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About the Show

"Burn Notice," is the sexy smash hit starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy who finds himself stranded in sun-soaked Miami.

The action-packed season four commences with a new counterintelligence expert, Jesse Garcia, played by Coby Bell ("Third Watch"), who loves to fight bad guys just as much as Michael does. Heating up the night with our hot undercover agent are Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), the beautiful ex-IRA operative and ex-girlfriend of Michael; Sam (Bruce Campbell), our favorite washed-up military intelligence muscle; and Michael's mother (Emmy Award-winner Sharon Gless), who is one tough cookie herself.

"Burn Notice" was created and is written and executive produced by Matt Nix. Mikkel Bondesen and Jeff Freilich also serve as executive producers. The series comes from Fox Television Studios and Fuse Entertainment.

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Burn Notice Message Board

Welcome to the "Burn Notice" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Burn Notice."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make Actingbiz.com your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

I'm 26 and currently enrolled at the John Casablancas school for acting in Nashville, TN. I'm Looking for shows to be envolved. Please send me any info you can to help me further my process with you guys! thanks!

Posted by Derek (2008-09-17) 377

Hey Derek man, if you really want to further your process or your career in acting then please leave John Casablancas.

Posted by Charles (2008-10-21) 494

I have been marriedd for 26 years and we are still together, if that isn't acting I don't know what is. I have a very diverse background and there isn't much I havn't done. I am in the medical profession and am looking to play a part in Burn Notice this spring. Former military, law enforcement, industrial maintenance technician for 17 years, father, scuba diver, emt, heavy equipment operator, and an BURN ICU Nurse at the moment. I have Worked hard all my life and now I am looking for a new challenge and opportunity. Almost totally debt free and Financially secure in a time of want and woe...

Love to aggrivate people and always quick with word or come back, but always willing to help even if it costs me in the long run; after all I have much more than I deserve.


Posted by Danny (2008-12-11) 654

This show is AWSOME and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play a role on here.. like. If you do a scene where Mike goes back to being 18ish or somewhere around that age. Kinda like looking back at how he became the assassin. I know i may not be top pick for this one, after reading the past comments. But im willing to give it a shot if you are. =)

Posted by Mike Todd (2009-03-02) 1076

My name is Jessica and I have been watching Burn Notice ever since it came out and i really love the show. It would be amazing to be on it. I am 13 years old, I turn 14 in September 2009 and I'm in 8th grade, soon to be freshman. I live in Iowa and i really want to act and model. I don't care if i don't have a line or not I just really want a part. I'm a committed, caucasian girl, physically fit and I'm 5' 7". I have brunette hair, (used to be blonde, but open to changing) and I have blue-ish green eyes. I'm most definentally not camera shy, I like becoming a character and taking pictures, and just being a teenage girl, but I'm also very responsible for my actions. I've been a model ever since I was 6 and I love it, but I want to do both modeling and acting. My hobbies are sports, dancing, reading, listening to music, acting, watching t.v./movies, taking pictures, hanging out with my friends, and much more. I just really want to act and I would love getting a part. I haven't done much acting at all, but you have to start somewhere, and I just really want to act. I'll take the part you offer me wether its a role or an extra.

Posted by Jessica L. (2009-05-08) 1431

I'm 30 and I work as a Correctional Officer from Ft. Pierce, FL who is really looking to try something different. I've allways had an interest in TV/Film and stared in a Jetsons commercial in 2001 just to try it out. I've never had the oppertunity to catch one episode because of my hours I appologize, but when heard that it was a crime show set in Miami I was motivated to give you guys a shout. what ever role or part I don't care I'LL TAKE IT!! P.S. I WILL catch the first episode on June. Thank you.

Posted by Reggie Jackson Doe (2009-05-10) 1436

I LOVE this show. I am probably too young to star in it but it would be absolutely AMAZING if I could. I've acted since I was 4 years old and I've done many roles, form the good guy, to the bad guy. I LOVE to read spy novels, mostly realistic ones, except for the occasional James Bond. I thought it would be cool if there was an assassin but he was still a teen, I've read a lot of books on detective work and many criminals actually use kids because they aren't as suspicious, for example if a grown man came to your house and said he was cold and starving you probably wouldn't let him in but if there was a kid who said he was cold and starving you would let him in probably. You see where I'm going with this but yeah, just a thought.

Posted by Kyle (2009-05-25) 1491

This show is amazing and awesome! Is it possible to just watch a taping on location of the show? I have no acting skills whatsoever, so I am not looking to be cast in any episode. I would just like to get a behind the scenes look at how my all-time favorite show is made!

Posted by jennifer (2009-05-27) 1505

i love the show i know every thing about it. and i would like to maybe get a audtion if i could i am 16 years old and i want to be an actor and i practice my acting every peolpe say that i look alot older than 16 i just would like to know about audutions and if you would like i can send you a recent picture of my self please e-mail me and let me know.

Posted by Luke herbst (2009-06-15) 1581

Hey , I'm Courtney! This is my all time Favorite show and I would love to have a part in it!! Doesn't matter what part, whether speaking or not, I don't care. I am only 14 so I havn't had much learning experience except a few classes and camps. I know I am not giving you much to work with and I don't have a lot of experience but thought I should cross my fingers and give it a try! Love the show!
- courtney
P.S. I live in El Dorado Hills, CA (near L.A. and sacromento)

Posted by Courtney Tackett (2009-07-06) 1724

This is a great show; I would love to have an opportunity to star in one of the shows. I think the show speaks to a person like me because I'm always fighting for the little guy. I have 20 years of martial arts training, was in the Marine Corps. I'm not as smart as Michael Wilson or aka Michael Weston but have been compared to them in some situations. The fun part for me is that I'm a computer geek with the build of a football player. Keep up the good work and I will continue to watch. As for getting a role, I'll see what I can do.

Posted by Dan (2009-07-06) 1727

I love Burn Notice! Got to love our Spy Guys and Gals! And they get to play with the fun toys! LOL! I've been an extra in a boxing movie where I was in the crowd cheering during the boxing match and also a jury member in a Christian film. I must say that I had a blast being an extra. None of the movies had "famous" people in them, but it was really cool to watch how things were shot. Man, would it would be too cool to be an extra on Burn Notice! Kudos to the ones that have gotten to be!

Posted by Laura Shoemake (2009-07-17) 1785

I've always dreamed of being in burn notice even when I first saw the show! i am 14 years old and would love to be anything in burn notice even if it means starting as an extra i don't care! I love acting! I am in DI which is a drama/challenge club I'm in through school. Our challenge we had to do this year was to make a skit in 30mins with props and everything to put on in front of judges and an audience. The judges passed us through regionals, state, and we made it to globals in Knoxville,TN! I hope you have me in your show!!!!

Posted by Audrey (2009-07-21) 1804

Hello, ...... and congratulations on your many successes and most recently Burn Notice...it is so much fun to watch............I've been a SAG actress in L.A., however, after being there several years, my Mom became ill in Florida and I wanted to return to be with her. I'm so happy I did; she passed away 2 years later. Ft. Lauderdale was my childhood home. I was fortunate enough to represent Florida in the Miss America Pageant. I've always loved acting and began in Children's Little Theater in Ft. Lauderdale. Currently I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Naples and work in the high end market. I have always been cast as "upscale". I look forward to visiting your agency in Miami with the hope of filling an acting position that would be benificial to us both. Again, congratulations on your years of success. I actually think I auditioned through your agency for a Tide commercial back in 1987. Regards, Kate Dunn

Posted by Kate Dunn (2009-08-01) 1874

Whats going on? Not too sure what needs to be placed here. As someone that works for the government and plays the role as such Im wouldnt mind taking a trip to the set of burn notice. I doubt anyone here can help me more than pointing me in the right direction. Where do I want to go?

Posted by Scott (2009-08-06) 1897

how would I go about trying to ba an extra for burn notice? I live in miami.

Posted by nathalie fletcher (2009-08-24) 2002

i love this show i will love to act on it one day

Posted by sadat (2009-09-17) 2094

im a big fan of Burn notice Im male 23 hispanic
i dont mind being a badguy, a good guy, neutral, or even an extra
but i would love to be a part of this show. the stile is so adventurous and
cunning i love their acting and the scripts.

Posted by cruz garcia (2009-10-09) 2164

Hi, I am Sierra and Burn Notice is my favorite show. It would be my dream to have a part in Burn Notice. So far I have been to modeling schools, modeling competitions, and have done extra work on a few movies and I am really trying to get my foot in the door. I do not have a lot of experience acting, but find it comes naturally for me. I am caucasian with brown hair and hazel eyes. I am 5'5'' and 125lbs.

Posted by Sierra Veazey (2009-10-13) 2174

Hello my name is Jared Charles i am 12 years old i have auditions for alot of plays and got in all of them including a musical and i am in drama club and i actualy want to be a spy in real life but it is a once in a lifetime oppertunity that im taking a shot at try to contact me back at this email

Posted by Jared charles (2010-06-25) 3072

My name is Kate and I have been watching Burn Notice for a long time. I am 13 years old, blonde hair, blue and gold eyes, 5'6 ( i think) and physically fit. I am not camera shy and i have even come up with my own burn notice episode before. My neighbors and i make videos by ourselves a lot and we have fun. I would love to be on this show. I took 2 years worth of classes at Stages. I became quite close with some of the people i worked with.

Posted by Kate (2010-08-29) 3330

oh yeah i forogt to add i am from Missouri, but my family is willing to travel wherever we need to for this. they know how important this is to me. Please email me when ever
here is some stuff about me:

Whitfield School St. Louis, Missouri
Ellisville Elementary St. Louis, Missouri

Stages St Louis St. Louis, Missouri

Special Skills and Abilities:
Able to do front handsprings, flips, back bend, cartwheel, handstand and play field hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf and swim team.

Posted by Kate (2010-08-29) 3332

My name is Chase Dalton and I am very interested in the show mainly because of Bruce Campbell...you better know him as Sam Axe. Bruce Campbell was my inspiration for an acting career and I am very excited to get any part I can. I do make small role independent films with my friends whom I grown up with and Cali is where we are head for as we got accepted to a film college...but I would love to be on the show if I had that chance that every struggling actor deserves.

Posted by Chase (2010-12-07) 3542

Hey, my names John Zayas, I'm a Hispanic male that likes to be in front of the camera and in the center of attention. I'm funny and can make just about anyone smile. I can be serious as well. I'm out-going and being shy is the total opposite of who i am. i figured you can use me as a character seeing that I'm Hispanic and the show does take place in Miami. I have a hard work ethic and love to get everything perfect, so let me know if you need someone like me.

Posted by John (2010-12-09) 3547

Hey, my names Phil C, I'm a white male that hates to be in front of the camera and in the center of attention. I'm not funny and can't make anyone smile. I'm never serious. I'm not out-going and very shy is the totality of who i am. i figured you can use me as a character seeing that I'm white and the show does take place in Miami. My ethics are 'In' but love getting into trouble, so let me know if you need someone like me. ;)

Posted by Phil C (2010-12-09) 3549

My name is Samantha M. I am a 14 year old caucasian female, 5'0" and slender with long brown hair and hazel eyes. I have a background in school and church theater, am currently in my second year of French and have a knack with accents. I used to dance ballet and am extremely flexible. I have a background in pageants, so I am comfortable with public speaking and crowds.
I have a webcast with my best friend in which we perform various improv comedy skits. I would love a chance to try television acting. Headshots are available upon request.

Posted by Samantha M (2011-01-19) 3715

My name is Havash 30 ears old . Bachelors degree in economics and master's in marketing . would love to try my self in Burn Notice ) I live in Finland but planning to move soon , to the USA
so, wish me luck )

Good luck everyone !

Posted by Havash (2011-02-05) 3769

My experence is life itself I require only the opportunity to prove myself. Reside in Miami. Desire to share myself with the population of the world. Burn Notice would be relatively desirable.

Posted by james wheetley aka Noah (2011-03-23) 3886

I'm Kelley from Boca Raton FL, I'd love to increase my experience with film and TV acting. I'm 19. I'm currently enrolled at FSU and I'm studying business management, and my dream and goal in life is to pursue acting and make it my career.

Posted by Kelley Miles (2011-07-08) 4685

Hi! My name is Mackenzie and I LOVE Burn Notice! My family and I watch it every Thursday night! It is my dream to be able to be on the show! I'm 13 years old, 5' 6", with brown hair and brown eyes, and I live in California. I have been involved in community theater since the age of 4 and I am ready to start to look at television type jobs :) I would LOVE to be on the show as one of the kidnapped children, or even just an extra! Please consider contacting me at the email given! I am willing to work and will do anything! Thank you! :)

Posted by Mackenzie Jackson (2011-12-09) 5923

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