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How to Write an Actor's Resume
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by David Collins
There is no business like show business. Just like other professions, show biz has set ways of conducting business and doing things. Like other industries, in order to be a part of the movie business, you will need to submit a resume. Your resume speaks volumes about you as an individual and how much you can contribute to your acting, besides your work experience. Tacky, unformatted resumes are a complete death message and must be avoided at all costs!

As an aspiring actor you need to have total knowledge about how to create a prospective actors resume which will include every experience that you have gained since childhood. You can also include the experiences that have influenced you to most and why. This could be a plus point. If you have acted in school dramas or theatre productions, then mentioning it on your resume will take you a step ahead. Your resume is your ticket to an audition and of course to stardom.

Now for what your resume should look like. For starters, ensure that your resume has your contact details like name, phone number, and email at the top. This information has to be prominently featured. Try to make the information bold or increase the font size. A potential employer will see this information and then contact you for a job or an audition. All your union affiliations should be clearly visible on your resume. Until the time you are hired and under contract, you really do not need to provide more than your contact number and your email. Avoid giving your postal address unless absolutely necessary or asked for.

Another piece of information that you absolutely need to avoid giving out is your Social Security number. In these times of digital identity thefts, you will need to safeguard your interests first. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your resume. The casting directors usually tend to notice if your resume looks sloppy.

Moving on, mention your directors according to productions you have acted in. A good director's name has value attached to it and it will surely make a difference. Also if you can name some directors as references it will be useful. Your resume should be able to provide the entire range of work done. Display your educational qualifications. And remember you shall have to tailor make your resume to cater to specific roles. Ex: If you are applying for a role in a musical then you need to list your musical theatre experience.

Avoid making a mess of your resume. A clean and structured resume fetches more attention than a cluttered resume. As a movie actor you can be creative in how you display all the relevant information. But remember to have a semblance and specific presentation pattern. After all, your resume is your ticket to success in the world of Show Biz and you don't want to miss boarding the flight!!

David Collins is a talent coordinator for a successful variety television show. His career in television spans over 15 years.

Copyright © David Collins. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.

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Reader Comments
I was born to become a film star and i am only a tool for people who are interested in me.
Posted by unknown (2008-03-29) 73
hello sir i want to be an actor so you give me suggestion. how can i be an actor?
Posted by abhishek (2008-05-08) 85
I need help writing my resume I never really had to write it so if u could show me what one looks like then I can take it from there
Posted by deshawn (2008-11-14) 564
I would love to be an actress of such high standards, but I need help to get me into the business...if you could give me some tips, that'd be awesome
Posted by bgirlfan (2008-11-19) 590
Can u please email me an example of a resume.?

i need to see what it says and how the categories are supposed to be.

i wuld greatly appreciate it if you culd send me this.

thank you.
Posted by Kristina (2009-04-10) 1271
Hey Kristina, are you blind? Right above this is a link to "resume examples". If you would just take the time to actually view a few more pages of this site, you'd find all the answers you are seeking. I know I did.
Posted by Frank (2009-04-11) 1272
Thanks alot for your nice advices and headings.I am posting my comment right from Kenya and am great to get such awonderful moment to share with you people.I can really make a resume but my experience upto now is very low due to problems am facing in my caarer.To start with is that we don't have trainig institution,some upcoming companies based their intake or employement to enthic groups.So in short you people with your willing heart if possiple get me astart and I will promise to deliver at any point. THANKS ALOT.
Posted by Duncan cheruiyot (2009-05-07) 1415
Hi my Name Is Nadia and i am 11 years old. i have an agent but i havent been going to there classes. I go to John Casablancas.
Posted by nadia (2009-05-10) 1439
Take acting lessons, private is best, from a person that really acted in a film, TV, or Commercial. Too many 'teachers' at colleges never did anything save stage work. Private is more $ but better training and connections to the industry.
Posted by Joe (2009-06-27) 1680
hello my name is sarah i want to be an actore and i need to write a paragraph so i can be chosen what exprince should i have i really want to be plzzzzzzzzz help
Posted by sarah (2009-07-21) 1802
oh my, this website helps!sooo much.THANK YOU!!!
Posted by amanda (2009-11-16) 2185
Hi my name rebecca hernandez. Im 18 and i have a dream or being a actor. I see my family goin threw bad times my dads the only one that works. And we have 11 people in the house. so i wanted to know if you would help me out. I would thank u so much. I dont want 2 become a porn or anythang else. I just i my dream 2 come true so my family can be happy and dont have 2 worry about anythIng. I also would love 2 help the poor. I sing when im sad or when im haPpy. I can act real good if u can give me a change please. il pray everynite 4 ur cAll thank you and god bless you.
Posted by Rebecca (2010-07-19) 2642
Hi am from kenya and have been strugling to get on the acting scene without succes. Am grateful for your advice. I will try it and am sure it will work. You can also give me more advice or help at any time. Be blessed.
Posted by Nancy wangui (2011-02-19) 2887
I'm frank adjei from Ghana and i am 20yrs i want to become a famous actor that any film industry would like sign me please me because that is my vision.
Posted by frank adjei (2011-06-14) 3372

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