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About the Show

Inspired by the top-rated series, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CSI: MIAMI is a drama that follows a South Florida team of forensic investigators who use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes.

Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami. His team includes Calleigh Duquesne, a bilingual Southern beauty with a specialty in ballistics; Eric Delko, an underwater recovery expert who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways; and Ryan Wolfe, a former patrol officer who specializes in blood and trace evidence. Rounding out the team is Natalia Boa Vista, the enigmatic DNA specialist, and Walter Simmons, who has transferred over from the night shift. Helping Horatio with cases is Det. Frank Tripp, a tough yet thorough police officer.

Together, these investigators collect and analyze the evidence to solve the crimes and avenge those who cannot speak for themselves - the victims.

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CSI: Miami Message Board

Welcome to the "CSI: Miami" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "CSI: Miami."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make Actingbiz.com your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

omg!! i luv diz show it iz ssoooooooooooo kool n i luv all da investigation n stuff it it kool n i alwayz wanted 2 b on it itz all mysterious n stuff n not realy scary but kool n i am 14 years old.

Posted by marwa (2008-08-04) 175

Hi my name is Riana M. Malabed, i am 14 years old. I really like this show i would really like to be on this show. this is on of my dreams. i have exprience with acting and i think i would be great for some parts. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Riana M. Malabed (2008-09-08) 340

I love this show. Me and my sister watch it every time it is on. I am 14 years old. I love acting. Can you please give me an extras job? i won't let you down. I have no experience, but i think i would be good at it. Thank you so much!

Posted by Samantha (2008-09-25) 414

I absolutely love this show, especially Horactio. I love t act and I would die to be on this show. I'm an energetic 16 year old with a cute face.

Posted by Stephanie (2008-11-06) 528

Hi my name is alex allbaugh. i am 15 years old. I have aburn color hair and blue eyes. I am 5'10 and my weight is 140 pounds. I think this show is very amazing and it is also so real. If you need an extra that need my characteristics, i would be more than happy to act for you.

Posted by Alex (2008-11-30) 628

hi. i am samantha and i love this show. my favorite person would be H or alex. they rock. i am 13 years old and i hope my dreams come true.

Posted by samantha (2008-12-15) 675

Hi, I'm Brianna. I'm fourteen years old and love to be in the spot light. I've always wanted to be an actress or a model since a young age, but I live in Saskatchewan, and it's not that easy to get started here. I'm willing to travel though. I have been in a few tv shows as an extra; shows like corner gas and canadian crime. I am 5'4", weight 119 pounds, have hazel eyes, long chestnut hair and have a models body. Please help me show the world what I've got. Thank you.

Posted by Brianna (2008-12-30) 731

hello, my name is maite francois. i am 15 years old and attend new world school of the arts for theater. i am a trained actress and would be honored to be cast in this show as it is one of my favorite shows and would be great opportunity as well. please contact me.

Posted by maite francois (2009-01-01) 743

Hi, my name is Karina and I'm 14 years old. I'm Caucasian, 5'3" and I've always wanted to be an actress. I live in Ottawa, ON. I have the looks and the personality to be an actress. I am willing to do whichever part is necessary, whether it be an extra or an actual role. I'll be happy with any role I'm given. I just really want to have this great experience and try being an actress. It's something that I think I have talent for and could deliver my part very well. I'm very outgoing and love camera's and I am very convincing on screen. Please give me a shot. Thanks.

Posted by Karina H. (2009-01-03) 775

hey now let me just say i have never missed a show of csi miami i live in orland florida and when i grow up i want to be a csi agent if im not an actor by then im 5'9, 14 years old and love to make people smile. Horatio is the best. lol. me and my mom love him. i have no prob with being an extra thank you hope i here from you soon!

Posted by zuri (2009-01-17) 891

hey, my name is Todd and i'm 19 years old. I am probably the biggest csi: miami fan ever! i love the show and i love acting. i would love a chance to be on the show. i know i have the looks and the personality to do it. so please, give me a chance. thanks.

Posted by Todd (2009-03-16) 1134

Hey! my name is dara. i absolutely love this show. i would love to be a part of it. i am 15. i have long dark brown hair. i'm 5'5" and have hazel eyes. if you need any extras on the show i feel i would be perfect!

Posted by dara clayton (2009-04-02) 1236

Hi my name is izzi. i am fourteen years old, I have medium lenth dirty blonde hair with green eyes, i'm 5"5 and weigh 120 lb. It is my dream to be a CSI and i absolutely love this show i own all the seasons and i would most definately appreciate the chance to actually be on this show as an extra or anything, and i have great acting skills. Please consider me. Thanx for reading!

Posted by izzi (2009-04-19) 1331

Hi, my name is Deisi Debra Reyes. I live in Dallas TX, I am 19 years old and I love acting. I am a high school graduate and I am currently attending North Lake Community College. Acting has been my dream since I was little. I don't care for the money and I don't care to be on television, I just want an opportunity to work or help out the cast. I just want some type of insight to improve and to pursue my dream in acting. CSI Miami is my favorite show and I would be honor to help out in any way I can. I am honest, helpful, polite, and I am a hard worker. I would just be honor to help out in any way I can. I just want one opportunity to prove you that I can do it. Thank you for taking the time to read and God bless you all.

Posted by Deisi Debra Reyes (2009-06-08) 1559

Hi, my name is Joanna Luc. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. I'm 17 yrs old, 5ft1, and I'm Haitian-American. I love CSI: Miami. I would be a dream come true for me to be on an episode. I could be an extra or anything else that is need on the set. Thank you for reading.

Posted by Joanna Luc (2009-06-15) 1584

my name is caitlin hynes and i live in arizona i love csi it is my all time fave show i have never missed and episode and i watch re-runs all the time. i am 13 years old
skinny tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. i would be honored to be in any party of the show. i am very sporty and weigh 96 pounds i have alwyas wanted to be an actor and i have always dreamed to be on a csi. i hope u consider me!

Posted by caitlin hynes (2009-06-26) 1666

My whole family is a fan of CSI Miami. We actually met an Extra who was flying out to Miami to be in one of your episodes, we talked to him along the way. I remember seeing the episode, he is the murder victim at the begining of the episode. I'm 17, 6"2' dark brown hair, light blue eyes, slight hefty build. I look older than I am.

Posted by Kevin (2009-06-26) 1673

Hello! My name is Scott. I am 15 years of age, I have dark brown hair, and am little over 6 feet tall with an average figure. I look older for my age. Since first watching CSI: Miami a little over a year ago, it has been my favorite show on television. I absolutely love it! The action and adventure that comes with criminal investigation shows interest me, and what better place to host than the beautiful city of Miami. I have always thought that it would be a wonderful experience to carry a role on your show. To be able to meet the amazing cast and have a place on this great show would be a dream come true. I appreciate you taking the time to read my message to you. God Bless.

Posted by Scott (2009-06-27) 1682

hello my name is rasheda i am 14. i would love 2 be on the show. i am 5'4 brown eyes black hair, i look older than my age. thank 4 ur time.

Posted by rasheda (2009-07-02) 1715

My name is Randi and I am 15. I LOVE CSI Miami. i first saw it when i was 13 and ever since then all I have ever wanted was to be on CSI Miami. I just knew that if I could see myself on any show I would want it to be this. CSI Miami is really the first thing that inspired me to start trying to become an actress.

If you hire me you wouldn't be sorry
Thank you for your time.

Posted by Randi (2009-09-30) 2149

I love this show so much! I watch it nearly every week and have pictured myself to be in it since it came out. Please consider me. I love acting more than anything. Thanks sooo much!

Posted by Lila Sidhwa (2009-10-13) 2178

Hi I am 12 years old. I am Brown, Long dark hair. I absolutely LOVE acting. It is my most favorite thing to do in the world. This is also my FAVORITE Show. I always wanted to be an Actress. I know i am young but i have always known i was going to be an Actress someday and if you can make that happen i would be soooo Greatful.

Posted by Nailah H. (2009-11-07) 2259

I love CSI. My mom and i watch it ALL the time. i love crime shows. I am 16 years old and i am 5'5". being on CSI would be so amazing. i love this show because i want to play a character who is a crime scene investigator in the future and this would be an amazing head start. please concider me. thank you! :)

BTW, i have brown hair shoulder length, BIG eyes that change colors.


Posted by Alexa (2009-11-17) 2298

I heard from a friend that there were casting calls, I am 14 years old acting is something I am very capable of. One of the main reasons I would love to be on your show is because I have a passion for CSI, and wish to be a forensic scientist when im older. I am very tall for my age, 5'9, and don't really look my age, i have brown wavy hair, and hazel eyes.

I hope you will consider me to be on your show!
It would be a great honor!

Thank you.

Posted by Emily (2009-11-23) 2323

Hey! My name is Kathleen and i am a HUGE fan of CSI:Miami. I love the show. I have shoulder length brown hair,brown eyes, and im around 5'5 or 5'6. Being an actual role onm the show or just being an extra would be a honor. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kathleen (2009-12-23) 2389

I love Calleigh

Posted by LOVE CALLEIGH (2009-12-23) 2391

Hello, my name is Jordan Connelly and I am 16 years old and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.I'm a dancer and a actor, I have acted in school plays. I acted at MTYP, Acting is really important to me. I'm a very outgoing and funny person. I do the best that I can to follow my dreams. Please help me to to achieve my goal to become a actor. Thank you for your time.

Thank you
Jordan Connelly

Posted by Jordan Connelly (2010-02-11) 2563

I love this show would like to be part of this even if its just a few episodes

Posted by vivian gomez (2010-03-09) 2665

i would like to appear on csi miami im 25 years old i have done school plays and community theatre professonal theatre i got seven seasons of csi miami on dvd i will play any part available thank you Donnie Donahue

Posted by Donnie Donahue (2010-03-14) 2682

hello, my name is samantha and i am 17 years old i live in ballina a small town in new south wales australia. i am highly dedicated to acting and i enjoy watching csi miami with my family everyone is so passionate and dedicated to their characters. i am passionate and dedicated to a full time acting career where i come from there isent much around here when it comes to acting schools and stuff i have thought about registering with gilchrist casting and modelling agency but i am working full time and where i work i just cant drop everything and go to a casting call but i would for acting and have considered everything possible so i can pursue my dreams. i have had two other full time jobs and never really enjoyed them, i did two years of drama at school and then i knew what i wanted to do with my life. i would love to land a role on csi miami to play a full time character as someones daughter or cousin or any other kind of character. i would love to work on tv series in the us and i would put in all my dediction hard work and heart and soul to acting. im not sure what writing this message on here would do whether the director or producer would read it or something but i may as well give it a shot. im just a girl who wants to pursue her career in acting and is never going to give up.
thankz for your time and reading my message. with kind regards samantha staff. :)

Posted by samantha staff (2010-03-24) 2713

Greetings my name is chisha siulapwa, I am 16 years old, African American. I love your shows. And I watch them when I get out of boarding school every day! I've never done any professional acting in my life. But thats my goal. And I'm working hard to get there. This maybe one of many failed attempts to act on this show. Or one of many successful attempts to be a part of your idea. I hope you take me into concideration. Or just pick me. lol. thank you.

Posted by Chisha Siulapwa (2010-03-29) 2738

i LOVE CSI Miami me and my mom stay up all night watching it we even bought like all most every episode it is even my dream to become one one day but i have another dream it is to become an actress my mom doesnt know she'll probably tell me to stick to the real world but if i could just show her that i could be one please just give me a chance to become an actress on this show you wont regreat it i promise i have a passion for acting and i just want to become one and show the world what i can do please just give me a chance.

Posted by Takea M (2010-06-07) 3016

im sorry i failed to show my age im 16.

Posted by Takea M (2010-06-07) 3017

Best show ever!!!! i want to be on it. if im not i'll be really sad :(

Posted by Brianna (2010-06-14) 3031

Hi Im a thirty yr old non-union upcoming actor I've been on few low budget indy films also I've been on burn notice season episode 410 season 4. Basically I'am lokking for more exposure and experience.
I have resume with pixs if interested

Posted by jeremiah (2010-06-20) 3049

hi guys i have been whatching your show for ovr three years know and i have loved it. It has always been a dream of mine to part of one your crimes. i am 14 years and it would be a life changing experience for me. i have been trying to get on some tipe of show or movie for a while know and im hoping that this could be my chance.
Thans bye.

Posted by dalton (2010-08-16) 3310

I love this show. I have always liked this show. I like the myseries. And the crime scenes are amazing. it is like they are really. The reason why I would like to be on it is I would like to search and investigate a crim scene no matter if it is fake or real. Please hear this message and plase contact me if there is an open area to get in. I would love to be on your show.

Posted by Dawn (2010-10-10) 3426

My name is Joseph "Meaty" Alu, Jr. and I am interested in being an extra or playing a part in your show. I have my resume and comp card I can send to you. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Posted by Joseph (2010-11-08) 3477

Hello my name is Chelsea, this is my favorite show of all time. Ever since I was old enough to understand this show I wanted to be on it. I am interested in being an extra or playing a part in this show.Being an extra would be great but playing a part would mean the world to me. I am 13 have brown hair and brown eyes, I'm very skinny, and respect people older than me. I have acted one infront of a small class at my school and the day before we acted infront of out class my throat had started to hurt very much but I still spoke loud enough for the class to hear me ans we got 100%. If there is any part in your show please contact me.
Thankyou have a nice day.

Posted by Chelsea Winters (2010-12-10) 3550

i would love to be on CSI Miami. i have got every single season on DVD. i also have done alot of community theatre, school plays, a short budget movie, musicals, and shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. i have been an actor since i was 17 years old. i also got 8 years of schooling and trianing to be an actor.

Posted by Donnie Donahue (2011-01-08) 3660

best csi besides vegas csi...

Posted by Robert (2011-03-11) 3848

Hi, I'm Isabella! I'm 14 years old but I can look a lot older. CSI:Miami is my favorite show in the world! I would love to be able to be on it! I love all the characters/actors and would love the opportunity to be on the show. It would really be a dream come true!

Posted by Isabella (2011-03-14) 3860

Hi, I'm Jon. I'm 16 turning 17, I like to just have fun with everything I do, if it's acting (or fooling someone for a joke *parking authority*) I put alot if not all of my emotion into it. I do get nervous and take a short time to get comfortable but once I get going I can't be stopped.

Posted by Jonathan (2011-03-17) 3870

hiya my name is Donna im 19 years old im from bournemouth i've got dark red hair, brown eyes i love the show csi is the best crime ever seen i would love to be one off the characters i love acting i have a little bit of experience and i be up for anything and lean new thing pleases contact me let me no thank you.

Posted by donna (2011-04-20) 3985

omg.........this show is definately the business. and i love it so much. i dream of acting a part in this show well i am 16. 17 on june 22

Posted by JESSICA (2011-06-10) 4501

Hi my name is Alex and I love this show! I can act any part and make it really good. I am 16, but look 18. I have lots of experience.

Posted by Alex Spark (2011-06-16) 4532

Hi, My name is Francesca and I am currently living in Phoenix AZ. My mother works in California, so we fly back and forth to visit her and other family. Meaning I would be available for any auditions. My hieght is 5'2, I have long brown hair, and brown eyes. Other than acting I have a big passion for singing. This would be a true honor to work on this cast. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Francesca (2011-06-28) 4624

Hi, my name is Christina i am currently living in Ireland, i am 19 years old and id love and oppertunity to be part of this show as i love it, i watch every episode and even buy the box sets, i am 5,3 and long black hair, light tanned and green eyes, I am fun, and outgoing, I would love a chance in this cast, hope to hear from you soon :) Christina

Posted by Christina Nikita Duffy (2011-09-11) 5092

my is anthony blackmon i am 19 years old, im an extra thats all i know

Posted by anthony blackmon (2011-10-01) 5218

Seeking an interview / audition for CSI Miami. I live in Central Florida (Mt Dora). 59 years old seasoned look. wt: 230lbs. in shape. grey hair full head. green eyes. white mustache.

Posted by Kenneth Van Valkenburg (2011-10-07) 5244

hello, i am carlotti from miami florida, i am looking to be an extra in CSI: Miami, by the way THIS SHOW ROCKS>>>> CSI: Miami

Posted by Carlotti J. Mac-Castagneto (2011-10-13) 5302

i've always wanted to be on the show as an extra or potiential bad girl. i love haratio.

Posted by parker (2012-04-11) 6400

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