City of Ghosts

Union & Non-Union
No Pay
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States


The city has been taken over by spirits, and there were four still left alive. Surviving in the woods, living off of what they can and hiding from murderous spirits, the four teenagers find themselves having the same horrifying dreams with the same horrifying man, the man they suspect to be the cause of it all.

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Male, 13 to 17
Lucas is the main character. He is kind of the leader of the group and does a lot of the fighting scenes. He’s a complex character, trying not to succumb to a dark and murderous side. He is also a humor character with toughness and a lot of swearing.

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Male, 13 to 17
Aridan is the villain, the one who took over the city. He is dark, but has a strange charm about him. The key to this character is his slyness and his ability to manipulate minds and intentions. He spends the majority of this story effortlessly getting into peoples heads. Most villains try to overpower someone to defeat them, but his style is more intricate. He learns about his prey, and lets his words do the talking. Often his opponents destroy themselves without him having to lift a finger.

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Female, 13 to 17
Alyssa is the rational one of the group. She is observative, quick on her feet, and clever. She is also very mature for her age, and catches on to things more quickly than others.

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Female, 13 to 17
Kelra is Aridan’s right hand woman. She is considered his temporary general, and has been tasked with capturing the four teenagers. She is slick, manipulative and very evil.

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Male, 13 to 17
Oligark is the ghost that reveals Aridan's plans for the main characters.

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Spirit 1, Spirit 2, Spirit 3, Spirit 4, Spirit 5, Spirit 6.

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