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Creating the Perfect Acting Resume
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by Sarah Bennett
Creating your acting resume is the first chance a potential casting director, talent agent, or indeed director, gets of seeing you and finding out more about your capabilities and attributes. It will also help them decide whether or not you are the just the person they should be casting. With this in mind you need to ensure that both the resume and the headshot that you will attach to the front are high quality and professional.

Your Headshot
First, be sure to attach your headshot - a good photograph showing your features - to the front, with your resume details attached behind the photo. Your headshot should be the best that you can afford. Make sure it's professional and follows the industry standard - ensuring the casting director or talent agent it seeing a high quality image along with your professional resume.

Your Resume
A casting director can decide in the first few seconds of reading whether this person should be auditioned or not, so the more time you spend initially putting together your resume then the more likely your chances of being contacted about castings.

An actors resume should be just one page of your most important acting experience including stage and theatre roles, training and of course a background to your education. The resume is the first point of contact between you and a potential casting director, so take advice from someone like your mentor or another person in the industry in order that you get it right - and have them check it for you in case you have missed some crucial points or have missed a small error. Some actors pay to have their resume printed on the reverse of the headshot, however just by attaching the headshot and resume back-to-back is much less expensive and means it is easier to update.

Firstly, remember that your acting resume should be tidy, attractive, and easy to read from top to bottom and free of errors. Add a description of your physical being and ensure that you add all contact information so that you can be contacted when required - name, telephone and mobile numbers, any alternative numbers that you can be contacted on and perhaps your email address.

It is a good idea to think of your acting resume as a first audition - if you don't impress the 'judge' at this point, then you are likely to be unsuccessful in getting any further with this casting. With this in mind, it is vital that you get the resume right and looking good.

Final Word
Finally, a good piece of advice is to ensure that when you are ready, the final print out is completed on a good grade of paper using a high quality printer, if you don't have one then ask for a friend to print it out for you. Keep a copy yourself and have it copied as many times as you need at a printing store (can be found in stationery stores) as the copies will be just as good as the original.

Copyright © Sarah Bennett. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.

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Reader Comments
What happens if you have no experience?
Posted by Chelsea (2007-12-29) 16
I'm looking into acting myself but u done have any articles on young teenagers who are trying to fufill there dreams. You see I love acting and I think its right for me,although I don't have ant experience which is a drag. Seeing acting is my dream.
Posted by Beth (2009-01-09) 854
That's total BS Beth! There are dozens of articles on this site aimed at young actors. Open your eyes and read them. They are the ones with the titles like, How to Convince Your Parents to Support Your Dream of Becoming an Actress, How to Start an Acting Career if you Live in a Small Town, What to Know to Become an Actor, Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Actor. If you don't bother to read these articles, it is your loss. Because this is the best site out there for young actors. Wake up.
Posted by Lary (2009-01-10) 855
Seriously! If you have no experience, how is this your 'dream'? How do you love acting if you've never even had experience with it. Get a life.
Posted by Kate (2011-03-14) 2930
Of course you can have a dream of something without actually doing it. Think: Doctor, Lawyer. You go get a life Kate with your miserable self.
Posted by c (2011-08-11) 4316
I am currently 17 and i live at home with my prtenas and i am currently in 6th formI would love to progress into the TV and Film industry and have found 3 courses which i want to take at the London film and tv academyAll 3 courses are going to cost a32500 and then my accommodation is going to cost around a32000 and then food and drink and travel expenses is going to cost me around a3500So that basically means i need a35000 for the 80 DaysI only work Part time due to already being in education so i only earn roughly around a3600 and month which isn't a lot of money and this would mean that it would take me around a year to pay back the loan in decent settlements as i have just passed my Driving test and my car insurance has cost me a32700. I am really wanting to progress into the acting career and this would be a big opportunity.What should i doI spoke to my prtenas but they have said it isn't worth it as i might just change my mind in a future career path and then that's a35000 down the drain. I really want to progress into this and it will be worthwhile as i gain a diploma in all 3 of the courses and a quality showreel which i can then present to agentsWhat should i do ??
Posted by Angela (2012-04-23) 5763

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