indian, and caucasion. I've been told I'm a beautiful mix, I'm 5ft 4in, and weigh about 113 lbs. I'm very out going, and a very determined, focused actress who is willing to do anything it takes. Even if I am just an extra on a show, or movie I'd still love to do it for the experience. If you are interested please contact me, Thanks for your time.

Posted by Steph (2009-08-16) 1973

Hey :D Me and Allie have been wanting to be actors since we were six years old. We've always had this dream, and we really want it to become true. If you would please contact us any way, and give us both even a small role on Hannah Montana, or any Disney Channel show or movie, we would work our hardest, and always give 110 percent. Thank you so much, we hope we'll be hearing from you.

Posted by Allie and Bree (2009-08-20) 1988

I love Hannah Montana and will love to be on tv

Posted by Janani (2009-08-23) 1996

Hi, i'm Renata. i am 13 years old, i am canadian and croatian.
I am about 168 cm tall, i have dark brown hair and brown eyes.
my talents are: acting, singing and horse back riding.
I have always dreamed of becoming an actress.
if your interested please contact me.

Posted by Renata (2009-08-25) 2006

Dear talent searchers,
no need for anymore searching i am a 13 year old with determination, i have meduim light brown hair dark blue/green and white skin. i'm willing to do anything to achieve my dreams i'm willing to start out as an extra but im convinced you'll like me and i will most likely move up the entertainment ladder.

Posted by bethen cork (2009-08-28) 2017

omg that would be so cool I just want to act I'm 13 I'm kinda short and I have lips like anjolena jolea and all I want to do is act!!!!!!!!! 8)

Posted by hannah (2009-08-28) 2026

I love Hannah Montana!!!! I am also modleing my acting life after Miley< she is my role model! I am 13 years old with light golden- brown hair, blue eyes, freckles and a bright smile! I love acting! I always have wanted to watch myself on TV, if you have any auditions for me please let me know! I am very experienced, and i can sing/ dance too so please contact me!

Posted by kristen (2009-09-13) 2083

I have wanted to be an actress since I was 6 or 7. I have been looking for auditions for about 1 1/2 years. I've never entered an audition before. I watch comedies such as "Threes Company" and " The Golden Girls" so I know how to use expressions when I talk. I can be loud or quite. I can sing and I'm very entergetic so I can dance and run alot. I'm good at memorizing lines. I'm white skin, american, have mid-back light brown hair, hazel eyes, and I wear glasses but I'm getting contacs. I don't know exactly but I'm around 5.2 feet tall. I'm in the 7th grade. I didn't put all of this stuff on here to impress you, just to inform.

Posted by Morgan (2009-09-25) 2125

hi my name is david and i love to act and so do some of my friends i am from canada but would like to know where to find a show to get on i would love to go on diseny oh yea and i am a male so yea if anyone has tryouts or what ever u call them i dont know how to spell the other word for tryout so yea thxs and bye.

Posted by david (2009-09-25) 2126

hi my name is olga and i'm a huge hannah montana fan i know her song best of both worlds i watch her show all the time and i really like her show please let me do this

Posted by olga (2009-09-27) 2133

I always wanted 2 be an actor and playing on Hannah Montana would be awesome and I always wanted 2 meet my dream girl miley

Posted by rakee Curtis (2009-10-04) 2155

Hi my name is clare I am 13 yrs old and have wanted to act on Hannah Montanna since it first came out on disney, I also dance jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, Point, stage, modern and contemparary. Also i am 5 ft 2 i have blonde hair and green eyes......hope i can be on the show

Posted by clare seidel (2009-10-26) 2217

I always wanted to be on hannah montana since the show aired on television.please make my dream come true.

Posted by Sean Daniels (2009-10-28) 2228

Hi I am Brown, Long dark hair I absolutely LOVE acting. It is my most favorite thing to do in the world. This is also my FAVORITE Show. I always wanted to be an Actress. I know i am young but i have always known i was going to be an Actress someday and if you can make that happen i would be soooo Greatful.

Posted by Nailah H. (2009-11-07) 2253

Hi I am Brown, Long dark hair I absolutely LOVE acting. It is my most favorite thing to do in the world. This is also my FAVORITE Show. I always wanted to be an Actress. I know i am young but i have always known i was going to be an Actress someday and if you can make that happen i would be soooo Greatful.

Posted by Nailah H. (2009-11-07) 2257

i would love a chance to be on your show. im 17 and i live in windham ohio and acting is my dream career. thanks for your time

Posted by Alyssa (2009-11-16) 2290

Hi i have wanted to act since i was 4 years old and i reaaly want to be on Hannah Montana i was i many plays i have brown hair and if i could meet someone i would want to meet David Archuleta or Justin Beiber.

Posted by Tiffany (2009-11-17) 2300

I neeeeeed to be an actor let me be inthis please

Posted by AJ (2009-11-24) 2331

hi my name is rachael bruton. I am 16 years old and I love to act. I do have some expeiance and I have applied for other tv roles. this would be the highest form of acting I have done and I would loove to. thanks for reading

Posted by rachael brunton (2009-11-25) 2335

Hi, my name is Nikki, and I am 13 years old. I have been thinking lately, and I have realized that I want to do something of my life. I want to be known and remembered, not just somebody that the world will have forgotten in 100 years once I am gone. I want to become an actress because I think it would express my feelings, it would be an amazing opportunity, and I want to entertain people and make them happy. I am looking into drama classes, and beginning acting classes this year. I hope to soon proceed to making it to classes such as how to do head shots, portfolios, resumes, and how to contact agents. I really don't want to be just another little girl in the crowds at the movie theater, I want to be the one to entertain. I hope that this may get me somewhere, and if not I will keep trying. I have my whole life ahead of me and starting this early will only give me a head start. Thank you for your time, and if there is any advice for a young girl... please help me. :) thank you all so much for reading.

Posted by NM (2009-11-27) 2340

hi I am a 13 year old girl who enjoys acting. It has been my dream to act since I was 8. I have been to alot of auditions but they wanted a lot of money. Like thousands of dollars. So please consider me and give me a chance. I live in Ca. thank you. Oh and I am very good at cheerleading and flexibility.

Posted by Sarynna Romano (2009-12-08) 2362

Is becoming an actress a hard process?? Well lets see,It may be idk because I'm not one but I'd love to become an actress.I don't have really any expericene,but I know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to make it a success.Something that I'm willing to do is to do what is asked of me,and I'll ask as many questions if I don't fully understand the material being given.I want a job that I'll be ready to jump out of bed and go to,and this is it :].I wish the best for you guys and I hope you've found what you're looking for.Best wishes and much love,-Sumayah Murphy-

Posted by Sumayah Murphy (2009-12-14) 2371

hi my name is Sinclair Pittman. I am 14 years old, and soon to be 15. I have always wanted to follow my dream in acting. I took acting classes when i went to an Arts school here in my town. I try hard in everthing i do and try not to let people down. I have a really good memory. And read very well. I do not have much experience. but i catch on very quickly to everything i do. I thank you for talking the time to read this i hope i will hear back from someone.

Thank you,

Sinclair Pittman

Posted by Sinclair Pittman (2009-12-21) 2381

I would like to Get into acting..... I would like to be an Extra. That would be Amazing.

Posted by mari (2009-12-26) 2398

hi, my name is diamond and i would love to be on hannah montana! i really love that show! though i have never had any acting classes or act for any type of reason i still want to be on that show!!!!!!

Posted by diamond (2009-12-28) 2402

I really want to be on Hannah montana! i have been in a few plays that have been shown on cabal where i lived i have even had people pay and come and see me! i would love to be on hannah montana because its a great show and my little sister would love to one day see me on the show she watches the most! i am 13 yrs. old i have blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Acting is my passion and i am hoping to pursue it as a career! i would do anything to be on that show!!!

Posted by Estelle (2010-01-03) 2428

please put me on hannah montana if u do i will be there for u miley i will scream at people for please i watch your show all day long and all night long

Posted by deja (2010-01-06) 2435

Hi my name is stephanie. Some people say i look like miley and i really want to meet hannah montana i know alot of stuff bout her i live in maryland i wish to meet hannah montana and im a great actor good singer i especially luv to dance also, im not just doing dis for fortune and fame its my life and I LOVE TO DO IT and i want to help my family so if u get a chace szend me a reply and tell me wat u think thanxz for ur tyme bye.

Posted by stephanie (2010-01-07) 2443

hey my name is Jonathan friends call me Jon i am a really funny kid i am 16 yrs old and love to joke around with friends my biggest dream is to be an actor and getting a role in any show so just please make my dream come true!!!!!!

Posted by jonathan cheverie (2010-01-08) 2452

Hey my name is Alex and i have a big dream since i was very young, i have always liked the arts of acting. I really enjoy just being silly or serious when needed, i am currently trying get into a good High school called South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. My main interests in that school are Drama and Music. I would love to become a big time actor but you know one step at a time so i would love to start off as an extra. :) thank you for reading and hopefully i have a chance.

Posted by Alex Casco (2010-01-16) 2474

Heyy. My name is Natalie. I would luv to be on Hannah Montana. Im not expecting to be on Hannah Montana but it would be so exciting. I would even be really excited to be on just a craft cheese commercial. Lol. :}

Posted by Natalie (2010-01-17) 2476

i love this show i would love to be on it

Posted by Bebhinn (2010-01-22) 2498

i really would like to be on this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where do you find auditions?

Posted by diamond1 (2010-01-30) 2517

Ever since i was a little girl iv always wanted to be on disney channel. im told that im a really good singer/acter.it would mean the world to me if i was on disney. if i was on disney i would be 1000% positive that, that is wat i wanna do for the rest of mi life. i love laughing and being silly.but im serious wen i wanna be. sometimes mi friends laugh at me cause they think im playing around wen i really am serious.

Posted by Kaleigha (2010-01-31) 2523

please let me for fill my dream to act i will play a extra or a main i just need the chance who nows maybe this will start me being famous i am 13 in march i have shoulder length brownie-blond hair and im not very tall i will try so hard if you cast me please and Mylee if u read this i think your wonderful ( :

Posted by alisha (2010-01-31) 2525

Hey I like to act and heard that Disney is where actors first start off their acting job and would lke to give it a shot. I can immitate a pancake very well, lol jk did i mention im a comeian who loves puppies!!!!! And buffalo wings!!!! I am a pretty fluent reader. I can be a serious actor i can play mean or nice or a snot nose pocket!!!! jk lol

Posted by Daizy G. (2010-02-01) 2529

hi im ashley and i would really love to be on hannah montana i love this show and i really love acting.acting is my life thats all i ever want to do and if i did hannah montana it would be a great oppurtunity for me especially because im working with some amazing actors.

Posted by ashley (2010-02-05) 2543

Hey, my name is Melanie. i have a passion for acting. i can do many personalities. Even though i don't have much expierence but i can really blow you away if you contact me. thank you please contact me you wont regret it. BTW i'm from Walden NY.

Posted by melanie (2010-02-07) 2550

I AM passionate about acting!!! I've been wanting to since i was practically born!! I watch a movie 1 time and I remember it by memory!!! My favorite movies to act are "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken", "Another Cinderella Storie", and like a trillion more!!!! I think Michael Jackson and I are a LOT alike!! We're both passionate about what we do! We would give up everything for it.

Posted by Gabrielle (2010-02-08) 2555

i haven't really done any proffessional acting or anything but i'm very dramatic and i can act basically any role. i've done horror, comedy, drama, you name it and i can do it. i can make myself cry and everything. i'm fifteen years old, and i'm really small for my age. everyone tells me i'm very talented and i love acting more than anything. i would give all of my time to acting and i always give all my effort to something i put my mind to. it would be extremely awesome if you would contact me; you won't regret it.

Posted by kristin (2010-02-15) 2571

I am skinny and I play basketball. I can sing/act and I would make a good model.

Posted by Emily (2010-02-21) 2621

I want to be on Hannah Montana's last season finale so I can cheer Miley up and say good bye. I'm in honors so please pick me. I can follow any script. Just please pick me.

Posted by Tharius LeBeaux (2010-03-11) 2670

i love hannah montana and i can sing and act this is my dream!!!

Posted by sebatian (2010-03-29) 2735

that would be so cool to be on hannah montana i can act sing and model all three

Posted by maria (2010-03-31) 2748

Hi,my name is jordanah i would like to be on a hannnah montana because i love acting and i know miley from facebook. i think i would be good for this job because i am funny a little bit shy but can be abnoxious when i wnt to be.

Posted by jordanah (2010-04-02) 2757

Hi Hannah i really want to be on your show because my grandma has cancer and i want to pay for her surgey please hannah help me and i never miss a show of yours you rock.

Posted by kyani (2010-04-04) 2775

oh it would be so delightful to be on hannah montana. I have many talents and are ready for the world to see them. I only need one chance to prove myself. When you look at this just remember how can i ever become something if no one allow me to show my great abilities. I can dance/sing/and act.

Posted by jenae (2010-04-05) 2777

My name is, Jennifer!
I have always loved the idea of acting, but stage fright took over me at a young age. My parents are undecided if they will let me act or not. Disney Channel would be a great way to get my start I think! I am, 13 years of age and I am a bubbley, happy person! My friends ALL say I would be great on the television screen. But, I do not have an agent because I am still trying to convince my parents. They said for me to find some opputunities to come up first before they talk about it!

Thank you SO much for this!

- Jennifer

Posted by Jennifer (2010-04-05) 2779

I always wanted to be an actor it has been my dream. I have so much talent and I been through a lot in my life and my family don't believe I can make it so place send me a email I really want to be an actor so email me.

Posted by jonathan river (2010-04-06) 2787

HEY you, you looking for an actress to be on Hannah Montana then you dont have to search anymore i might not be as great as Sandra bullcock or like Jennifer Joanna Aniston but im not hard to work with. I'm a good listener and a good actress. I love acting and singing, i'm a hard working student and i am a A and B student. i love being in front a camara and love writing poems. i always watch disney channel and know what the shows about, who doesn't? i believe in myself and theres not alot i think that i cant do. i dont know what my friends see in me but they think im hilarious. i believe if i get to be on the show, with only that line you give me i can make the show the best show you've ever watched. i'm good a playing any role i can even make myself cry in 3 seconds. i really dont have an agent well because when i was hearing the radio they were giving the number to find an agent in my area but i couldnt get cause my baby niece was screaming. thank you so much for reading my letter i hope you give me this opportunity.

Posted by cheilyn (2010-04-09) 2802

My name is Shannagh i am 13 years old and i live in england.
I know your probably thinking im a long shot away but please consider me!
I have a huge passion for acting and dreamt it ever since i was a little girl.
Your show is so inspiring and i think it would be great to set of my career.
I act and can dance too, i have also done a little bit of modelling when i was 7 but i stopped when i moved to Scotland. 3 Years later we moved back to my home town were i have been trying to persue my dream as being an actress. Even a small role would be fantastic!


Posted by Shannagh (2010-04-10) 2806

sup ya,my name is alex and i just loooovvvvve hannah montana. im a very big fan. threw out my life i'v done some pretty exciting things such as modeling cometetions,singing competetions,plays,and dancing with my friends on stage. i consider myself to have alot of talent. i love the thought of having to be in front of a bunch of people its just very exciting im also a very good drawer but i dont like to brag about. im very energitic im just a ball of fun i can make laugh so hard milk will come out of your nose. i have a feeling i can one day be on this show and many other showsif i just keep going and never give up.I’m very outgoing, confident, and courageous.the reason on why i wrote this small but long letter is because i believe that acting starts with a small part and then it goes on to other shows but bigger parts such as miley cyrus.i wanna be a role model to just like hannah i want kids and teens to scream out my name everytime they see me walk down the street. i want to get hand cramps from signing so many autorgaphs.i want all of it but that will only happen if i get this part. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by alex peace (2010-04-13) 2822

Hi my name is taylor and ever since i was a little girl i have wanted to be an actress, because i find that i can take all of my trubls and emotions and put it into my acting and make it my own. i have been told many of times that i have a gift that many people dont have because i can do these things. when i was 12 i was taken away from my mom and my sisters and they went to foster homes and i went to my dads whom i had never met before. my sisters would have came with me but we all have differant fathers. that was in north carolina but then we moved right hear to iowa i am now 16. so as you can see i do probalby have a lot of fellings and emotions to put in my acting . when im acting its like theres notiong else aroujnd me but those peopole with me and the seane.

Posted by Taylor Walters but everyone calls me bella (2010-04-20) 2841

hi.my name is christianbut my friends call me chrissy.i watched hannah montana since the first episode and i think the show is amazing.i am a inspiring actress and ive always wanted to be on disney channel since i was little.if you are looking for extras or anything,you can email me at the givin email address at the top.

Posted by christian hudson (2010-04-21) 2854

Hey!!my name is kaitlyn.i really want to be on hannah montana really bad!im well known.i love sports.maybe i can play a daughter of someone or lilys young sis.i really want u to make my dream come true.i can act,sing,and dance.i am a girl looking for a part to play a lil sis.PLEASE PICK ME!

Posted by Kaitlyn (2010-04-26) 2866

My name is Mikala and I want to be any actor. I love Hannah Montana and I am a really good actor, but I could kill you by singing!

Posted by Mikala (2010-04-30) 2891


Posted by Treshun Walker (2010-05-05) 2900


Posted by TRESHUN WALKER (2010-05-05) 2901

Hey, my name is Kimberly and I would like to be an extra on Hannah Montana. Im full Samoan and live in Hawaii. When I grow up I want to be an actress!

Posted by Kimberly (2010-05-09) 2912


Posted by kristi (2010-05-10) 2950

hii if you need black kidz in the channel..my little sister is 8,5 years old looks like 11, and loves loves loves you!! she has a model face. like kidz in the add 'collors of benneton'...we are somalian. think about it..

Posted by ebby (2010-05-12) 2958

ok so I know alot of people say they want this more than any one and alot of people want it for the fame and money but I do want this more than anything and you can put me on a tv show that no one watches and dont pay me and i'll be happy ya I wont be rich or famouse but this is wat I waz BORN to do so plz just give me a chance

Posted by Paige :D :D (2010-05-19) 2973

Hi this is miely and i am hear to tell you guys/girls that you have to put your all into it this acting is no joke and its not like a mcdonalds job

Posted by MILEY CYRUS (2010-05-23) 2983

why hello there
my name is kristen joyce alley moulton i am a skilled actress.yes i am fully trained i will try my hardest to make the company happy with me.iv worked so hard to reach the skills i have now it would be a blessingf if i got that chance now i know theres hundreds of girls out there so im trying to be unique im good at singing im good at acting im not afraid to tell you guys that because thats who i am plaese consider me as a actress on hannah montannah
thank you

Posted by kristen joyce alley moulton (2010-05-27) 2993

My name is Maia W. I love to act and sing, and believe that I was born to do so. i have an agency and amost everything else. i love to audition and prepare monologues. I have known about the hannah montana show since the first time i saw the preview. it is so funny and i would love to be able to be in it.

Posted by Maia W (2010-05-31) 2999

Madison is my name acting is my game. I don't want to be famous or get more money than i could ever spend but if i don't act then i am miserale. I am a brown eye, brown hair, tan cacasian girl. I am polite and if you need something you won't have to ask me twice. I am thirteen years old and i was born a people peson and i know i can make you proud

Posted by Madison (2010-06-01) 3002

Hi my name is angelise im 13 years old. Im not experienced i will tell you that. I sing and i act and ive been trying to find a good way to make my one dream come true. If you would consider me that would be such a blessing.

Posted by Angelise Jones (2010-06-11) 3021

Hello my name is Norman Siler. My little sister loves your show and i will do almost anything to be on it my dream is to be an actor that's been my dream since i was 8 years of age. please if you have an opening allow me this chance for my dream to come true.

Posted by Norman Siler (2010-06-21) 3054

I love acting and I'd do anything to prove that I can do this please I'm not a great singer but I want to act so bad I have never acted on anything before but I am a quick learner a hard worker and I promise I will show you if you give me a chance I will not let you down I swear I won't I am very dedicated but I really just need my start please help me by letting me act.

Posted by Ali (2010-06-21) 3057

My agent wasn't getting me anything so i fired him. I do a bunch of local plays. I live in Idaho.

Posted by Trevor (2010-06-24) 3067

Hello, My name is Kaylin. i love to act and model ive been in plays and modeling shoots i would love to be a real actress.

Posted by Kaylin (2010-06-26) 3086

Hi my name is McCall. My favorite show is Hannah Montana. I am very good at acting. I have been in several plays. I am also very good at singing and dancing. I am a very confudent, willing, hard working girl. I am also very talkative and not shy. Acting is my one and only dream. I would love this job because acting is what i love and also acting is this what i love and want to do. Thank you for your time.

Posted by McCall (2010-06-29) 3093

hi im 16 years old and i will love to be on hannah montana i have the skills and i need to fill out my resume and besides you need new faces not the same people we see and other shows so i can be that person or any body else you chose oh yeah i can work pay or no pay thanks

Posted by Shakeria Gibbs (2010-06-29) 3098

Heyy I'm Mersihaa..
I would love to be on T.V shows such as Hannah Montana
I am 13 but i know you don't get a lot of people of that agee but
youuu know im willing to try.
I am a very hard worker i can act/dance, And a hard worker please contact me!

Posted by Mersiha (2010-07-01) 3106

Hello my name is Unique Conner.
I'm 13 years of age, and i can sing/dance/and act.
I would love to be on Hannah Montana because, i like what the show represents.
I don't really have much experience, besides acting in the mirror, or whenever i get the chance.
I think i have what it takes to be as big as celebs on TV.
I'm a hard worker, and over a over achiever.
I just know i was meant to act, i just know.
My dream is to act, and it doesn't have to be on Hannah Montana.
I just wanna act no matter what.


Posted by unique conner (2010-07-09) 3199

Hi I am Ciera Royce.I would LOVE to be on t.v. I live in Ohio. I have been watching Hannah Montana since it came out March 24th 2006 on my birthday. I am sad to hear that this is the last season but before it is over I would like to be on Hannah Montana. I am willing to work with anyone on the show or any other show. I know how to act and sing along with dance. I am a very HARD worker on this catagorey. So contact me if interested or if you would like mor information. Thanks.

Posted by Ciera Royce (2010-07-09) 3200

Hi, my name is Morgan Mari Smith. I can play the ages of a 14-16 year old. I have always loved acting. I love the show Hannah Montana. So i thought it would be a good idea to be on the show. So if you ever need a co-star for Hannah Montan Forever. Then please do email me!!!

Posted by Morgan Mari Smith (2010-07-15) 3204

I Think that i would be very fit for a position because i am very good at acting. I could definitely be the rude preppy type. But i also could be the goody good kind of girl. I love to act and would love to be a part of this show. Thanks. Hope i get a response.

Posted by Makala (2010-07-19) 3228

you people who "want to be on the show more than anything" can give up that dream. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but they already filmed th last season!!! just because it hasn't been on TV yet doesn't mean they're not done filming (which they are). And for those who "just started wanting to act," you can't just wake up one day and say "i'm gonna be on TV because i'm gonna post a comment on a message board!!" you have to work at it and want it and invest time and money and hard work in it ;; i've wanted to act since i was 2 and i always put on mini-productions when i was little and me and my sister can spend days looking for auditions ;; you people who just think casting direcctors are gonna come looking for you because you posted a comment saying that "you have talent and want it bad" are just clueless!!! three major steps::
1. Work hard
2. want it more than anyone else at an audition and make it show
3. don't expect to be "discovered" out of the blue
Hope it helps the ones who want it and have the talent
Graceful 'N' Sassy

Posted by Graceful 'N' Sassy (2010-07-21) 3233

It takes one step to follow your dreams. They may not come true instantly, but really, I need to start somewhere. Hello, to whoever is reading this. I am almost 16 years of age. I am 5 foot 11 and a natural blonde. I live in the Great Lakes State. I have been very interested in acting. School plays are very enjoyable. It is a passion. I never get bored or annoyed when i am acting. Sure you may say my 8th grade school play isnt much acting, but again, i really want to start my steps to becoming more serious. this would be a EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT way to start. i am a outgoing erson and would be a great role model for kids watching disney!!
Thank you for your time,

Posted by Nicole Schmidt (2010-08-11) 3300

hi my name is shania it tis my life long dream to become an actor and i love acting it is my passion.

Posted by shania (2010-08-13) 3303

hi my name is joey and i am funny and talented please come check me out.

Posted by joey (2010-08-16) 3309

Hi, im nydia and im 13 i would love a part in this show and i could sing and act. ive wanted something like this for along time now, ive been singing since i was like months old. and i REALLY want this. my facebook page is Nydiia Zapata, and if your looking for someone, im your girl. thank you and i hope you have a role for me.

Posted by Nydia (2010-09-10) 3354

i would love to be on hannah montana i can act and dance i can anything you whant me to do

Posted by Miranda Brown (2010-09-16) 3368

hi my name is kassidy. i would love to be on Hannah Montana i am really good at acting and dancing. I have been acting since i was 3 years old. I love acting it is the most important thing in my life. I don't know what i would do without it.

Posted by kassidy morency (2010-09-18) 3370

Hi my name is janina and I am 16 years old, I collected many experience in acting and singing and I have been an act on an concert twice. I live in germany and i am going to the eleventh grade. If tthere is someone missing to be on your show, i am your girl. I take singing lessons and I am learning piano ang gitar since some time.
If you need me you can write,
yours janna And miley your talent is incredible try to handle it well
googd bless you

Posted by engeljanina (2010-10-06) 3402

hi my name is jake west,I want to be an actor and have experience,I met this guy named mr. Ron Patterson and he is an amazing person and i did an audition called ipop. international presentation of performers and was a callback for los angeles. but heres the catch...im adopted and we couldnt afford to do the convention because it was so expensive. im 18 years old,5'8 dark brown hair (short),blue eyes,athletic build and I love making people laugh. if you have any advice for me or want to hear more e-mail me please. much appreciated! :)

Posted by jake (2010-10-06) 3403

i want to be a actor so bad!!!! i can sing really good. i have no experience!:) i am homeschool because i was bullied so much i was pushed make fun of and people were mean to me alot{ i funny nice i like to play soccer im heavy im outgoing i love animals hannah montana and im in 4th grade please plesae e-mail me later:)

Posted by sarah grace dalida (2010-10-26) 3456

Well. . .where do I start? I know i'm like the millionth person probably, but I really want to act!!:D My name is Ana Melissa Karr but you can call me Karritos or Meli or just Ana:) I'm 13 years old & I don't know how tall I am. Ha. I'm skinny but not that much that I look like a stick! & I'm christian, smart, funny, out going, random caring, nice, pretty [if I do say so my self], & i'm also hispanic:)
Look, I know that maybe you have a better person before me, but at least give me a chance to show you what I got!! PLEASE! I love acting. & I been praying to be an actor! IDK what it is that attracts me to that, but it does:) & my friends always tell me, "You should be an actor or something!" I really like this show<3' Well, thank you for your time & God bless you. Oh. & you can add me on Facebook or you can add me on Myspace. Thank you once again:)

Posted by Ana Melissa Karr (2010-10-29) 3460

hi my name is cammielle Tinker i am the biggest disney channel fan the in the world i love it :)!!!!!!! (THING'S ABOUT ME) i am 16 year old i am thick ,pretty and short (5.1) i love to singing,act and dance i am African american from Houston Texas i am funny, goofy, caring, nice, thoughtful, energetic, good personality and very smart (THE DREAM)being a actor is a dream i had since i was a little girl in i am ready to show the world what i can do and i am hoping that i can get your attention so i can at least show that i am dedicated to being the next Hollywood star and i will practice 24/7 i wont give up ever because i am ready for this i am ready to just run into that celebrate life style plzzz give me one chance i promise i wont let you down ......... thank you for you time and you can find me on myspace are facebook ..... please don't forget me CAMMIELLE TINKER :)

Posted by cammielle tinker (2010-10-30) 3461

Hi,im a 14 year old with talents that i know i could do and change peoples lives.
Not only is acting something that im in constantly thinking about,but, it's something that i know I know i Could do if I had a chance.HM-Miley Cyrus I love her,and DC...I've been watching DC since I was HOW OLD? 1-
thank you,so much for your time.

Posted by Belviana Hammond (2010-11-05) 3470

I love acting/singing/dancing and have been in many school plays as leads, muisicians, soloists, and other roles. I would love to be on any show. I am outgoing and smart and all my friends think I am very nice.

Posted by Sydney (2010-11-10) 3481

Ohhhhh My goodness I loveeeee Hannah Montana and it would be an honor to be on her show. I love and have a passion for acting and singing. I love praising God with the many talents he has given me. I hope to show the world that there is nothing wrong with praising God for a great cause.

Posted by Arielle Thomas (2010-11-15) 3492

my name is ruby and i really like the show. i really want an audition on Hannah Montana or any show or film but can never find any auditions. i think I'm quite good at acting and dancing. i can sing a bit but can learn.

i love acting so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by rubez (2010-11-30) 3521

i was thinking today... i am a freshman and i still don't know what i want to be, i want to do something fun...i going to give this site a try, i don't know if it works or not...but i just want to be happy when i graduate...well i want to be happy for the rest of my life, but doing this, just seems fun.

Posted by Bree (2010-12-07) 3544

Hi my name is Destinee and I'm looking for my big break. I've been watching Hannah Montana since it first aired on Disney and i have wanted to be an extra or something since forever but i have no acting experience but i have been on alot of auditions and got callbacks but unfortunately it wasn't for a show or movie it was for some acting schools i would love to be in Hannah Montana so please email me!!!....thanks!!!

Posted by Destinee reed (2010-12-12) 3555

My child has been in plays at her school she always has the top roles she never misses a line a never has to look back at her paper I'm sure she'd be a natural on Hannah Montana. Oh and my daughter name is Aarion

Posted by aarion brown (2010-12-30) 3608

My daughter's name is jakira she has a good sense of humor.She's very photogenic but has very little acting experice but she working on it every chance she gets.

Posted by jakira meeks (2010-12-30) 3609

Hi my name crystina and i am trying to get a job that pays money and i want to sing and dance also act so please pick me and it also has to be near ohio. Please pick me!

Posted by Crystina (2010-12-30) 3612

Hi my name is Madison Thorne,
I have been interested in acting since... forever sometimes i can close my eyes and see me walking down that red carpet i would give anything to work on this show. I feel me and Miley Cyrus have alot in common i have a horses too and i am from the country just like her i am a country girl at heart. I am just a big spaz or thats what my friends tell me haha i love to goof off and just have fun i am very entergenic always in a great mood. I love watching her show all of the girls are so pretty! but here is some info.. i am a female im 5'4 and dirty blonde i have brown eyes im not a twig but i am slim i weigh about 110 pounds please try and choose me thank you :)

Posted by Madison Thorne (2010-12-31) 3622

Hello, I am Ruby Munson AND LOVE THIS SHOW! i am not a crazed fan that will freak out on set. I can play piano, dance, sing, play clarinet and I am very smart. I can act I am very good at disqusing my vioce. I am a sandy blonde with brown eyes and natural highlights. I am about 5'3" and weigh about 106 punds. I am mixed between caucaisan and african american, and have a "Cindy Crawford" Beauty mark above my upper lip. I would be unconceivably ecstaitic if i was choosen for this part. Thank you for reading!! :D

Posted by Ruby Munson (2011-01-07) 3653

Hey, my names Virginia Kuiper and I love this show! I'm 5'4 and I just turned 14 I can sing and I can try to dance but that's not my specialty. Haha I really think of Miley as one of my idols in life including my sisters. I'm a big sarcasm kind of girl. I'm going to be in high school very soon and I've done nothing very exciting with my life so far. I'm not afraid to say I watch Hannah Montana or anything. I don't have high self-esteem and I think that something to deal with people will at least help me alittle. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm Indonesian Dutch with Italian. Everyone says I look like Valerie Bertinelli and I'm very down to Earth. I have a Marilyn Monroe beauty mark right above my lip upper lip. I can be funny, happy, frustrated or even crazy evil. My weight is about 115 pounds. I'm just looking for the right road to lead me where I need to go. Thanks for reading my post!!(o:

Posted by Virginia Kuiper (2011-01-08) 3657

Hey , My Name is Quentanett Tidwell. I Have Always Wanted To Act On This Show , I am a quick learner, Energetic, love to be myself, have fun And Willing to make change.
Pleases Give Me A Chance !!!!!

Posted by Quentanett Tidwell (2011-01-15) 3703

heey my name is franchesca im an awsome actress and iv been acting my hole life i can act,sing,dance and learning to play the piano i love acting because since i was a kid i use to go up to the screen and pretent im that person talking or i would go to the mirrow and do it its fun i love acting and i will never give it no matter what

Posted by Franchesca (2011-01-29) 3752

i used to want to be on hannah montanna with all of my heart and soul. Ive grown up and discovered more of myself. Now i would do anything to act in any show, although im positive id make a great adition to hannah montana i am a amicable young attractive girl(: i am very athletic i play soccer and do track and softball, i have a drama 1 class that i excel in, please somebody consider me for a role, i dont have enough money to pay for classes i dont need. I am a tom boy and athlete yet many times people say they couldnt imagine me being so aggresive and tough on the feild, becasue i am said to be to pretty and attractive and sweet(: i dont give up i work very hard i can acheive anything im told!

Posted by Joy Morgan (2011-06-23) 4571

Hannah Montana is one of my all-time favorite actresses/actors, and to be on her show would be more than just an honor. But almost like a dream come true. I've seen her and her songs, and I want to be almost like her when I'm older. I may be an 18-year-old brown-haired young man, but I can be a great character to the show!

Posted by Louis (2011-07-15) 4740

hi i'm kartavia and i love to act and i'm good at it i have a history of a famous family my mom was and a singing group and my uncles are now so i have been on t.v before so i have acting expercients but i dont have an agent and i dont go to acting school but i did drama in school and i have a loud great voice for singing and acting so if u consider me email me. Thank You so m,uch <3 :)

Posted by kartavia (2011-08-23) 4990

I am actually kind of mad about how the series ended, with Miley and Lilly deciding to stay together for university. While it is a sweet gesture, it seems to give the wrong message to young viewers, in the sense that the show seems to say that you should always stick with your best friends (which I agree with- friendship is important) but you do not have to always be with your best friend to remain close.

Posted by Taylor (2011-08-24) 4992

i used to love hannah montana but i heard some people talkin sayin that whenmiley was about 16 or 17 that she made certain songs such as cant be tamed and party in the usa and sung certain words and danced certain moves to get off of disney channel and that broke my heart when i heard that because i know miley would not do that.hannah is still one of my favorite shows on disney channel.but other than that i would love to be on disney channel on hannah montana,wizards of waverly place,ant farm or my bay sitters a vampire for it is my life long dream.

Posted by jenny (2011-08-28) 5010

I have loved hanna montana ever since i first set my eyes on the show. I am a great actress and all my friends say i am talented. It would be an absolout plessure to be in the show

Posted by Polina Liora Pais (2011-12-26) 5974

hi! my name is sapphire and i want to be an actress and i have always wanted to be on Disney channel since i was 3 please please give me a chance on the show please what ever roll you have i would love to take.

Posted by sapphire (2012-02-16) 6202

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