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Boardwalk Empire

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Boardwalk Empire Message Board

Welcome to the "Boardwalk Empire" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Boardwalk Empire."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

i would love to be apart of Boardwalk Empire as a series Regular i have done alot of school plays and community theatre since i was 17 years old almost a decade into theatre if you guys have a part for me i would love to be on this show Thank you Donnie Donahue

Posted by Donnie Donahue (2011-02-01) 3762

I'm a African American Male Height 5'9 Weight is 230lbs Clean cut and is interested in acting on BOARDWALK EMPIRE. I know that if given the chance with a role on the series It would be a great benefit to the cast and also the series. Thank You in advance Roy L. Bryant

Posted by Roy Bryant (2011-10-08) 5252

I love Boardwalk Empire! I think it stays true to the time frame and stylings of the early prohibition period. Steve Buscemi is one of my favorite actors of all time, and I think his finesse and charisma is ideal for this role. I have acting experience like all the rest, but I harbor no indulgences that a hollywood recruiter will read this message post and make me a star. Having said that, i'd love a chance to be a character in this show, or in any for that matter. I will continue to watch Boardwalk Empire because of its style, rawness, and its beautiful direction.

Posted by Alex Massey (2011-10-19) 5567

The storyline has changed dramatically and I want to know why Jimmy Darmody was killed. Was Michael Pitt afraid of being typecast? I can only wonder where it's going now. Will his mother play a part in reviving the family alongside Richard Harrow? My guess is that Richard will take vengeance without fear.

Posted by David Brayshaw (2011-12-15) 5940

Im from Si Newyork 45 yrs old a very much would like to try out for a part in the series I'm not an actor just an unknown looking to take a shot hey you never know could be next big thing

Posted by John deross (2012-05-01) 6460

Looking for any roll or part to fill in very talented

Posted by James edward williams (2012-11-07) 6910

Gyp was the only person who didn't see how ridiculous he was! This was a great actor playing a violent but actually very funny character. I have no idea why the wonderful writer ruined his character on the finale. His personality changed in an unbelievable and not so well written dialogue. My opinion: the series is a 10 out of 10; some episodes are much better than others; December 2 finale was a B -- overall this is the Best acting and writing . . . I will miss Gyp!!!

Posted by Clem (2012-12-04) 7003

Seems like the whole format's changed this year for the worse. Please MORE Nucky, his brother, the Chicago gangsters and Margaret and please LESS of the night club soap opera. The latter story line has consumed so much of the show I feel like I'm watching Treme instead of Boardwalk Empire...just saying!

Posted by j. (2013-11-25) 7296

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