Controlling Minds

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Tampa, Florida, United States


Act in a short Kids/YA YouTube film named "Controlling Minds" It's about a girl named Madeline Hines, that, through an accident, is provided the capability to control people's minds. A villain named Dilla craves that power so she could rule the world. It's up to Madeline and her best friends Naomi and Rose to save the world. But can they?

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Madeleine Hines

Female, 13 to 17
Main character: Madeleine Hines (13-15yrs)

- Extremely loyal and will do anything for their friends/family
- Has been wearing the same friendship bracelet for three years

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Naomi Klein

Female, 13 to 17
Naomi Klein:
Often looks sloppy.
Believes that they're the reincarnation of some famous person that died long ago.
Uses big words to impress listeners.
Is very intelligent
Super stubborn and will never admit when they’re wrong

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Rosemary Morrison

Female, 13 to 17
Rosemary Morrison (13-15yrs)
- Consistently wears a head or hair accessory.
- Doesn’t eat their greens/vegetables.
- Often breaks out into a dance when they win anything.
- Bites/chews their lips.
- Pushes up their glasses constantly.

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Dilla Lewis

Female, 18 to 25
Villain: Dilla Lewis (13+)
- Has a hard voice.
- Has a devious/evil-sounding laugh.
- Grunts for 'yes', snarls for 'no', shrugs for 'maybe'.

Other Characters:  (Submit to this Role)

Mom: (30+))
- Has perfectly manicured nails.
- Is respectful.

Love interest: Kyle Woodard (13-15yrs)
- Is very kind.
- Is ambidextrous (can write, draw, etc with both hands).
- Is easily impressed.

Assistant: (13+)
- Helps Dilla

Mean Girls:

Kristie Ponce (13-15yrs)
- Has a different hairstyle every day.
- Is very fit.

Stacey Hebert (13-15yrs)
- Speaks with a high pitched voice when nervous, scared, etc.
- Is an idiot.
- Relates everything to a fable or allegory.

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