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Getting Acting Work
How do you get acting jobs? How do you become a working actor? These are the big questions beginning actors make. We'll explain how to get started acting, how to find acting jobs on your own and how to grab the attention of a casting director or talent agent through self-promotion and a little marketing know-how.

Getting Started Acting
How to get Discovered
How is it that some people get discovered as actors? Why does it seem like they don't have to work so hard to get the attention of agents, directors and casting directors? Why do some people get all the good roles? There is a reason for everything!
Grab the Casting Directors' Attention
There are several professional ways to grab the attention of someone who opens self-submission envelopes. A complete answer would fill a book. There are three essentials before a casting office (or agent/manager) will take your self-submission seriously. Let's take a look at two of those essentials today.
Self-Promotion: A Dirty Word?
Self-promotion: Is it a dirty word? Many of us were taught by our parents to be modest about our abilities and accomplishments. "Don't toot your own horn," we were told. We didn't want others to think we were stuck-up or "too big for our britches," so we kept our talents locked up inside.
Self-Promotion for the Actor
If you're thinking about becoming a professional actor (or if you already are), you need to know how to promote yourself. The competition for roles, especially in large cities, can be staggering, so the more you know about self-promotion, the easier it will be for you to get your name and face in front of the people who matter.
Selling Yourself as an Actor or Model in a Recession
Many actors and models are feeling concern over the recession and wondering what strategies to follow in order to protect their career and their bookings. We hear about numerous advertisers who are slashing advertising budgets and therefore reducing the number of booking opportunities for print and TV gigs.
Learn to Hunt
The irony of your profession is that you'll spend more time attempting to work than actually working. In fact, if you made a graph of all the time spent in activities having to do with developing your career, it would look something like this: Imagine a circle--a pie chart, if you will. Picture in your mind the barest slice you could possibly cut out of it. That represents the actual time you spend genuinely working at a paying acting job.
How to Get a Talent Agent
Getting yourself a talent agent, if you want to be an actor, can be hard as quite often the individual talent agent or the agency in which they work are inundated with mailings and applications from hundreds of other budding actors, just like you. So how you go about getting a talent agent can be testing.
Learn How to Get a Talent Agent
One essential item for an actor or model is an agent. A great agent represents you, gets you work, and helps develop you as a professional... he's your friend, mentor, and business partner.
Getting an Agent - Finding Talent Agents and Getting Noticed
Franchised agents place the interests of their actor clients above their own. They do more than just seek out work opportunities for their clients. They also make sure actors are paid a decent wage, assist the actor negotiate and sign union contracts and help make the workplace a safe environment. Choosing a franchised talent agent is one of the most important choices a performer can ever make.
How to Find a Talent Agent
First, decide what you want in an agent. Consider how strong your resume is, what kind of experience you have, whether you are a union member, whether you have had an agent before, and what kind of work you want to do. You must look realistically at yourself, your ambitions, your talents, and decide what kind of agent you need at this stage in your career.
How to Find an Agent... and Survive
You're looking for an agent. And there are people everywhere calling themselves agents, advertising for new faces, walking the streets looking for actors and models.
What to Look for in an Agent or Manager
Do not depend on an agent or a manager to "make" your career. That is your job. That is why you must continue to work diligently at self-promotion, even if you are signed with an agency.
Talent Agent Pet Peeves
Have you ever wondered what makes an agent red in the face? Ever been hurried off the phone with an agent who seems, shall we say "disgruntled" with you, and you have no idea in your head as to why? Chances are, and possibly unbeknownst to you, you've aggravated your agent - something that you do not want to do.

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