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Brilliant and driven neurosurgeon Dr. Megan Hunt had it all, or so she thought. As the first female Head of Neurosurgery at a prominent Philadelphia university hospital, she never appreciated how the demands of her profession were taking a toll on her personal life until her husband divorced her and she lost custody of their then seven-year-old daughter. Still reeling from this emotional trauma, Megan soon suffered a physical one, a car accident that left her with a condition called paresthesia -- random attacks of numbness and cramping of her hands. Tragically, this condition failed to manifest itself until Megan's first trip back to the operating room. She lost control of her instruments and her patient died on the table. Megan's life as a neurosurgeon was over.

Five years later Megan has found a new life as a Medical Examiner. Although she's no longer in the business of fixing what's wrong with living patients, she's still instinctively drawn to finding out what killed her dead patients and uncovering who was responsible and why. As she pursues the answers, the bodies of the dead provide the clues. The body is, in effect, the proof. And with her unique blend of smarts, instinct and a warehouse of medical knowledge, she can read a body like nobody else.

Megan can also ruffle feathers like nobody else. In her new career she has already developed a reputation for flouting convention and blurring the lines between the Medical Examiner's Office and the Police Department. Dr. Kate Murphy, Megan's boss, sympathizes to a degree. As Philadelphia's first female Chief Medical Examiner, Kate didn't get where she is without ruffling a few feathers herself. She hired Megan for her expertise and the results she could bring to the job. But Megan's unconventional way of doing things presents Kate with an ongoing dilemma. Megan is brilliant but also polarizing. How much should Kate rein her in?

Megan's partner is Medical Investigator Peter Dunlop. A former cop, he doesn't hesitate to tell her the hard truths about her work style. And he's invaluable as a bridge between the Medical Examiner's Office and the Police Department.

Also frequent contacts at work are Dr. Ethan Gross, whose boyish, geeky ways Megan finds endearing, as well as Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Curtis Brumfield. It is Megan to whom Curtis is constantly trying to prove his medical chops.

Detective Bud Morris is an old school cop and finds Megan's Sherlock Holmes-like ways exasperating, but he can't deny her effectiveness. His partner, Detective Samantha Baker, is eager and bright. She possesses a quiet respect for Megan's input, even if her partner doesn't.

Death is a fact of life. The irony is, death has brought new life to Megan Hunt. As she investigates what happened to her patients, she finds their lives and the lessons they hold are in a way a bequest to her, to learn from them what she can and to apply to her own personal journey of redemption and forgiveness. In return, Megan is determined to get them justice.

"Body of Proof" stars Dana Delany stars as Dr. Megan Hunt, Geoffrey Arend as Dr. Ethan Gross, Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop, John Carroll Lynch as Detective Bud Morris, Windell D. Middlebrooks as Dr. Curtis Brumfield, Jeri Ryan as Dr. Kate Murphy and Sonja Sohn as Detective Samantha Baker.

The series is created by Christopher Murphey and executive-produced by Murphey, Matthew Gross, and Sunil Nayar. "Body of Proof" is produced by Gross Entertainment and ABC Studios.

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Welcome to the "Body of Proof" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Body of Proof."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

Dana Delaney has a proven track record for emmy award winning performances. I am confident this show "Body of Proof" will show case her amazing talent. I have admired Ms. Delaney and followed her career for years, and am excited to see her in a starring role. Especially glad to see her with the ABC Family.

Ms. Delaney, cast and ABC.. Thank You. From a single (now) fifty year old woman, who for years used the pretense of her inability to program a VCR as a excuse not to miss Saturday Night Live, when asked out on dates by men I knew had no future with, could not keep up the lie. Saturday Night Live fell short over the years, and Tvo made it impossible to keep up the sharad. I Can now have a valid reason. ABC>> Body of Proof. Look forward to your up coming season premier..

Posted by Margo (2011-03-24) 3890

The concept and story lines are good in this program (The Good Wife is better), but I really wonder what the writers/directors are thinking when they design a character who works murder scenes, and in an autopsy lab, wearing tight-fitting, low-cut, high-hemmed, designer clothes and spiked heel shoes with extended toes, and loose, long hair (that would get down into the blood and body fluids and contaminate a crime scene). Give us just a TINY bit of reality here. Do you think we're stupid? Delaney is a good actor, and I can see her getting dressed up for an evening out, but when she's at work, she should look like she really DOES work. Even a surgeon wouldn't wear clothing, shoes and flowing hair like that. Come on.

Posted by wornstones (2011-04-05) 3929

Where is officer bud Morris? Haven't seen him in last two episodes

Posted by geri (2011-04-19) 3979

Who is the designer and name of the purple dress Dana is wearing in the next episode?

Posted by Lori Rogge (2011-04-23) 3996

I can send you more informations about me about my acting experience and professional pictures of me.
Name: Alessia Raschella
Age: 16 ( look like 18 )

Posted by Alessia Raschella (2015-12-21) 7609

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