Virtually in Love

Union & Non-Union
Full Pay
Los Angeles, California, United States


“Virtually in Love” is a film that takes place in the near future. Dennis and most of the world rely on operating systems to guide them while dating, but when Dennis realizes his operating system can only help him so much, Dennis must decide if he can live life on his own or not.

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Male, 26 to 39
Dennis is a web designer who has no idea how to talk to women (or anyone) without the help of his operating system. He has trouble with social interaction and depends on his O.S. to function in all areas of his life. When he is left to his own devices, he panics and is rude without understanding how he makes others feel. (LEAD)

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Operating System (O.S.)

Male, 26 to 39
[VOICE ONLY] The O.S. guides Dennis through online dating with an even, neutral tone and suggestions that help him follow societal norms. The voice is formal and impressive, and it helps Dennis refine the persona he shows to the world. (LEAD)

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Female, 26 to 39
Ariel is a fun-loving, free-spirited young woman who is confident enough to interact with others without the help of an operating system. She goes on a rare in-person date with Dennis and is disappointed with his rudeness. She tries to keep the conversation going before eventually getting fed up and leaving. (SUPPORTING)

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Female, 26 to 39
Maddie is as dependent on her O.S. as Dennis is in the beginning, but when their text conversation goes well, she surprises Dennis by requesting to speak using audio. When Dennis proves to be incapable of talking without his O.S., she ends the date and declines another. (SUPPORTING)

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Male or Female, 26 to 39
The waiter serves Dennis and Ariel on their in-person date.

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Restaurant Extras. Other restaurant-goers who are glued to their devices throughout their meal.

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