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Audition Preparation Tips
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by Aimee Mitchell
Your acting audition is a big test of your ability so why not ensure that you get the basics right to improve your chances of being cast. We can't always tell you exactly what to expect, but at least a little preparation and research about the basics of your next audition will help you to relax, so you can focus on the more important parts of the audition.

The first article I wrote about audition procedures covers how you should be (professional, on time); what you need to do as much of as you can (preparation); your uniform (how to dress appropriately). This article provides preparation tips and covers a 'to do' and 'don't do' list - plus some of the other things that may be expected of you. I aim to help you so that there are little (or no) surprises when you attend your next big acting audition.

  • Remember to take your headshot and actors resume with you to every audition (see my other articles for more in-depth details on this).
  • Make time to be there early, around 15 minutes is fine, and stay all day if that's what the casting agent wants.
  • Remember to put your signature, social security details on the sign-up sheet when you arrive (only signature for non-union actors).
  • Remember to prepare and practice your monologues if this has been asked of you before the audition (most are expected to be under 3 minutes long, do stick to this and take less time if that is asked of you).
  • Be respectful of your location - have you been asked to visit the casting directors own office? Then treat it properly!
  • Ask if you can repeat your audition piece again to reflect a different style if you think you ought to, your audition judges can always say no but if you feel you want to do this then don't feel you can't ask.
  • Remember to 'slate' if asked to audition in front of a video camera. This means look directly at the camera and state your name and your agency (if you have one). You will lead straight to the performance once this is recorded.
Dress accordingly - see 'Audition Procedures' for ideas which work for both men and women alike.

  • Go to your audition in full costume - it will be supplied when you get the part.
  • Worry about the audition once you've finished - there is no point dwelling on the fact you might think you performed poorly, you will learn from each and every audition you go to.
Finally really just try not to be anyone but yourself until you are performing - the reason you are here is to act the part when asked to! Relax, practice, breath, practice some more - I think you've got it, now off you go and grab that job!

Aimee Mitchell is an acting coach, short story author, community theater director and playwright. She has spent the better part of her adult life working with young actors and actresses.

Copyright © Aimee Mitchell. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.

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Reader Comments
i think auditions are really fun, i really do. i think there is really no need to be nervous, because after you get it over with you will be really happy that you did it.
Posted by Josie (2009-05-04) 1397
I can't tell you much about everything else, but I can tell you what to wear. Wear brihgt colors, as long as you stay comfortable, you want to look like you're happy, confident, and a fun person to be around. Wear comfy shoes, like tennis shoes, or jazz dance shoes. Although I'm not quite as experience on all the other details, I would suggest bringing a resume and a head shot, just in case. Also, not having any acting experience, really depends on how good of a natural actor you are. Sometimes people who have been trained a lot, can get really stiff. If they decide you're the best, they won't really care, but if they're having trouble deciding between you and somebody who has experience, they're going to pick the experienced one. Another tip is, get plenty of sleep the night before, and eat a high carb meal that morning. Both will get your energy up. Oh, and have fun!
Posted by Faizan (2012-07-13) 6164

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