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About the Show

AMERICAN IDOL returns to celebrate its 10th anniversary in January 2011. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, television's No. 1 hit series empowers contestants and viewers to share their voices in deciding who will be America's next singing superstar. This new season promises to deliver amazing, undiscovered talent with plenty of surprises along the way.

Every year, tens of thousands of hopefuls from across the nation audition for a shot at stardom. The show's judges travel across the country in search of the next AMERICAN IDOL. They winnow down the competitors to a select group of semifinalists who sing their hearts out each week in front of a studio audience and television viewers.

The judges have their say after every performance, but it's the viewing public that determines who will advance to the next round of competition and who will go home. Voting via telephone and text-messaging begins immediately after each performance show, and the results are announced during the following night's broadcast.

Eventually the competition is narrowed down to two finalists who compete for a major recording contract and the AMERICAN IDOL title. Past winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze, as well as fan-favorites Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry, have all become household names and made their mark on the recording industry.

Emmy Award-winning AMERICAN IDOL is created and executive produced by Simon Fuller, Founder, 19 Entertainment; and executive-produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; Ken Warwick, Executive Producer, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; and Nigel Lythgoe, President, Big Red 2 Entertainment.

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American Idol Message Board

Welcome to the "American Idol" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "American Idol."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

ohmygolly! i love american idol:) and when i turn 16 me and my best bud are going to audition together! were going to audition texas probably! p.s. my friend is a loser....hahahahah

Posted by Jess (2009-02-04) 967

Holy santa clause crap this show is amazing. i watch it every year! Me and my one of my best friends is going to come with me when we are 16!:)
we are going to audition seperately... and p.s.She is a sucky dancerr.

Posted by Kassie Gann (2009-02-04) 968

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! My friend and I are going to audition together!!! PS I DONT THINK MY FRIEND SUCKS PPS YOU GUYS ARE RUDE TO SAY THAT

Posted by Kailey (2009-02-19) 1029

i love the show i think Allison will win or adam hes good 2
when im 16 i am going to audition but im 11 now so ull have to wait till 2014!!!
alison m
i also like matt

Posted by Alison (2009-04-25) 1346

Man i wanna be on ur show so bad but the next season starts like 2 weeks b4 my 16 bday. man that suks but i can try next year. lol i luvv ur show though. gonna miss paula but ellen will be a bomb new judge.

Posted by Nichelle (2009-09-21) 2113

i love this show ! and i actually won a talent show for my singing :) i have to audition in two years though since im almost 14 lol.

Posted by Jalize (2009-11-13) 2283

I want to be on American Idol. I think i am a good singer I would like to see for myself.... Thanks

Posted by Devin Davis (2010-01-03) 2427

This show ROCKS!! I love this show!! I'm not a good singer at all! Thats why I plan on acting! I'm good at that!! lol But i'm watching the 2010 season right now and my favorite was Alex Lambert but he went home. So my second fav is now my new fav. It' Tim!! I also like Lee!! He's really good too!!

Posted by KaSandra Jackson (2010-03-12) 2675

hey, I am going to be the next american idol in 2014 I still need a lot of training.

Posted by elizabeth (2010-04-03) 2770

Hey, my friends. I'm come from Houston, Texas. I also hope that i am going to be the next american idol in 2018. Now, i'm student for Columbia University, i'm very study hard, i'm hope my class very well.

Many years ago, a american idol is my target, so that i hard study, and improve my skills. Today, i saw a very good movie, it called Nip Tuck dvd boxset. Nip/Tuck is an American drama created by Ryan Murphy which aired on FX in the United States. The series focuses on McNamara/Troy, a plastic surgery practice, and follows its founders, Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. Each episode typically involves the cosmetic procedures of one or more patients, and also features the personal and professional lives of its main cast.

The show began in 2003, and the sixth and final season started airing October 14, 2009, and concluded the series on March 3, 2010, with the 100th episode. While the show was initially set in Miami, at the end of the fourth season the practice was relocated to Los Angeles and many of the characters have followed. The show has won a Golden Globe and an Emmy, as well as critical praise and controversy, often surrounding the frank depictions of themes such as violence, sexuality, recreational drug use, and surgical procedures. The third season finale became the most watched scripted program in the history of FX. Series creator Ryan Murphy has said that the medical cases on the show are "90 percent based on fact".

Posted by steve tan (2010-04-06) 2789

Hi my name is taylor and ever since i was a little girl i have wanted to be an actress, because i find that i can take all of my trubls and emotions and put it into my acting and make it my own. i have been told many of times that i have a gift that many people dont have because i can do these things. when i was 12 i was taken away from my mom and my sisters and they went to foster homes and i went to my dads whom i had never met before. my sisters would have came with me but we all have differant fathers. that was in north carolina but then we moved right hear to iowa i am now 16. so as you can see i do probalby have a lot of fellings and emotions to put in my singing. singing is my pasion.

Posted by Taylor Walters but everyone calls me bella (2010-04-20) 2842

I wish Katie didnt leave she was the best! I want Big Mike to win it all!

Posted by Madison (2010-04-21) 2851

Please tell me when auditions are going to be held in NYC because I really really want to try out...

Posted by Khaasanah Nova (2010-07-17) 3212

i love this show

Posted by tommy no (2010-07-19) 3229

Hey , My Name is Quentanett Tidwell. I Have Always Wanted To Act On This Show , I am a quick learner, Energetic And Willing to make change.
Pleases Give Me A Chance !!!!!

Posted by Quentanett Tidwell (2011-01-15) 3699

ha i cant sing i just want to say 2 things love the show and HI

Posted by Robert Bronaugh (2011-06-27) 4623

I love sining and im a great singer

Posted by Terri Narmi (2012-03-01) 6273

There hasn't been a peep about the judges yet.I'm not sprurised there will be another season. I'm expecting another 4-5 seasons. The show wins its time slots every night so as long as it's making gobs of $$ then FOX will continue to renew it.Now for the judges, if JLo really goes off and does her Latin "The Chosen" show and recovers her fumbled music career then she may decide she doesn't have time for American Idol 2012. But I'd expect Tyler and Jackson to be back for sure (just anticipation, not fact based).

Posted by Nora (2012-03-13) 6315

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