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Doctor Who Message Board

Welcome to the "Doctor Who" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Doctor Who."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

They ended the Fourth season.It seems like the finally of the show like it is over ,or something.There is mostly english actors on the show also.The previous storyline is completely over.They seem to have to start out with a new story,or saga.Did they run out of Ideals,or are they just going to start out fresh.

Posted by Rob (2008-08-19) 255

Hey my name is Riana M. Malabed.
My friend intoduced me to this show i got stuck to it
it would mean alot if i were in this show it is one of my dreams.
I think i would be good in it.
thank you for your time.

Posted by Riana M. Malabed (2008-09-08) 339

In response to the previous post: No, Doctor Who is not over. The fourth season has aired, as well as a corresponding Christmas Special. There will be a series of specials airing in 2009 instead of an official fifth season. This will also be the final "series" in which David Tennant appears. He will be replaced in 2010 by Matt Smith.

Posted by Marianne (2009-03-18) 1158

Im doctor who's biggest fan I absolutly love it and being in the show would be something i can't even explain. Im a lively type of girl but if you want me to be like a quiet creepy type of girl and can do thet as well!!!!!

Posted by jodi ecclestone (2009-05-31) 1517

Hem hem.

I know Wikipedia is not the most trusted source, but I saw that it said they will be treating 'Series/Season 5' with Matt Smith as 'Series 1'. Just like the new series from 2005-onwards was.

So, I think they are abandoning most storylines.


Posted by Tyler (2009-12-29) 2406

I'm Carol Wu and I love Doctor Who! and the adventures David Tennant had, but that does not mean Matt Smith won't be as great. I still want to be a part of it as an extra! That is, if the TARDIS somehow shows up in Los Angeles ;)

Posted by Carol Wu (2010-04-04) 2772

I'd love to be a 'native' extra for Dr Who. Being from Germany and a bi-lingual English/German speaker, when they butchered the German (doubly due to the distinct dialect spoken around Nuernberg) in Journeys End, I just thought come on, you could not find *anyone* to play the roles?

Posted by Frank (2010-04-06) 2786

I'm Hollie And I'm 13Years Old Recently I Am Doctor Who's Biggest Fan ;
I Would Love To Be An Extra Or Some Thing Like That
If You Are Looking For AnyOne? I Would Love To Be In My Faverite Show

Posted by Hollie Brown (2010-04-19) 2835

I would really,real;ly,really, like to be on Doctor Who. It's my favorite show in the world. If I was on Doctor Who, I would and do want to play the part of the Doctor's companion

Posted by Christi Evans (2010-05-21) 2980

hi im a fan of doctor who im 18 and i loved david's work from the start of the second season and from that moment on i wanted to be in doctor who i just love the show. To be a extra or background people i would love it .

Posted by Matthew Hayes (2010-07-25) 3246

I wish to be an extra in Doctor Who. I don't care WHO the new Doctor is, I just want to be in the show, working with my utmost favourite character ever!

Posted by Aleasha Folster (2010-10-12) 3429

hey does anybody know how i could get a part in doctor who i know thay have a lot of extras that are my age sind me a reply

Posted by sam smith (2010-10-24) 3445

Hi my name is dylan and i am a huge fan of Doctor who n science fiction. i would also luv 2 b a actor.

Posted by dylan carroll (2010-12-22) 3593

hiya my name is donna i am a huge fan of doctor who and i whatch it every day and i don't miss it i have got a little nit of experience but it's ok i can't lean more sooooo plz plz i would love to be a part of it contact me thank you.!!!!

Posted by donna (2011-04-20) 3986

Hello, my name is Danielle and I am 18 years old. I am a huge fan of doctor and love all the doctors. I have done a bit of preforming in plays and have also done some modelling. It would be great just to appear in the show, thank you for your time.

Posted by Danielle Greaves (2011-06-06) 4484

hey i am a very good impersonater and would love to be apart of the show please contact me i wont let you down

Posted by usman maroof (2011-11-01) 5695

hello my name is Samantha I'm 13 years old . I think i would make an excellent addition to the Doctor who cast because I am a fast learner, I love acting even though I've never
had any real experience other than a school play.I know i would be a good actress because I have vary enthusiastic personality. My favorite genre is fiction/science fiction and my 2 favorite shows are Doctor who and Supernatural.thank you vary much the opportunity to express my interests in a role as a Doctor who cast member.

Posted by samantha flanagan (2012-07-27) 6728

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