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About the Show

The family sitcom "Good Luck Charlie" follows the comedic quandary of teenagers Teddy and PJ Duncan and their 10-year-old brother Gabe when they're unexpectedly designated babysitters for the new baby in the house as their mom Amy returns to work as a late shift nurse and dad Bob carries on with his pest-control business. Now, the whole family is involved in raising the baby and it's up to the older kids to come home after school and take charge of young Charlotte (AKA Charlie) all while navigating typical teenage life.

Even the teenagers know that the adorable little bundle of burdens is quite a beautiful addition to the family but with burp cloths in their backpacks and formula stains on their favorite clothes, the Duncan kids have a lot to learn about the comedic chaos this baby can unwittingly create especially when she is mobile, can grasp objects and be generally destructive. Meanwhile, the "new" again parents Amy and Bob quickly relearn everything from existing on two hours of sleep, changing diapers and dodging spit up.

Hard-driving Teddy is determined to juggle her responsibilities to her family with her grades, texting and cell phone chats with friends, all while creating daily video diaries for Charlie to use for advice after Teddy has grown up and moved out. In addition to Teddy's tips on how to withstand the household, they also relate to being a teenager and dealing with friends, boys and school.

Older brother, the easy-going PJ, spends most of his time preoccupied with girls, and with the time he has leftover, he usually practices with his band "PJ and the Vibe" or argues with Teddy about nearly everything.

Mischievous Gabe maneuvers the transition from being baby in the family to what he considers to be the overlooked rank of middle child. He also has an affinity for coming up with unique solutions to the precarious situations he finds himself getting into.

Starring are Bridgit Mendler (recurring guest star on Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place" and guest star on "JONAS") as Teddy Duncan; Leigh-Allyn Baker ("Will & Grace) as Amy Duncan; Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Duncan; Mia Talerico as Charlie Duncan; with Eric Allan Kramer ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "My Name Is Earl") as Bob Duncan; and Jason Dolley ("Hatching Pete," "Minutemen" and "Cory in the House") as PJ Duncan.

The live action comedy series was created by Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen ("Suddenly Susan" and "What I Like About You") and executive-produced by Baker, Vaupen and Dan Staley ("Cheers," "Love & Money"). "Good Luck Charlie" is a production of It's A Laugh Productions, Inc. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.

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Good Luck Charlie Message Board

Welcome to the "Good Luck Charlie" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Good Luck Charlie."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

Im aliyah. I'm hoping to get a role in the shows I find intresting and fun to watch. I would really appreciate it if I get a role (:

Posted by aliyah (2011-01-02) 3638

i love this show

Posted by brenda avalos (2011-03-13) 3853

My name is Sean I am only 13 i am 5'4 and 110 but have tons to offer. I luv the show first of all tho! I have participated my towns theatre plays for 3 years I love to act I am cooperative, and enthusiastic, but I do live in a small town in Vanderhoof B.C there is not alot of opperatunities here in fact none at all it really does suck but I know I have great potential I just need to get noticed. Please, if you think I would have a chance in acting business. It would be my dream.Contact me

Posted by Sean riley (2011-03-27) 3901

i understand that this is hard but i am really into it!!!!i go to acting classes and i love to sing and act!!!this is really all i want to do when i grow up.if i can be on the show it will mean the world to me.i am also in singing lessons.if u are looking for someone just ask me on this website!!!

Posted by PLEASE ASK ME (2011-03-29) 3909

im amanda and i love to act and sing. im a really bad dancer if thats any help to know. i am currently in singing lessons but that doesnt mean i need help with my talent. i have sang in many recitals, weddings, parties, etc. i would really appreciate it if you put me somewhere in the acting business, plz have Bridgit Mendler contact me. thanks. <3 :-)

Posted by amanda (2011-04-27) 4032

I love the show it is one of my favorites and i would love if i could have a role on the show please and thank you

Posted by kayla (2011-04-28) 4050

i love ur show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please let me adition!!!!!!

Posted by Lauren (2011-05-09) 4136

i really want to be an singer and actress nut i want to start out being an actress but i need a start first so please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by kizzona (2011-05-12) 4156

Hi... All I'm asking is to be an extra on your show. I will make my schedule work with yours and do my best to work things out. (yeah ok I really don't know if that made any sense)

Posted by Danielle (2011-05-15) 4197

I love acting all my life and I practice alot of lines on for movies. All I ask is for you to choose me. Or just see how I can act.

Posted by Karissa Kalinoski (2011-05-19) 4261

hello, i just turned 14 about a week ago. i love acting experiances, i have done lots of plays at my school. everyday i wake up, and get on my computer looking for auditions and plays, i would do anything too get just 1 role in this t.v show. i really want to live my dream!!!!!!

Posted by marky (2011-05-30) 4448

Hi, i'm john
I'm 14, im about 5 foot 10in and im just me. I'm a very odd person and i stand out a whole lot. I love special effects makeup, circus performances, acting, and marching band.
i watch good luck charlie every now and then with my little sister, skylar, and she is inlove! with PJ. Personally my favorite is Amy Duncan because she is the craziest but anyways. I can act fairly well, hopefully good enough for the directors standards because i would love to be on the show i dont care if im just some idiot in the corner of the hallway at the school, i'd love it. parts i'm good at are zombies, emos, punks, rockers, foreign people, crazy people, sick people, idiots or retards, teenager, gay dude, ghetto chick, and old person. i hope you read my comment and enjoy it...thx

john <3

Posted by John Owens (2011-05-31) 4460

Hello, My name is Paige, i have watched your show ever since it came out, its an amazing show, and i was hopeing to get a audition, or a spot on the show i love to act, and sing, but not the best at dancing.... Me well, i am strange, but thast just who i am, i adore animals, and love acting, i really hopethat i am one of the lucky few who get a shoot at the big time, i have always wanted to act on T.V. and all i am asking for is a chance please let me know if you need any acting done on the show, i look foward to hearing from you..... I hope you read my comment it would mean alot to me, please consider me!!!... Thank you

P.S: i can do a British, and a French accent, and have some expierence.

Posted by Paige (2011-06-11) 4513

Hello, My name is Kenya, I am a great fan of Good Luck Charlie. I was hoping get an audition and one day be apart of the show, even if it's for only an episode i would be enormously satisfied and thrilled. I'm 17 years old and i really want to commence an acting career, i just hope that this show would give me a start. Thank you.

Posted by Kenya (2011-06-28) 4628

We are brothers who are 6 & 3 years old. We are wanting to become actors/models. We want to do this more than anything. My little brother Lawson says that charlie on Good luck Charlie is pretty and goin be his girlfriend one day. We really want this please help make our dreams come true. We will do what it takes. Thank you for reading this. Our mom helped us write this post.

Posted by Brice and Lawson (2011-07-22) 4779

Hello! My name is Kaylee...I am a fourteen year old girl, and I love to act. I have been in a couple plays. I am skinny and I am about 5 ft. 1...I live in Mesa, Arizona and I love this show...if I was able to get an audition, I would be so happy! Even if I was just an extra, it would be so fantastic...I have always wanted to be on TV and I am hoping that this is my chance! :D Thank You!!! Please contact me if you are interested! :D

Posted by Kaylee (2011-08-03) 4855

hi im kenneth and i want to be in ur show becusei alwas want be a act but myfamilly dose not bellev in me.

Posted by kenneth (2011-08-14) 4921

Hi. I would love to be on the show Good Luck Charlie with Bradley and the others. I would like to be a person starring in that show. Not really big on being an extra but that will be alright too. I would do anything to be on Good Luck Charlie with Bradley. ANYTHING! I'm the same age as Bradley, and my birthday is the same month as him. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Mikayla (2011-08-17) 4943

hi im naudia. i am almost 15(sep. 22, 96) i love ur show i would just love to be on it. my dream is to be an actress. i have acting experience and i was a contract winner in the american mall model search, but i didnt get my pictures in on time. i am usually a presistant person though. i love this show i think it is so funny and just great cause its like so many families

Posted by naudia iannuzzi (2011-09-01) 5030

hey im jasmine. i love your show and all the characters in it. I know im not the 1st to say this but please consider me if you are looking for new cast members. thanxs for your time.

Posted by jasmine waithera (2011-10-23) 5606

I LOVE Good Luck Charlie!!! i am an actor working in Phoenix. I am 13 years old, male, my name is Pierce. I would love to have a part on this show. I live in AZ, but could deffinately fly out to LA! please consider this! :)

Posted by pierce condon (2011-12-03) 5893

OMG! I love this show! Please let me be an extra! I really want to act on an actual tv show.

Posted by Haley (2011-12-09) 5921

Hey everyone !!! I'm Daniella . I really really really REALLY want to be a singer,dancer,and actress. When I sing,dance,and act I get this feeling where I can't help but smile. All my friends say I'm really funny and that I should be an actress. Anyone who heard me sing said I have an amazing voice and I dance like no other. I love "Good Luck Charlie" I would love to be an extra on the show !!! I don't care if it's a really small part, I'll start anywhere. I really love what I do and it would be an honor to be famous and show my talent !!! Please,please,please let me addition !! You won't regret it !! :)

Posted by Daniella (2012-04-24) 6437

hello my name is Emanuel i don't have much experience in the world of show biz but i would love to get started. i have been a few church plays but i don't think that counts very much. i am thirteen i wear glasses i am African American. i would love to be on your show but if not i could love some advice on how to get my acting career jump stated. acting is my passion i really hope you consider me to help my dream become a reality the best of luck goodbye.

Posted by emanuel opara (2012-10-16) 6834

I've always wanted to be famous and to be known
My brother always tried but it didn't work out so I really
Hope I can audition.Give me a email please. Thank You

Posted by Monae Zamagne (2013-08-11) 7263

I want to be a actor and be something good for my family. I act serious and funny and love actung like something else. So please help me make my dream come true.

Posted by kelton cole griffith (2014-10-26) 7506

Hi my name is Andrew Williams I'm 13 yrs old every since I was 6 I wanted to become an actor. I just wish that I can become an actor one day. My mom thinks that I can do it, so does the rest of my family members. I just wish that I can become actor one day so that me and my family would be happy.My favorite TV show is Good luck charlie and Austin and ally and I also like Henry danger.

Posted by Andrew (2018-01-10) 9935

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