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Sign Up to Become an Actor
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by Elliott Brody
Becoming an Actor or Actress is not as difficult as most seem to think. Millions of people worldwide share the dream of becoming an actor, movie star or celebrity but most simply do not know where to start or how to break into showbiz. Becoming an actor can be accomplished if you have a strong grasp of what steps you should take and lies ahead of you down your acting career path. But finding those inside tips and tricks and what you need to do to get your foot in the door is almost impossible if you don't know where to look.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a web site that could show you step-by-step how to become an actor or actress and get your foot in the door? Wouldn't it be great if this same web site could put you in touch with talent agents and casting directors who are searching for new and upcoming actors? Wouldn't it be great if you could find casting calls and audition notices for all of your favorite television shows and blockbuster movies at that very same web site?

Hey, guess what... that web site exists today. And all you need to do is Sign Up to Become an Actor!

Actingland.com is the leading online acting community and the number one source for acting resources, career guides, and casting information on the net. Actingland.com has been in business for over ten years and has helped tens of thousands of actors and movie extras find the information they need to get started in the film industry. In fact, it is likely you've already seen the results of their services. If you own a TV or have been to the movies recently, you've probably seen their members appearing as movie extras and supporting character roles. They've helped placed members into some of biggest feature films, hottest television series, and hippest music videos.

Whether it be for a feature film, a national television commercial, or a music video, Actingland's talent database is used by casting facilities world wide.

You won't be confused or lost. Actingland.com takes the mystery out of the movie business. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional actor, Actingland.com provides all the insider tips and tricks plus the practical information and instructions that will help you find a talent agent, locate your next job and nail your casting audition. Actingland.com can help you understand the casting process and which filmmakers are involved. They will teach you about getting headshots, creating an acting resume, and even choosing acting schools, colleges, and classes. You'll learn about cold reading and performing your monologue in front of an audience. And you'll come to understand what types of actors are needed for what jobs while you learn what to expect as you start out in this exciting career field.

And only Actingland.com can put you in touch with the top talent agents and casting directors who are searching for new and upcoming actors and actresses.

You don't need to live in Los Angeles or New York City to be in the movies. In fact, you don't even have to live in the United States! What makes Actingland.com unique and exciting is that they don't limit membership to people living in certain cities. Since the Internet is world reaching, it does not matter where you live. Actingland.com can connect actors with filmmakers and casting professionals nearly anywhere on earth. What is more, many actors have found they do not need to travel to a major city for work. Many choose roles available in or around their hometowns. With more films shot away from studio backlots and on locations around the world, it is becoming increasingly easy to find acting work close to home.

If you've ever dreamt of becoming an actor or actress or being in a major motion picture or on television, you owe it to yourself to check out Actingland.com. Regardless of your experience, you'll find Actingland.com provides everything you need to get started acting right away. Click here to begin now. Actingland.com

Elliott Brody is an accomplished filmmaker with 20 years of acting, editing and directing experience.

Copyright © Elliott Brody. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.

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Reader Comments
Awesome! Did it. It was well worth it. I'm excited.
Posted by Laura (2009-05-04) 1404
i really want to become one because what ever i put my mind to i know i can do it so please i pray that i can become famous one day
Posted by kelly horton (2009-05-28) 1508
Hi my name is sammaria parker how are you? Iam 16 about to be 17 on 9-11-09 Iam wanting to be an actor i had have people wanting me to be on disney shows iam really good at acting I have been in plays for school and church I have been a cheerleader so im not shy
Posted by Sammaria parker (2009-05-30) 1516
I was born an actor . i can really act and a lot of my funs always say i can make it but my problem is , I don't know how to begin.
Posted by Joseph Otsiman (2009-06-05) 1541
I find this as an exciting oppurtunity I am 16 years old just waiting and practicing drama daily this I feel is a shot that is well worth the try
Posted by Allison (2009-06-07) 1543
My name is Naquan Davis, I know you guys probably get alot of messages like this everyday from all types of people. But I'm hoping that you really take the time out to acknoledge me beause actng is my passion and I am really and highly motivated to become an actor. So if theres any way that I can I can work with you guys please let me know. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank You
Posted by Naquan Davis (2009-06-09) 1561
My name is Candice in Im 16. i am a young lady that's been wanting to become an actor every since i was 8 and yet i will keep trying to earn my spot light. i am a strong determine person that's willing to take whatever it takes to become famous!

Posted by Candice Calloway (2009-06-09) 1563
Hi,my name is maria. I realy want to become a actor , but dont were and how to start im 12 go to 13 soon . can you help me?
Posted by Maria Garcia (2009-06-13) 1577
hi my name is angelica and im 14 years old. I've been wanting to become an actress since i uwas really small. I've been trying to see where i can go n try out for a role or somnething. I've been wanting this for along time already. if yuh can help me please contact me. please. thank you.
Posted by Angelica Armendariz (2009-06-16) 1590
Hi my name is Danielle im seventeen, iv attended acting classes but i cant find an agency, please help!(:
Posted by Danielle Tipton (2009-06-18) 1598
Heyya, ma name is Gemma Sharman and i am 13 years old and love to act and sing i would love to be on tv not for money or fame just to follow my dreams is that so wrong? so plez give me a call i will give you ma num if you leave me a coment above thankz gemma
Posted by Gemma (2009-06-19) 1604
hey its meagan from kentucky and i was emailing yo becuase i saw your website and it looked interesting. i have always wanted to be an actress my mom tells me all the time that i would make a good one. please help!!!
Posted by meagan shannon (2009-06-19) 1613
hey add me on facebook Gemma Sharman please some one help me be a actress it would be my dream thanks to every one who has tryed to help me follow my dreams.x
Posted by Gemma (2009-06-20) 1614
Hello . I'm a 26 year old guy and I am trying to do something with my life , but I'm really shy around new people . And I became interested in acting , cause there are alot of cop shows like CSI and Flashpoint .
Posted by Patrick Rockey (2009-06-20) 1618
i really want to be an actress. i was born to be one. my friends say i would be perfect. im not rich, so i dont have enough money to buy the subscription things. does anyone know another way?
Posted by nikki (2009-06-24) 1654
Hi, im a 12 year old boy going on 13 all i wanted to do when i grow up so please help me out i would really appreciate it thank u.
Posted by Ojage baptist (2009-07-08) 1734
all i want to do is act i would really appreciate it thanx
Posted by Ojage baptist (2009-07-08) 1735
omg i love acting and being in the spot light this is my dream to become an actress. i love acting being able to play roles. i was born to be one im extremly outgoing love to take direction, listen well to. ALL I JUST WANT TO DO IS ACT.
Posted by hannah (2009-07-08) 1737
i want to becoman actor

Posted by krishna (2009-07-20) 1801
Hey whats up, my name is David, I'm 18, and I hav always dreamed of becoming an actor.I have been in a few stage plays in high school, but I would like to take it to new hights, please help...
Posted by David Springstun (2009-07-21) 1813
hi david im 9 i have been to acting school my dream was to be the world youngst actor,which i love so much please please help :) thanks

Posted by daniel carney (2009-07-28) 1850
I really want to become a actor!!!! I hope you can help me!!! Thanks!!!
Posted by Emily (2009-07-28) 1851
hi this is washington i been dreaming about becomeing an actor but i dont know how to started so can your help me
Posted by washington zleh (2009-07-29) 1854
please HELP im 14 i really want to ACT!
Posted by esau (2009-07-30) 1862
I am 36 and have no experience in acting , but always dreamed of being a celebrity. I watch TCM and the old MGM stars of the day and try to study them ,and learn from how they preform their craft . Call me an old soul, but that era is my favorite with so many of the GREATS in the pictures. I myself want to bring back some of the old style that those actors used in preforming .

Jon Kanaday
Posted by Jon Kanada y (Jon Kersley) (2009-07-30) 1865
my name is jerrell leviston i am 13 yrs old i turn 14 august 24 - 09 and i live in chesapeak V"A my first well very little step ov becoming an actor were poasting vedios on youtube ( jaybay59 ) is my screen name i love telling jokes just makeing people laugh doing what ever sum 1 else wouldnt do i love doing stunts and not so much in to romance i can act as many diffrent people an make any scean better then what it was ment to be this is my intrest very short and with lots ov hope
Posted by JERRELL LEVISTON (2009-07-30) 1866
Acting is everything i want and when im watching tv i get jealous b/c i wanna be one of those actors and ps i went to school with moises arias at mckendree elementry

Posted by Courtney carter (2009-08-03) 1889
My dream has always been to be in a movie or a comedy show.... I was always in musical in high school and drama..... I like to be funny and make people laugh I love movie and I wish one day I could be in one =) I also have video in youtube.com anyways I have hope I'm only 19 years old ;)
Posted by Erika Linares (2009-08-05) 1894
hi my name is luka im 12 years old but im 13 in december 5th and i've wanted to be a singer or a actor for a long time and i love to act. please please im begging you help me.
if i become a actor then that will be my dream come true and the truth is everytime i say to my bestfriend i hate my life and i say that because i want to act and if i act then i will like my life.
please help i need this so badly.
Posted by luka (2009-08-08) 1908
hi my name is tiffany i want to be a acto because
i like to be on tv and be famous and it will be really cool
please e mail me back .
Posted by tiffany (2009-08-12) 1943
please help me i want to be a actress so bad.
Posted by Alisha Ward (2009-08-13) 1947
i wanna be an actor.
Posted by Pozie (2009-08-14) 1955
My name is LaChante.It would really be helpful if you can help me become an actor.i would like to become one because this has always been my life long dream.i am very driven to try to make this happen.it doesnt even matter if i get payed at low-wage.thats hoe driven i am to become an actor
Posted by LaChante Henderson (2009-08-15) 1963
Am Kawooya MalcolmX add me on facebook help me get into bigtime acting .I am 14 years live in Uganda and have a 2 year theatre acting experience and am dieing to do acting I believe I am capable of doing any role that comes my way but I major mostly in being a villian and comedy
Posted by MalcolmX Kawooya Oswald (2009-08-16) 1975
hi I would like become an actor

Posted by hi (2009-08-17) 1976
hiiii my dream is to become an actress im an jamaican really waiting for a responce i asked many actors and actress to help me but no one responed so i come to u to help me. this would mean the world to me .and if i do become actress i wuld help to heal the world and make it a better place .im also 13 yrs old please responed to me .THIS WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE REPLY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Posted by renea brown (2009-08-23) 1999
hi my dream is to become an actress im really waiting for a responce i went kids to love my shows i love to see to see a actress ., so y dont be a actress and i am so fun and all thed girls laft at me becuase of my jokes i know how all things work all !!!!!!!!!!!! SO PICK ME NOT BECUASE I KNOW THINGS ITS HOW GOOD YOU PRTST
Posted by HOWARD ALLEYNE (2009-09-11) 2070
hiya i am 16 years old looking to be and (martial arts)! movie star or stunt dbl, well something to do with action, i am fit and i do tae-kwon-do i have for two, going on for three years now. I know that isn't a very long time but i am willing and i can learn swiftly if it is necessary.
Posted by Timothy Hunter (2009-09-26) 2122
Hey yall i would really love to be an actor i dreamed of it my whole life im am a really funny person and i like to talk a lot. I would love to do a lot of movies and travel the world well get back to me. Thanks.
Posted by Brandon Coleman (2009-09-30) 2129
Hi I would Really LOVE to become a actor or even just a movie extra. It has been my dream from the start of my life. Im not in it for Fame or Money ...Just in it to follow my dreams. I have been in all the school plays, been in drama plays, acting classes, and I am ready to take the next step so Plz contact me if you ever need anyone. I would be more than happy to act for you. Im ready when you are! : ) thank you
Posted by Charli Behn (2009-10-05) 2133
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hear to inform you how much i wanna become an actor. This what i wanna be when i grow up, but I think Iam ready for it now.That's all i got say and i hope you can help me out.
Love always
Posted by Cedric Johnson (2009-10-10) 2138
i really want to become an actress , ive always wanted to become one . ive searched and searched i found websites i signed up for them but i dont want them to turn me down i really pray i get this thanks so much .

Posted by lisa lewis (2009-10-10) 2139
hey guys its lisa again i forgot to write some thing down but i wanted to be an actor since i was 7 years old now im 12 my birthday is march 9th this is my dream to become an actor so could you's please help me follow my dreams? my life is not perfect my mom is single and is raising 5 kids on her own and i want this so i could i have money for my mom and my tow little brothers && my 2 sisters my mom bustes her butt off for us and i want to thank her by putting food in the refrigorater and buy her and us some new clothes . please i really need this .

Posted by lisa lewis (2009-10-10) 2140
Hi my Name is Treshun Walker and i really want to be an actor i and many other people in wichita kansas think im an undiscovered talent and i really want this i cant stress this enough how bad i want this so please help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Treshun Walker (2009-10-14) 2145
Hi Im Leah and Im 13 years old. I really want to become an actress and if someone gave me a shot then I know I could do it :-) I dont go to an acting school but I do go to a performing arts school/college which is sort of a normal school but we do a lot of plays and productions. All my drama teachers think that because I am small and shy then I cant do a big part but when they give me a chance they say that I have potential. To be an actress would be a dream come true and I know that I could do it no matter what the part. Please give me a chance and I wont dissapoint :-D Thankyou
Posted by Leah (2009-10-21) 2150
i want to sign up for acting
Posted by sinquon (2009-10-27) 2160
hi,my name is jessica christian.
i love acting it has always beed my dream, i just need a little help on geting started in the industry i would appreciate the advice :) .

Posted by Jessica Christian (2009-10-29) 2163
there is lots of acting jobs out there i have over 50
numbers on acting jobs,acting classes,agents and more things. im still home i didnt make it nowhere.
ive been wanting to b an actor sense i was 7. i am now 17.:(
please help me
Posted by isaiah shelton (2009-10-29) 2164
Hello, my name is Dare Branham Alabi, i leave in spain but am african. i love acting it has been my dream. pls i need help on geting started in the industry. thankx.
Posted by Dare Branham Alabi (2009-11-03) 2172
i am a 14 year old actor i have some experiance with acting, i am a people person (i like to work wit people), i ve always got complements any time i ever acted but my life long dream was to always be in a comedy or action movie and i am a very funny person/talkative person
Posted by Jaylen Baker (2009-11-10) 2176
Hi my name is Harman and I am 15 years old and love acting I really wan to be an actress on Disneychannel it is my greatest dream. i am shy at first but when I get to know people then i get talkative. Please make me an actress on Disneychannel.
Posted by Harmanpreet Kaur (2009-11-11) 2179
I want to become an actor because i never give up i want to get into character when that camera hits. i also have a sense of humor for comedy television acting is also something i love to do!
Posted by Tevin Stewart (2009-11-13) 2181
I am a 19 year old female. Iv always wanted to be an actress. I was always the kid that hang out with everyone at school. I graduated high school. I honestly have no experence acting but i have always known i would some day. I know i can do it. I dont necescely want to be a start. I just want to have a role in a movie. Im not hard to get along with at all, and im funny. I just want to make something of my life.
Posted by Dakota (2009-11-16) 2187
I am a 19 year old female. Iv always wanted to be an actress. I was always the kid that hang out with everyone at school. I graduated high school. I honestly have no experence acting but i have always known i would some day. I know i can do it. I dont necescely want to be a start. I just want to have a role in a movie. Im not hard to get along with at all, and im funny. I just want to make something of my life.
Posted by Dakota (2009-11-16) 2188
hi i am 18 years tv is my life..iv tryed so much in past years but since i got this article i think i will follow it i love acting
Posted by Sizwe Prince Gwebu (2009-11-18) 2193
my name is Timothy im 18 and its always been my dream to become an actor for comedy or anything good,
and i hear from people all thie time tellin me i should become an actor,
because theyve never seen alot of people like me where im from, by that i mean multitalented because im a comedian, im fast on my feet, i can jump lke 3 -4 feet off the ground, and good acting skills and my fav. that alot of guys cant do i can just walk up to any girl and flirt with them with no problem with out being nervous or laughing
Posted by Timothy (2009-11-25) 2204
hey my name is Mary. I'm 11 years old and I really want to become an actress and singer. Please help me.

Posted by MAry (2009-11-29) 2215
My name is mandee. Im 15 years old it's always been my dream to be an actor..I told my mom and dad that i wanted to be one but they really never lisson to me. I get good grades i signed up for drama for high school mabe tha can help me be an actor. I act to myself in the mirror. I can dace really good i can act really good i can say something that can look so serious.. Most people would wan't to become an actor just for the money thats not me i will want to be one cause that is my dream and im ready for it to come true already
Posted by Mandee leake (2009-12-01) 2220
plese i'm only 13 the instant cast specilaist won't listent to me but i want to become a actor today please help me this is alos why i want to become one is than i could meet jonathon mason he acted in lassie 2005 versoin and than i also want to explore the world so please don't ignore me please email me about this and lets dicuss about this situation please thanks

alexus sanchez!
Posted by alexus sanchez (2009-12-07) 2231
Posted by Angeles LIzbeth Gallegos (2009-12-08) 2232
Its been my dream to become a actress.
Posted by Dixie Jones (2009-12-13) 2238
hi i am luke i want to become an actor for the reason that i want to be out there living the dream to help bring entertainment to the world and also my life is standing still for me sure i am 15 but i want to be an actor like colin farell mainly because we are both irish and from dublin but thats not the point i love acting and i dont leave this world knowing if i have a chance that i could make myself known and even remembered
Posted by luke m (2009-12-24) 2247
Hey its jahsheed I'm a 12 year old boy just trying to follow his dreams and becoming a actor and a singer and I've been into actin since I was 6 so please help in he me make my dreams come true ill give you my # when you attempt to help me thanx
Posted by jahsheed (2009-12-25) 2250
hi ! i am desparate for a acting career. please help me . i am 13 in a half and about to turn 14 in august.
Posted by kathlenejones (2010-01-01) 2270
i want to become as an actor. pls show me the way how to acts like chiru
Posted by the man of power (2010-01-01) 2272
Hi my name is Vandre James it is only one thing I would like to be is Acting im 13 years old im very good at acting I will a appreciate it THANK
Posted by vandre james (2010-01-02) 2275

Posted by Treshun Walker (2010-01-03) 2279
WOW i am surprised im not the only 1 who wants 2 become an actress n how desperet u all r. Wish ur dreams come true n dont give up keep trying n 1day it might jst happen. As 4 me i also wanna b an actress im 16 n have 2 more yrs of high school. I bine wanting to become an actress since i was lil, n now trying 2 make it happen.well the point is i want 2 b come 1 cuz thats what i wnt to do my whole life then haveing a job i will not love doing. i will give it my all n do what i have 2 do, so if u can e-mail me back i will b glad.
Posted by alex gonzalez (2010-01-07) 2289
iwant o be come an actor and i need help and i am terlented
Posted by bolu (2010-01-07) 2290
hey I really wanna be a actress because not only do I want to be known but I want to make a dent in the acting world...so if you get this comment its true not fake I really want this it would be my life long dream to be an actoe and singer I would be proud to get this ...... anyway read this love it and get back to me bye...
Posted by akilah (2010-01-08) 2293
Posted by LIZETTE (2010-01-10) 2298
hi i'm ishaan from india siliguri which is in india. i want to become a bollywood actor and i have all the talents only little bit of hardwork is required.. so plz can any one suggest the way for my future. contact me.
Posted by ishhan ali khan (2010-01-13) 2301
please people help me i wont to became an acter is dream so i hope it became true so fair
Posted by abdikadir mohamed (2010-01-15) 2303
Hi my name is kayla knuckles. I am 15 years old. I have always dreamed of being an actress since I was a little girl. I take an acting class in school. So I have some experience. I am a great actress and I would love to be discovered at what I can do. Please give me this awsome oppertunity to live out my dream. Thank you so much.
Posted by kayla knuckles (2010-01-18) 2307
Hey sup, my name is Martin. I REALLY want to become an actor its my dream i've been itching for it for a while. please help me out Im a great actor i have a natural talent for it
Posted by Martin Miller (2010-01-21) 2310
Plz pick me.
Posted by Tre Nigreville (2010-01-29) 2317
I am jimbob will be 30 this and going nowhere fast I would like to see if I could make it a actor don't know how to start or where to go . I look younger the what I am
Posted by james irwin ( Jimbob) (2010-02-03) 2324
Hey guys, im 15 years old as a freshman in a small town. I am very out spoken and very well talented actor which i am not shy at all. Ive always wanted to be an actor because i love doing it and i would be a really good actor in any style of show. Well hope you all get back to me, Thanks
Posted by Jeremy Gibson (2010-02-04) 2330
Hay this is Dontez asking to be the next big thing and I know I would be perfect and give it everything I got.Im 6feet and 140 pounds I'm 16 years old

Posted by Dontez Royster (2010-02-06) 2334
Hey i am 15 years old my dream is to become an actor. Ever since i was 5 it was my dream. Acting is passion of mine. I have acted in plays for a long time and i am homing that if i put this message you guys would give me a chance. Thanks for reading Chris
Posted by Chris (2010-02-11) 2343
Iam looking to become an actor sit com tv star movie commerical kids movie. Just trying to become an actor like all time idol martin lawrence an will smith I know I have what it takes to become one the best I can bring humor to any type of film I really would like to have a chance to be an actor if you can help please email me back thank you an gob bless to all.
Posted by tufuarza johnson (2010-02-13) 2351
Acting is my passion,i have a flair that one day i will fulfill my acting dream...i have never been so desparate for something like this.i want to start advertising first and if people recognise my acting skill then i will decide what do i want to do in life..my name is kagiso letlhatlhe and i am 12 turnings 13years old on the 10th of july.all i am asking is for you to help me fulfill my dream!:-)
Posted by Kagiso letlhatlhe (2010-02-16) 2352
I am 13 years old. I will be 14 September 18th. I believe i can be a great actress, and i want to try my hardest to become one. i need help tho starting out! thx!
Posted by Jennifer Adams (2010-02-17) 2362
my name is brandon carmichael and i want to be an actor and that is what i really want to do
Posted by brandon carmichael (2010-02-24) 2396
plz i had dream to becom a singer and an actor but i want to make my life good and wishes to be a actor and a singer so plz help.
Posted by Anthony White (2010-03-02) 2408
hi my name is faye and i really really really want to become an actress and i have done since i was very young so please if u know a way i can get famouus and becoma actress then contact me.
Posted by faye (2010-03-05) 2411
I want become an actor
Posted by Amaldev (2010-03-06) 2412
Hi I am Davonta Appleby From Athens Ga And I Really Want To Be An Actor And Get On Reality TV Shows
Posted by Davonta Appleby (2010-03-11) 2419
i consider myself an actor, people have told me that i am a good actor.
Posted by Joshua (2010-03-11) 2420
Im im a hyper person and when i tryout for plays in shvool i owuld alwasy make the cut and i make all my frineds laugh but i can vbe seroius too whre can i get statr in a carrer of acting ? where can i put my name and picutres of myself in a agency
Posted by evan (2010-03-16) 2429
i have had this dream to be actress becuase almost every friday i go to see a movie so i saw how some actors work and i closed my eyes and saw me in a movie being a star i open my eyes and i felt a feeling that said im going to reach my dream of being a actress
Posted by leslye garcia (2010-03-18) 2433
i really really want to become an actor. I know its not an easy job and i know i have to work really hard and i'm willing to do whatever it takes to become suessful. So please help me fulfill my dream.

Posted by darcell walker (2010-03-18) 2434
Ever since I was a young boy, I performed in front of people. I have always loved to entertain, that's when I decided to become an actor. I don't care for fame or fortune, I am doing it for the love of acting.
Posted by Ralf Meyer (2010-03-19) 2436
Hello i'm Alex i'm a young athletic kid whos dream is to be on t.v so if u want someone that will give it there all to be working for you im the one
Posted by Alex Gough (2010-03-20) 2443
I will like to know How could I become an actor like everybody else. What would I need to do to become one.
Posted by Richard Curtis Hostler (2010-03-28) 2447
hi my name is brandon i would like to know how you sign up to be a actor.
Posted by Brandon (2010-04-03) 2459
Posted by KL LITTLE EAGLE LOCKLEAR (2010-04-11) 2471
my name is deon i am 12 years old i wanted to be an acter since i was about 8 years old when i did my 1st appearance in a little skit type of thing called ''papa said''
Posted by deon veale (2010-04-18) 2479
My name is Souniqua Davis I am 12 years old and i do not know how to become an actress seeing that I live in The Bahamas what do i do want it really really bad .And I knw I'm a really great actress
Posted by Souniqua Davis (2010-04-20) 2486
My name is Kwasi McMillian and im 11 years old I would love to become a actor its my dream to become one.And i would love to be with a famous disney star one day
Posted by Kwasisekou Hasan Mcmillian (2010-04-28) 2494
Hello!My name is Cadar Marius,I'm 18,from Romania and i would like to become an actor,can tell me somebody what i can do?thank you!
Posted by Cadar Marius (2010-05-05) 2505
Hey my names loren im wishing to become an actor in my child hood and im good at acting i hope i get into show biz
Posted by Loren Lagrelle (2010-05-05) 2507
Hello there my name is Bryant Costello, I love to write music and plays. Recently I am now putting on a musical on July 2nd. I love to sing and act too.
Posted by Bryant Costello (2010-05-10) 2513
Im interested in being an actor,i know its not that easy but i just believe in my self, im a tall talented boy,from soweto.
Posted by Lehlohonolo (2010-05-13) 2521
Hi i am 30 year old mother of soon to be 4 kids. I am hard of hearing i speak and hear well and know sign language. I have always wantedto become an actor who can sign, speak at the same time.. I would really love to do something like this. I'm very loving and very friendly
Posted by sherry brown (2010-05-16) 2529
I love to play in scary movies
Posted by lewis mack (2010-05-17) 2535
i alwas wanted to become an actor.Everytime i watch the suite life on deck i alwas dream that i"m in the show.
Posted by trevor williams (2010-05-17) 2536
I am interested in becoming an Actor or Extra in upcoming movies. I am a Disabled Veteran of the Iraqi War. I am 28 years old with a great sense of humor. Everyone always says you will get your 15 minutes of fame.....Well I am ready! I know I would be a great Actor.
Posted by Corey Seneca (2010-05-24) 2554
hey im 19 years old, looking to get into some actin rolls or even if it a movie extra in up comming rolls u can contact me. im a really out goin girl who loves just making the best out of everything.
Posted by aprilmullarkey (2010-05-26) 2558
Hi am 18 yrz old and I really want 2 become an actor it alwayz been a dream of mine being in movies and tv showz I mean who don't want that if u guyz can hit me up on my email it would mean a lot thanks
Posted by Raphael Sornoza (2010-05-27) 2561
hi i'm dominique johnson 14 years old have alot of experience and action im trying become a big star of action can you guys give me a shot and im a male im trying to act and anything i soo love comics i wanna be the next will smith....i can do alot of funnie stuff like be in college surf something i made up....
Posted by dominique russell (2010-05-28) 2563
Hi! My name is Kay and I dream on becoming famous, it's a passion of mine. I just Dream of everybody knowing my name and having fans. If anyone could help please do what you can do to get me into the acting business PLEASE!!!!!
Posted by Kazia Blair (2010-05-28) 2565
hey! im sherry! nd im gna be 18 years old towards the end of the year...ive just thought alot about my future and what i would want to go into as ma career...and i konw in life you have to do something which you ENJOY..and are good at..and i konw something which i certainly enjoy and am good at is ACTING...i enjoy going into diffferent roles and acting out different things..my mates have always said how great i am at acting and how they believe me when i start acting if front of them..i really want to become an actress...as i know ive got the talent and the skill to do so!..please help me to get int the acting career...thanx x
Posted by Sherry (2010-05-30) 2567
Hi am 18 yrz old and I really want 2 become an actor it alwayz been a dream of mine being in movies . u guyz can hit me up on my email it would mean a lot thankx....i already had many skits in my college ...and i am ready for any nice role :) cheers
Posted by JustinMulti (2010-05-30) 2568
Hi my name is carmen and i really would like to be an actor because it has been my dream since i was 4 years old. i am a reader and i take direction very well i also am very good at watching what the actors do. i have always wanted to be on the showes for disneychannel. that is also my dream. i get picked on cause i act but i dont care that will not stop me from doing what i do best acting.i get very good gardes and i work good under pressure but i am only 12 so that is good for me i also put on playes for my community they enjoy them. i have always wanted to be in a movie and meet my favorite stars i can also sing to. but um i have been inspried by all the disneychannel stars to have me start acting. this would also be good on a college ap. my mom says that on day i will go to jullard if i keep working on it. so if you could just help me out that would be nice. oh and i am not scared to standout that is just what seprates you from the pthers i also wrtie bookes. so if you could help me get start on things that would be good thank you bye -bye:)
Posted by Carmen Robinson (2010-06-02) 2571
Posted by AFOLABI OLAJIDE (2010-06-04) 2573
ummm...yea so Im 17 and....i did'nt exactly go to elementry school with Brad Pitt or any other famous actor...im not any more special than the next guy out there...and my dream is not to become rich and famous or be in the spot light as the next Tom Cruise....or screw up a gig with Opra...but thats totally irrelevant.... I wish to become an actor because i love to entertain people and make them laugh...and it would be totally cool to be able to meet and work with other actors....so if you guys can help me out...lend me a hand here...then that would be just great!...thanks
Posted by Cody Drake (2010-06-13) 2586
Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm 18 years old. I really want to become an actress. I live in West Virginia so like nothing cool happens around here. The reason why I would like to become an actress is because I want to show the world that I'm funny, scary, emotional, etc. I think it'd be really fun and exciting to be in a movie or show and just meet new people and get to know them better and such. X3
Posted by Amanda (2010-06-20) 2595
Hi im Norman im 18 and i really want to become an actor i will do what ever it takes to acomplish my dream please email me back i love meeting new people and im not camera shy all of my friends and family members tell me i can really act and that i should go out and try and become an actor
Posted by Norman Siler (2010-06-21) 2597
Hi my name is Cortney and i really want to be an actor along with my sister, we love to act and would love to be able to do it on t.v. someday(;
Posted by Cortney (2010-06-22) 2600
My name is krysten and im 15 going on 16 and I've always wanted to be an actor but I don't know where to begin and also im 15 with like a 19 yr old body =/ where do I begin?
Posted by krysten younger (2010-06-22) 2603
Still waitin lol
Posted by raphael sornoza (2010-06-22) 2604
Hello, im isaac Mcknight. im 18 years old and im 6.1 slim and African American and ive been singing since the age of 7 and acting the age of 12. right now im trying to Get in the Music, Modeling and Acting Business professionally and im very out going. i can make friends in 1 sec. im very Enthusiastic. Thank you for your time. God Bless.
Posted by Isaac McKnight (2010-06-24) 2609
Hi how are my name is justin and i am 25 yrs old, all my life i have been inspired and determined to do anything it takes to become an actor. I have always had an innate ability with art in general, artistic, construction, and especially acting. All through high school i didnt do that well in any class except for drama, which i found more exciting then anything i got the best marks in drama with an average of 98 in drama. now i did finish school but i'll never forget how inspired i was by drama so please give me a chance to expand my great ability, thank you!
Posted by Justin Waye (2010-06-28) 2613
hey my name is pablo and i really really want to be an actor and im really funny
Posted by pablo portalatin (2010-06-29) 2614
Hi my name is Kristian and I'm 15. I have experience in acting because I've played in plays since I was 7 years old. I want to be the first in the family to become an actor is because I think that acting is part of life that shows success and chance. I know that there are others who are willing to sacrifice their life for fame and success but I don't blame them. If it's the dream that they want to follow then let them fulfill their destiny. I encourage others to do so but I hope that someone will do the same for me.
Posted by Kristian bayas (2010-06-30) 2615
guys... umm plz dis is my dream... i think god jus gave it... i write songs too. well if u take credits for dat... well acting is my passion... plz ppl plz... i kld free act so u kld c me.
Posted by angel rey torres (2010-06-30) 2616
i really want to act and i love too sing so give me a chance
Posted by katelyn wilson (2010-07-04) 2624
i did a few plays already and i was really great at it but that was only for my graduation and camp i would like to take it to the top and become a star i am funny so my best would be comedies even if it is a cartoon and i have to do the voice thats no prob
Posted by matt weekes (2010-07-12) 2634
hi, im nora and my whole life ive wanted to become an actress, i take lessons, im in alotta school plays and ive done a commercial at age 1! im 5'6 , 13 years old, very funny, great actress/singer, great personality, brown hair ,brown eyes, im experienced, so please pick me :)
Posted by Nora Kortam (2010-07-29) 2650
Hi my name is Kate when I was little people wouldd always tell me your so perfect for acting iI been punked before in the past but I have something to prove to the world that I can shine like all the other actrs and actresses who got a chance to be something. Most people think i'm a freak of nature because i'm living with ADHD a learning disorder and some eemies of mine think if you have a disorder then you can't do anything but that isn't true. i try to be the best I can be. So please I can be a WONDERFUL actress someday. and with your help I can Make that dream come true. Please write back. My life would be the best if you chose. PLEASE think of me!!!
Posted by Kate (2010-08-03) 2656
Hi , My name is Tasha i'm 13 years old and i would love to just act on movies and shows . I can do anything . If you just give me a chance i could do movies and shows . And i'm very funny so i can do that on movies . I think i'm very good at stuff like that so thank you . Please think of me or just think about this. Beacuse i would love to be in movies and shows :)
Posted by Tasha porter (2010-08-04) 2658
hi im cauldric and i'm 17 years old and from sent i was 5 i wanted to act really,really bad on any network cause i just chance and i will set entertainment on fire cause have what take to be professional acter
Posted by cauldric (2010-08-04) 2659
Im a young actress,don't have a resume to show my achievements,but one thing for sure i haue a passion for acting.Im from a small town and i really want to become an actress but i don't have money to pay for my classes
please help me live my dream im only 16;-(
Posted by Hazel (2010-08-04) 2660
I'm Paige. I love to sing, dance, and act! I'm looking for my big break(: I have light brown hair and blue eyes. My height is 4 feet 11 inches, and I weigh 86 pounds! Please contact me at my email!
Posted by Paige (2010-08-06) 2662
My name is Hillary Ramones. I'm a 17 years old and i'm a high school student from st.jospeh high school in brooklyn. i live in new york. i would like to be a model and actor. because i love take picture and i'm alway a person that acts all dramally.
Posted by hillary (2010-08-06) 2663
heyy im nora !! ive always wanted to be an actress and singerr!
Posted by Nora Kortam (2010-08-10) 2665
Iam a 33 year old guy. I dont look like my age but iam really looking for to becoming an actor, iam really good at it. Also can you help me out? I also want to do extra work and get paid into doing both. Email me back asap thank you.
Posted by JAVIER (2010-08-21) 2681
Hey im dustin jewell i really would like to become a actor i really want to be happy in life and i thank if yall let me or try with me and give me a chance i would love it and some people are rich off of acting if i become rich i would it would be for my mom i want to become a actor for her so she can be happy to and i would love for you guy's to give me a chance
Posted by Dustin Jewell (2010-08-31) 2691
Hey im dustin jewell i really would like to become a actor i really want to be happy in life and i thank if yall let me or try with me and give me a chance i would love it and some people are rich off of acting if i become rich i would it would be for my mom i want to become a actor for her so she can be happy to and i would love for you guy's to give me a chance
Posted by Dustin Jewell (2010-08-31) 2692
Hey! my name is Rosland McClellan i would like to become an actor, it was my dream to become an actor so i hope one day my wish come true
Posted by Rosland (2010-09-04) 2697
Hey. my name is Natasha. Im 14 years olds year i like acting but kind of shy i would love to act and become . I want my dreams to come TRUE. And i hope I can Really count on you guys .:)
Posted by Natasha ortiz (2010-09-05) 2700
Good Morning
My name is Kasia. I would like some info about how to get my children started in acting,singing, and modeling. Their ages range from 1 to 18 years old.
Posted by Kasia (2010-09-11) 2707
Hi. I am minoovash 22 years old. i live in iran im an actress here i play performance. i study theater, drama at Uni. i am a good actress and professional i have played in many performances and i won some acting prizes my job is totally good here but i always wanted to become an international actress. i would like some info about how to be in american movies or theaters? im talented and hard work i will do anything to reach my goal.
thank u
Posted by minoovash (2010-09-21) 2715
My dream is to be an actor....I got lots of skills in this....Im a 17year old boy from Swaziland....Am African.....Just wish i could get into the fame
Posted by David jay Coleman (2010-09-26) 2719
well many people just want to become an actor to have fame but i want to be an actress to live the passion of what im doing im 15 and im from mission texas and i love acting especially in horror movies. This is my goal. ive signed up for many auditiond and i got a msg back that they chose me but the thing is i dont have the money. :(
Posted by marsha de Leon (2010-09-27) 2720
hey guys please help me to producer my story on tv so that can be acted its a sesotho movie i write it by sotho becouse i see that most people forget their langunges name of movie its life is problem
Posted by teboho lekeka (2010-10-04) 2731
Hi am gift motaung,and am an actor I've been for long.I just want to start afresh in a new agency am 29 year old am skilled and I have the ability to do anything when it comes to acting (acting,commercials,and everything that involves acting pls try me and you will get.
Posted by gift motaung (2010-10-07) 2736
hi im named tori and i was hoping i could get a part in amy movie i am a great actor i play in every play at school please responed to me.
Posted by tori (2010-11-05) 2768
hi, it has been my dream to become an actress and a singer in a disney channel movie. I have ben singin since i was 9 and i would love to become an actress, so email me.

Posted by heyy (2010-11-07) 2774
Please i'm good in acting films, and its my dream to see my one day in the film industries. please help me out.
Posted by Ebubechukwu Calistus (2010-11-08) 2775
Hy im a 18yrs S.A lady and my name is Zinhle i've dreaming 2 act since i was 4yrs. I used 2 act at school people would say i was a clow bt dat was an act in me wanting 2 show up.
Posted by Zinhle (2010-11-18) 2785
Hi guys im Logan Luna im 15 to be an actor, filmstar and to be in the Entertainment Industry has allways been my dream since i was young. I love watching movies, writing stories, songs, poems & scripts. Please help me achieve my Goals & Dreams. THANK YOU.
Posted by Logan Luna (2010-11-26) 2790
hi my name amit yadav kan pur, i am 19 years old my hight is 5.3 fit i am looking a rool in tv serial or film please help me
Posted by amit yadav (2010-12-01) 2796
Hello my name is Kariem and my brother and I always wanted to become actors. We have a unique style of comedy that will bring more ratings to your show. All I need is a mini show like As the bell rings and we will skyrocket from there.
Posted by Kariem Bullock (2010-12-14) 2810
movie acting is one of my biggest dreams i want achieve in my life, due to the passion i have for acting i have been going stage with the theater studies student during their theater season. Well am David currently in university of capecoast offering Bsc laboratory technology.
Posted by Adjei David Asante (2010-12-30) 2820
My name is christian iam a 14 year old boy im very dedicated to being an actor when i watch tv i hope to be like them one day were i come from is a little town were nobody gets noteiced were all the talent is dead buried and stomped i have a sense of humor and will beat the ods to any thing i hope to talk to ya guys some day if ya pick me im a diffrent from everybody else ill give it all i got.. ive dreamed of this.... dreamed for many many years so please make it come true the internet is the only resource i can come to theres no acting classes or nothing i will love to be noticed from were i come from and bring the acting experince back to my little town.
Posted by christian (2011-01-13) 2831
i have always wanted to be like on a show like disneys something like that im the jokester of my family i lost a couple of siblings in the earth quake in haiti and i want them to be shouted out to live within me so it wont sto me from my dream of becoming famous i did 2 years of theatre arts and choir I was on the step team and dance team i did one year of cheerleading power tumbling and gymnastic and also 2 years of piano i love to dance im not like other girls im a female with passion i never give up and im always up for fans crowds and passion and all my report cards say a's and b's and
Posted by Jada (2011-01-28) 2850
Everyone here sucks but me, aim the best, smartest, hottest, funny est, and dumbest. I don't now why you people if sign up to be an actor NEVER HAPPENING. How did i get an this website ha-ha
Posted by thomas (2011-02-11) 2864
Hello i am desperately and in love with acting and in love with romantic films and i am a guy of 18 and need to be in disney and all other movie industry and i i need is ur help and i promise i will never let you down
Posted by Jakuzy vikerz (2011-02-12) 2865
i'm VERY VERY dramatic and i can ACT so well that no one knows if i'm acting or if it's my feelings it's great i can act well. icanpull it off . i really would love to act. it's my dream. i will never give up on it. i'm 16 and very determined.
Posted by breeana (2011-02-14) 2878
Hi my name is Jacques and I've been on the Internet so many times reading up on how to become an actor. I love to act and I have been like that since I was little little it is my passion I want it so bad because I no it's on of my callings not to mention I play piano also. But my life is set on goals and this is my number one goal. Please get back at me. Thank you.
Posted by Jacques Parker (2011-02-15) 2881
Hey!....am 17......acting to me is like an itch and i really wanna scratch it.....am sooo good... I know this because everything i see, touch, smell tells me.. Al i want is a chance.
Posted by Avril berry (2011-03-01) 2904
Hey!....my name is olga and am 17......acting to me is like an itch and i really wanna scratch it.....am sooo good... I know this because everything i see, touch, smell tells me.. Al i want is a chance.
Posted by Olga (2011-03-01) 2905
hi my name is cassie i am 13 and really really want to be a actor ...... not because it is my dream but cause i am very interseted in it...... can you please please please help me... let me know if i can in any possible way by just messaging me thank you so much

.....cassie ...........
Posted by cassie (2011-03-12) 2924
to bad ppl jus don hav sine up sheets or walk up to u and offer an acting job. will u help me? please? i need help! please! i need to sine up! possibly for free?! please! PLEASE! email me ASAP! PLEASE! please!
Posted by Violet (2011-03-15) 2950
Hi my name is Hannah im 13 years old. I really want to be an actress. Its my Dream come true.

I WILL PLUCK MY EYES OUT TO BE IN A MOVIE lol a speaking part of cours luv ya
Posted by hannah (2011-03-16) 2964
Hi u can see my name up dere but could some of u guys help me cause all i want to be is a actor but i do not know how to do it :/
Posted by Jaycey gunning (2011-03-18) 2965
hello, i am an actor i have played in some movies be for but i just need help finding MORE Job's so please help me ASAP
Posted by Qutell Berthel (2011-03-23) 2971
I have always dreamed of being an actor. What do I have to do?
Posted by Saul Carrasco (2011-03-23) 2973
Posted by Akpu isidore (2011-03-24) 2974
Will be much more honoured being an actor, got all the confidence and ability to become one.all im lookin 4 is the opportunity to prove to the world what im capable of doing...
Posted by Bezel (2011-03-25) 2982
Hi i'm Fred and I've wanted wanted to try become an actor because the thrill and excitement of being an actor will be really awesome and i would definitely be grateful....
Posted by Fred (2011-03-27) 2986
I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what youre saying here and the way youve presented it is awesome.

Posted by auctioneers ireland (2011-04-02) 2991
ever day i wake up and i watch tv and dont see myself on tv. i wish ican be on tv i try to sigh myself on been a actor but never show but i wish somebody answer my wish somebody make me be a actor somebody.
Posted by jozlyn hines (2011-04-02) 2992
hi i want to be come an actor. but my language is Filipino only. please help me or i send my picture.
Posted by Mark hic (2011-04-22) 3011
hi my name is mark from Philippines and i really really want to be come an actor my age is 17 and this august my age 18.. i want to be come an actor someday please help me..
Posted by Mark hic (2011-04-22) 3012
hey my name is Rachel am 18 years i love to sing and model
Posted by Rachel Anne Calvar (2011-04-23) 3013
i live in marsielle France,my dream is to become a movie actor one day
Posted by PRINCE AKACHUKWU (2011-04-24) 3014
I live in a small town in Ireland and I really want to become an actress. But I get no support from my family and I'm terrerfied of going to an audition. Any help?
Posted by Soraya Kruse (2011-04-25) 3016
Um 17yrs old boy from da vilage,were i dnt get acess,i luv acting,i had participated alt at primary were ma group were always no 1,acting is part of ma lyf ,nw um in grade 12 dnt khw wat 2 do if i pass,i wld lyk 2 go 2 acting school,plz help
Posted by Douglas (2011-04-25) 3019
Hi i'm a nigerian a verry gud actor,dancer and a stunter i'm also twin please i dont want my talent to die like this i want to show the world what i have please.nd i also rap.my twin brother can also act please help me.
Posted by Ahmed kenny (2011-04-26) 3027
im a 13- year old girl and my biggest wish in the whole world is to become a worldsfamous actor and singer!

Posted by ina Fellnder (2011-05-02) 3054
Hey....I have no acting experience, but I'm willing to learn. I'm not the best and probably won't be the best. I want to act. I need to act....
Posted by Myesha Wadley (2011-05-04) 3078
I am a girl from Denmark. My biggest dream is to become an actress in America. I never really wanted to become famous and stuff, but it kinda goes with being an actress, so I thought about it - I want to become an actress, so the loose stuff just goes with it :)
Posted by Maja (2011-05-08) 3082
i wanna become an actress alot and im really good at it i will do whatever it takes please think about it thankyou
Posted by steph (2011-05-23) 3297
ive ben whacthing all of these shows and i really wana be an actress on disney channel i wanted to be a actress sence i was 4 years old someday i might become a movie star
Posted by Tykeria (2011-05-27) 3337
hello my name is terri howard . and i want to be america's next top actress i got what it takes to be one so give me a try and i wont let you down .
Posted by terri howard (2011-06-05) 3365
Nice tips!
Posted by Janaye (2011-06-13) 3371
I want to live my dream in being an ACTOR
Posted by Jose Manriquez (2011-06-17) 3385
I'm 13 years old i always wanted to become a actor because I'm in drama club and i just love to act!! i wish one day i can! :D
Posted by Maygan (2011-06-21) 3460
Hello, my name is Amanda I'm 13 years old i am a very bright person and i practice acting alot I'm more of a funny actress but i can do serious roles um ever since i was young I've always said I'm going to be famous! and to this day I'm still saying and i believe I'm going to succeed i have many inspirations, Jim Carrey, Edward Furlong, Adam Sandler and much more! I don't want to act just for money or anything i want to act because i absolutely love it and its just who I am and I've been trying so hard to start acting but no ones taking me :/ i would absolutely love it if i started acting id be the happiest child! :)
Posted by Amanda Brandon (2011-06-21) 3461
Hi i kind of just started to want to be a actor i really know i can be a good actor i can see my self acting in movies and tv shows and comercials i would like to be one of the best actors that ever lived i know can do it i just got to put my mine to it i went to a audition before and they told me i need to work on my acting a little bit more i was kinda down but im not going to let that stop me from acting because i believe in god that i can be a actor so if its somewhere for me to start to learn how to act better can somebody please tell me think you god bless.
Posted by Marcus Evans (2011-06-22) 3477
Posted by Chelsea Grate (2011-06-24) 3557
Well I've been dreamin about becoming an actor since I remember. Im 19 years old right now and It's about time to make something of it. Im also from small country where film industry isn't much developed so basicaly Im ready to travel anywhere to filmd almost anything :)))
Posted by Jay (2011-06-30) 3709
Hi i am 22 yrs. i ve fond to be an famous actor. i dnt hve any acting exprience. my height is 5.8. plz contact me if u think i am suitable for it.
Posted by Deepika (2011-07-02) 3755
hi my name is charnay herring and i am 15 years old and my dream is to become an actress so i can help my family get what they want and need and i love acting and i am down for any thing noi matter how hard or easy it is..i also can sing and dance so im perfect for any role
Posted by charnay herring (2011-07-06) 3850
My name is Alex an I'm really wanna become a actor please contact me I'm pretty good I'm 5,11 mixed an suitable for anything
Posted by Alex coit (2011-07-07) 3882
hiiiiiiiiiii i am vishal vishun ...i waana actor ..plz tell me what can i do for become actor...and i have tailent to become a actor and i am also know donce ...i am dancer ..
Posted by vishal vishun (2011-07-15) 4040
hii the name is sabri i want to become a actor but i dont know were to start my dream... I was bron in africa than i came to the USA and found my talent here so im trying everything i can to become a actor i need your help plz...
Posted by sabri (2011-07-16) 4043
i love acting i love doing comedy and i practess at the front of the mirrors and do black peoples talk and mny tipes of acting if its comedy or action i would realy love to become an acter :D thnx
Posted by maarouf balzs (2011-07-17) 4044
Hi my name is oshanea barnes I wanna be an actor bad I just don't know who can I contact to be one I wana get started as soon as posible
Posted by oshanea barnes (2011-07-27) 4091
hi im sean doyle. i love to act my. teacher said im the best in the class. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee to sing and rap. i want to start as soon as i can!!
Posted by sean (2011-07-29) 4097
Hey my name is Jasmine Johnson n I would love to be an young actor I am14 years of age n looking for to becoming something big like an actor so please call me.
Posted by Jasmine Johnson (2011-08-13) 4367
I really wont to become a singer/actor please help
Posted by Mercedes Washington (2011-08-25) 4631
Hi my name is Kelsey Aquino, I'm 13 years old & I have been dreaming of becoming an actor since I was at 7 years of age. I think I have the talent because I have been practicing but I don't know who to contact so please anyone in whose an agent or is in showbiz please consider me I know theres a lot of people but I would really appreciate to be taken under consideration. Please I will cooperate with any agent that can make my dream come true so please contact me.
Thank you
Posted by kelsey (2011-08-25) 4637
My name is Brittianie and I want to be actor. I know I can Accomplish great things please help me live my dreams. Thanks!!!
Posted by Brittianie Bullins (2011-09-03) 4728
hi, my name is summer and i am 15yrs old i havent done acting before on a show but it has always been my dream to become a actor if you can help me that would be nice because i find it hard to get notice because i live in New Zealand and i know you proberly gt heaps of these comments but if you could help m finfill my dreams please contact me i would love you to read this and help me you'll be my hero.thank you

Posted by Summer Evans (2011-09-11) 4751
Hi I'm Charlie! I read your article on "how to become an actor" it was really interesting. I'm 17 years old I live in Melbourne Florida and I want to become an actor! It's a dream that i really want to make a reality. I don't know if you guys could help but it would be awesome if you did thanks
Posted by Charlie Howard (2011-09-17) 4782
My name is Vijil, im 20 years old, i want to become an actor like sharukh khan.
Posted by vijil (2011-09-21) 4794
Hi my name is danica wong i would like to become an actress i am 13 going to 14 i wanted to become an actress since i was 9 please help me contact me

Posted by danica (2011-09-23) 4800
i would love to become an actress and im good at it to and i love to be one to thank you
Posted by natalie (2011-09-24) 4802
i love to become an actor. my role model is anna sofia robbs.
Posted by ajil (2011-10-05) 4869
Hi my name is Nicole. i know you get alot of letters or posts everyday. I have been in plays in elemantary and middle school and talent shows and was in the quire all through school. I love acting. I watch alot of movies i think id have to say i like katherine heigle i know her movies and i am good at acting like her pretending to play a role with my sister and i would like the opportunity to show you how good i am. I can play all sorts of roles i dont mind nudity.
Posted by nicole (2011-10-07) 4877
Hi there i am 53 years young and are interested in becoming a movie extra, any hope for me?? thx Lilian
Posted by lilian visser (2011-10-14) 4909
im 16 years old, im from derby, im a very good impersonater i just need to show my talent
Posted by usman maroof (2011-11-01) 5077
My name is Canyon, and I love watching movies and love acting. I think being in a movie I would be able to show people my great personality. I'm a southern boy, but need to be in a big city.
Posted by Canyon Harbin (2011-11-01) 5078
Hi my name is Madonise, I love to be an actress. I want to make movies, I love acting the thing is i need help on it like to start.
Posted by Madonise Danis (2011-11-03) 5079
hello...frnds i am sabyasachi. i want to be an actor. and i have experience of alot of drama. i can't face any nervousness at the shooting set. so plz if there are any vacency. kindly inform me.
Posted by sabyasachi (2011-11-03) 5098
Hi my name is Lelethu. I really love acting its always been my dream. I'm sure you hear this a lot but I really want this so bad. I've have acted in front of many crowds I know I don't much experience but I'm really trying. To me its not about beimg famous its about following your dreams. I can work under pressure so if there's any work available don't hesitate to email me I know I'm young but give me a chance I know I can do this. Thank you very God bless you.
Posted by Leleth (2011-11-04) 5100
Hi my name is dustin and im seventeen years old and ever since i was a little boy ive wanted to be an actor. I want to be a big shot i want to be known by everyone and id dedicate everything to be an actor
Posted by Dustin Collinsworth (2011-11-14) 5128
Hi, my name is tramil james iam 22 years old. All of my life my dream and my goal is to become an actor. I'am a dedicated person and i want to take things serious when it comes down to acting. I would like to do my best in everything i do. I have acted in several church plays. I'm interested in tv sick calms movies stage plays and more. I love acting. I even write plays/movies about my life some is based on true stories. I want help on getting started. Thanks and God bless
Posted by Tramil James (2011-11-19) 5175
Hello I my name is Secret Adair Turner and I go to the Nashville School Of the arts I can Sing, Dance, And Act very well. I am an African American girl in Tennessee, and my biggest goal is to become an actress.
Posted by Secret Turner (2011-11-22) 5230
i wanna to be an actor
Posted by richard (2011-12-09) 5272
Hi i a shantiara i want to be an actress i wanted to be one ever since i was 9 years old but now i'm 16.
Posted by Shantiara (2011-12-15) 5287
i wanna be an actor to reach my goal i been an actor at school an every where else but i wanna be famous also can u please help

Posted by mylisha (2011-12-16) 5290
My name is hope samuel, 20 years old and i really do love to be an actor cause its my motivation to be. I really do some stage acting which really express my joy for that.
Posted by Hope (2011-12-29) 5321
I'm interested in acting and I know I got the talent just I never get opportunities or doors that opens for me I'm also a rapper I can rap but still I can't get my future ahead ! Can anyone help ?
Posted by suzie (2012-01-02) 5328
please i want became an actor because my father had a tiumer in his stomach and i live in gujarat my father goes bombay every month for checkup and my father doctors said that you dont ride scotter bike or car and my father office is very far and my father dont earn any money and i have one brother and one sister all study in schools the school fees is very expensive so i want to earn money for my family so that is why i want to became an actor
Posted by neelam (2012-01-05) 5337
Hey! I have always wanted to be an actress for my whole life an i love to act!! I search online everyday for auditions or online auditions! I really want to be an actress sooo bad because its fun and i love it and i want to be a celebrity! :)
Posted by Janae (: (2012-01-05) 5341
Please i allways dream to be a actress ever sience i was 3 thats what my mom told me she said i aways act when i was little . But i know i REALLY REALLY LOVE TO ACT WHEN I WAS 5years old and know am
13 years old. Pls make me dreams come true :) :) !!
Posted by Bianca Lopez (2012-01-10) 5374
Posted by Tamia (2012-01-11) 5378
Hey,my name is Sean K Mooney..im 13 and i really love acting...i go to a writing club and write scripts and i watch loads of plays and movies and audition tapes and i really want to act...
Posted by sean mooney (2012-01-13) 5379
Hello, My name is Linna. I am 16 years old and have been trying to become an acress since i was 5. It's something ive always wanted to do.
Posted by Linna (2012-01-14) 5384
Am acting at hillbrow theatre but i dont have a agency who's going to take me to auditions so am looking for one, i live in Gauteng.
Posted by Beatus Mpofu Ndlela (2012-01-17) 5389
M connie n m 23 years, I love acting n I always dream of becoming an actor please help me
Posted by constance (2012-01-18) 5390
I'm 15 and Ethiopian.i want to be an actress. I've the talent.so please help me
Posted by Rediet (2012-01-19) 5393
My mom always give in 2 my tricks of acting 2 be hurt or cry she always think i am relly crying or hurt and always tell me i'm such an actor and said i should be 1. I wanna taste of that superstar life before this chance fly pass me...
Posted by Sapphire Rainstormz (2012-01-22) 5402
My name is James Washington, I am 17 years old. I'm from Shreveport, Louisiana and I still live there. I know you guys probably get tons of messages like this everyday from all types of people. But I'm hoping that you really take the time out to acknowledge me because acting is my passion and I am really and highly motivated to become an actor. So if there is any way that I can I can work with you guys please let me know. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank You
Posted by James Washington (2012-01-23) 5406
my name is Brian i am 15 years old i am from Belize and i would like to become an actor since my mother is dieing and we do not know of what until we due a cats-can. so help me please i will also make you and your company the best.also i can not go with out saying i hope to hear from you thanks and please write is urgent please.
Posted by brian erazo (2012-01-24) 5408
Im so good looking and i wanna coming 2 actor but i don know what r i doing (can u help me)
Posted by Farid (2012-01-26) 5418
i want to become an actor so bad
Posted by chantal niyibigira (2012-01-27) 5433
i want to be an actor all my life and when i was little i will always made everybody laugh please contact me i want to help my family in Nigeria
Posted by chineze (2012-01-28) 5442
hi my name is ion calin and im 16 yrs old and i allways dream to become an actor eaven at school or collage i do performing art's so i can become an actor 'PLEASE' if you have a place for me please can you Notify me. THANK YOU very much.
Posted by ion calin (2012-01-31) 5456
If your in need of someone with a natural southern#scent please
Posted by Justin Lee Berryman (2012-02-02) 5469
hii my name is tyneshia and im 13 an my biggest dream is to become an actor becuae every since i was ( i was begging my mom to let my be on tv but she said that its impossible to be on tv becuase im not ready but im really is ready to be seen and heard. please contact me if you can.
Posted by tyneshia (2012-02-05) 5477
hi my name is quyen , i'm 13 year old , i'm from vietnam . i speak english and vietnamese , i know you won't be reading this because you are busy reading other mails . i want to become an actor becausse i want everyone to see me , my mom will be prounds of me . in my life for now , i was called stupid from everyone in my family. i want to prove to them that i'm not stupid . thankyou

Posted by quyen quach (2012-02-07) 5480
i need to be an actor because 1:i am poor and life is hard when you are poor 2: my dad thinks that i am a time and money lost 3: it will he;p me to get older in a way that i do not need my father ever again
please help me to prove to myself i can handle myself
Posted by soliman (2012-02-11) 5490
Okay there's a lot of things people will say and do just to be chosen, but right now I'm going to be honest with you. Have you ever had a dream and was determined to do what ever it takes to accomplish it? Well I'm that person. Due to all the stuff that's going on in my life me and my family never got the money or the chance to put me into something. ( Im doing this at a public library) I wished all my life that I would be finally noticed from all the times I've been bullied and talked down to. But I vowed that I will shine someday and that I wouldn't let anybody see me down but will see me on tv. I'm also into dancing and singing. I never really got anything I wanted like most kids so if I want something I'm determined to get it my self. I'm actually the type of Person to wish on stars but wishing on stars and flowers get you no where. So here I am leading towards miracals. I just hope you all will be touched from my message and all I can say is please make a difference in a life of a black female 13 year old.
Posted by Jada Jourdain (2012-02-18) 5539
hi im 13 and i wont to become an actor my dad said as long as my grades get up and stay up i could act and he is willing to let me travel im mixed with black white and irish
Posted by champagne (2012-02-28) 5570
Hello everyone, this is samin maring and i want to act in hollywood film and i wanna be an actor. please please please please please please give me a chance to act in hollywood movies. i am 20 years old.
Posted by Samin maring (2012-03-05) 5585
Hi, my name is Adrian and I live in Louisiana. I will try to make this brief. Ever since I could remember, I've wanted to become a dancer/actress/singer. It is my life dream because I am bullied at school and I want to show those bullies I can amount to something. I danced my whole life but up until I was 7 I had to quit because of financial purposes. I know you get alot of these but if you make my dream come true, I promise I will not let you down.
Posted by Adrian (2012-03-11) 5629
I m 15 years old and i want to become a child actor in tv show
Posted by Nayan Rangari (2012-03-18) 5684
I am good listener. I am good at following directions.
Posted by Jonathan Gregory McCall (2012-03-20) 5685
i want to become an actor
Posted by darren (2012-03-30) 5715
i want to become an actor. i'm 14 years old!
Posted by matt (2012-03-31) 5724
I'm interested, dedicated and follow directions. I'm serious, outgoing, and an aspiring actress. Please contact me, I'm available.
Posted by latilria (2012-04-03) 5731
Hello, please dont ignore this, my name is joy atodo, im 16 years of age turning 17 september, a female, average in height,dark in complexion, and with the aim of becoming an actress or tv presenter, i speak english fluently. please i want you to help me in achieving this dream. thanks a lot.
Posted by Joy samuel atodo (2012-04-22) 5760
I already tried to write this thing and it didn't work so the point is I am 13, female, and come from a great line of talented people, the only talented and pretty sister of three, and am an experienced actress and speech giver at school and am not shy. I'm described as out going. I do what you want me o do when you want it done. And take full responsibility over messy situations caused by myself. I will inform you that I am not from a rich family but a subnormal divorced family. I have fun with all of my work while I take it seriously. Please consider me fully. If you leave me a comment or email me I will get back to you as soon as possible. And please keep in mind that this between you, me, the web sight, and my mother, my dad doesn't exactly agree with my decision to be an actress (he wants me to be a doctor of some sort >:P) so thanks for reading this (hopefully anyway) and please take me into consideration.
Posted by Victoria.S (2012-04-28) 5832
Hello. Im angel and im 16 years ol, female.i have always wanted t o become an actor at the age of 4 years old. throught my whole life 4-15 years of age i have been in school productions, dance show cases. i have model befor and been asigned to john cassablancas acting and modeling company. my biggest idol id Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Ciara. I love to make people laugh. I will never take no for a answer and i always go above and beyond on everything i do. i love to pose and take pictures. im that school girl with a little rock and style of my own. You should really consider working with me and giving me a chance. thank you for your time.
Posted by Angel Jordan (2012-05-07) 5880
Hi i am koketso toute,actin has been my dream for so long so i would like you to email me for some advice.please take me into consideration.thank you for readind this
Posted by koketso toute (2012-05-12) 5886
Hello , my name is Savannah B. Williams , I was born in Greenwood , Mississippi , and now lives in Waynesville , Missouri . I am a thirteen-year old girl and it has been my dream to become an actress . I don't have a acting coach , but I practice by myself , and I try my best , but I don't try so hard because it makes me think to much . But if you'll help me out , I will give you thanks in return . Thank-you for reading

Sincerly ,

Savannah B. Williams
Posted by Savannah B. Williams (2012-06-11) 5926
hey im briaun and im 5'3 and i am looking forward to becoming a actor but it is not all about begging to become some people may not be made to be an actor maybe so lets start showing it instead of saying it and if you dont get chosen dont get mad because there are many other things to in life.acting may just not be it.
Posted by briaun (2012-06-24) 5932
Hi my name jashon gilmore and I am so interested into becoming an actor I'm showing everybody including my family I can become somebody and keep myself occupied but if you have any questions please contact me.
Posted by jashon (2012-06-26) 5933
I'm interested in becoming an actor n being in a movie its my dreams of becoming some1 special in life
Posted by daniel viera rosario (2012-06-28) 5935
Hey what's up my name is Bailey, and Ive just decided I any to become an actor! So will u give me some advice or tips and stuff like that... Just email me k cool. peace out dog! By the way im 13 years old (Male)
Posted by Bailey Overton (2012-07-08) 6029
hello, i am shera. i`m 13 year old. i always want to become a actor. it was my dream to become a actor and my dream never came true. please let my dream come true.
Posted by shera,mongar (2012-07-12) 6139
Hi guys,my name is Mumu am 23 years old and am from Africa, zamia to be specific. I would really love to become an actress, but I don't know where or how to start.
I love to write short stories, I write about anything i imagin and I also love to day dream, it helps me relax my mind and it also gives me ideas about certain things.

Posted by mumu (2012-07-13) 6158
I have always wanted to be an actor. All most everyday i wake up early in the morning and i tell my self never let go of your dreams no matter how hard it may seem DONT lot go of your dreams and i am doing exactly that but it is so hard and that doesnt mean that ishould give up.
Posted by lesego (2012-07-15) 6227
I am a great actor and people love me
Posted by Tom Wonica (2012-07-18) 6259
i want to become a actor. im looking for auditions. im out going and love to text and to talk and make new friends and sometimes i can be a drama queen
Posted by amber sharp (2012-07-18) 6260
hi i want to be an actor it has always been my drea. I want to act on disney channel nickelodeon e.t.c i know one day i'll be famous and i love acting alot
Posted by olayiwola taoheed agbaje (2012-07-24) 6267
Hi,am joy.am 16years now may you all be bless.i want to became an actress,that have been my dream.i usually took part in acting competition in my school,and i won dat gives me the courage more.please help me i want to build up my talent at my young age please help.
Posted by Salami lilykid joy (2012-10-16) 6312
I've always wanted to try out n become actor and play in tv show or movie. Just wondering how I can start off and what I need too do. I play good roll model parts in different ways. It depends what it is please contact me back thank you Michelle I'm also 28 year old lol
Posted by Michelle Davis (2012-10-20) 6315
I want to be an actor.
please HELP
Posted by Jatinder Singh (2012-10-22) 6318
hi i want to become a bollywood actor everyone,everypeople have there own wishes but some peoples have wishes which is related to there heart there wishes are too precious for ex-me i have j wish to become an actor
Posted by Nishant batra (2012-11-02) 6322
hi its always been my dream to be on disney channel and i sing, dance, and act! i play the guitar and the piano, i'm 14 and my birthday is june 22! i am always in a happy mood and please suggest me cuz this is my dream!
Posted by faith (2012-11-13) 6331
Hi my name is Alicia I am 13/ I weight 120 my height is 5-5 I'm a mix race I love to act and would like fOr you guys to contact me so you can speak to my parent and so I can follow my dream and not make bad desions like I am now so please help .. Thank you

Posted by Alicia Hamilton (2012-11-20) 6333
I have always had acted in my blood. I was made fun of as a kid, with a ugly duckling syndrome till high school. I had the need to live the part, adapt, and act. Without losing the ability to be myself naturally. I was lucky to have grown into myself now, and it is funny to see how superficial things are. I have all the tools of the trade still, I can be any ones best-friend just because Ive learned to act and I guess I'm a natural method actor. I adapt and I live it, It is in my blood to naturally be this way so I can experience everything life has to offer.
Posted by Jacob Zimm (2012-12-06) 6349
I've wanted to become since i was about 7,, but don't think i ave the chance to because I'm living in Ireland!! :(
Posted by tashy ;) (2012-12-08) 6352
i also want to be an actress dont have much friends,love action and comedy movies,love to act at home i want to be an actress since i was i think 6 years old

Posted by victoria gomez (2012-12-27) 6367
I always dreamed of becomeing an actor.I'm 18
Posted by xzavier foster (2013-01-06) 6390
Being an actress in hollywood has been my dream but people in my country Kenya think its a waste of time they want me to be a doctor yes am clever but i would like to prove to them and show them there is more to what meets the eye in acting.

Posted by Venessa (2013-01-20) 6403
Hey i am 14 years old and i would love to be a model its always have been a deeam of mine.
Posted by star brown (2013-02-20) 6418
Hey i am 14 years old and i would love to be a model its always have been a deeam of mine.
Posted by star brown (2013-02-20) 6419

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